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Having twins at 39!


Real life story about my newborn twins.

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Life is hard!

I am still looking what I can sell of my bits of furniture and clothes I have to pay all the incoming bills.  I got my invoice for the ceasaerean and my days in incentive care...29.000.000 Rupiah or around 2.900 USD. I fainted... Since we have no medical insurance we are due to pay this amount by the end of this month...We will have to sell a part of the small house we live in to get the money as we simply do not have this amount of money! My husband and I earn together around 200 USdollar per month of which the biggest part goes to the educationcosts (school, transportation, food) of our daughter.  So I do not have to tell you that at the end of the month there is a lot of money leftover. The house in which we live is about 42 m2, and has 3 small rooms. We will sell one room...no more privacy...but have to! I do not know who will buy this room since there will be 2 babies crying day and night.  I keep my fingers crossed someone is interested and maybe we get around 10.000.000 Rupiah (around 1.000 USD). This will help us out to pay the initial hospital costs...otherwise the hospital will confiscate our house (as this was the deal to accept us at the hospital to give birth in the hospital and not just at home with a midwife...as is usual the case overhere in Indonesia. I am already back at work and so is my husband working at the office during the day, we work in a restaurant in the evening...we simply need the money to survive and to feed our babies.  Life is hard! but sofar we manage to survive.

Posted: 12:05, 5/6/2009
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1 month old twins

My 2 baby boys are now one month old.  I want to write my story as I cannot talk to anyone about it overhere in Bali!  I have one daughter, she is 9 years old.  After her -very painfull-birth I was being told by the doctor I couldn't have any children anymore...it was like my life was done, over and out!  The years went by...luckily stil happily married for 10 years now with my loving husband Ketut.  Our love life was what you can call normal...knowing that I couldn't have any children anymore...and there it came...the biggest surprise of my life...I got pregnant again!  As my husband and I are both working very hard, we hardly manage to survive with our salary. This was a not so welcome surprise. Everything we earn goes to the scholarship of our daughter...we live on rice and veggies day in, day out.  And then the doctor told me it were twin girls...Girls are a bit of a empoisoned gift overhere in Bali... Everyone wants a boy as he is our future, he will stay at home and take care of us -his parents- in the olden days. The boy is the social security, the pensionfund of the family.  So these girls were really a big dump on my life...But finally 9 months later, the twins came with a caesarian...I went in intensive care for 9 days... and I got the surprise of my life Again: it were 2 boys!  Probably the happiest day of life for my husband and me. Our future is secured...

Posted: 11:33, 3/6/2009
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