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Nike Dunk SB Shoes-Console Comfort and Passionate

09:50, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Nike Dunk SB Shoes-Console Comfort and Passionate

It is no doubt that the Nike is the most famous brand in the world. No matter the quality, or the design, compared with other brand shoes, all have a very high evaluation. Nike, since it was founded, every year will release a new series of Nike shoes, like the Nike Air Max shoes, Nike Shox shoes, Nike Dunk shoes and so forth. Almost every style has its unique features. Especially the Nike Dunk SB shoes, console comfort and passionate in one match, you have no reason don't attracted by them.   


At first Nike was introduced as a basketball shoes and later on it was also accepted as a skateboarding wear. Nike Dunks SB seems to be longer and narrower than most other brands. To choose the best and right pair of Nike Dunks for one, they must know the size of the shoe to look for. Nike dunks are available in many sizes and designs.


Nike Dunks can be availed easily through lot of online store dealers available in internet. But one need to choose the best dealer to check and avail the best Nike Dunks that suits for you among all 65 varieties of Nike brands. Most of the dealers usually provide only certain models and a very few dealers are offering all the models of Nike Dunks.


Nike Dunks SB branded shoes is become very popular as stylish, comfortable and passionate shoes to all type of ages. The popular Nike dunk models include Nike Dunk SB Pro, Nike Dunk SB High shoes, Nike Dunk SB Low shoes, Nike Dunk SB Middle shoes and more. This Nike Dunks SB is made up with leather and is specifically designed for skateboarding and a comfortable wearing for skate boarders. Nike dunks SB are mostly used by sports personalities all over the world with varieties of Nike Dunk models.


If you are looking to buy sneakers you really need to try Nike Dunk SB shoes.A perfect savor is added by these shoes. You are welcome to (www.shoes-dream.com), the site that provides you with the most exclusive Nike Dunk SB shoes able to make each people happy. Try to give us an opportunity to offer you our services, may be this try would let you get more valuable information.

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Editor: Kitty

An Overview about Nike Dunk SB Shoes

09:50, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

An Overview about Nike Dunk SB Shoes

Nike, since it was founded, it has swept the world. Almost everyone in the world knows the Nike. No matter Nike Air Max shoes or Nike Shox shoes, they are elegant classic styles, and they are able to stand the test of time. The Nike SB Dunk shoe is one of the most popular styles. Now, let Kitty take you have an overview about the Nike Dunk SB shoes.



Nike's basketball shoe line became fairly popular in the skateboarding scene. The Dunk became a popular shoe for skateboarders due to the stability and lower profile sole, which improved grounding performance. After some time, Nike created a Dunk specifically for skateboarders, known as the Nike SB Dunk. Since then, SB Dunk has become a sneaker phenomena and one of the highest selling sneakers of the decade.



The Nike Dunk SB has been offered nearly in every color way on the planet. From graffiti artists to the skateboarding and basketball spectrums – many have created customized Nike Dunk SB tailored to appeal to their individual sub-cultures. Generally, there are three types of Nike Dunk SB shoes, which are Nike Dunk SB low shoes, Nike Dunk SB high shoes, and Nike Dunk SB low shoes. As simple as these sneakers seem, Dunks are super hot and seemingly every hipster from east to west owns at least one pair.



The SB Dunk retails on average $65.00 - $99.00; relatively low for sneaker standards. However, since they're popular among collectors and skateboarders alike, many stores tend to raise the prices on the shoes based on how high the demand is. Nike has lowered the quality of materials and manufacturing for the Nike SB Dunk since the first generation of shoes were released.


A Word on Hype

When you buy a pair of Nike Dunks, buy them because you like the colors and overall style of the shoe, not because they are hyped up on countless blogs. Usually, that same color way will be re-created under a new name with a slightly different edge or different colored laces.


At last, hopefully this article will help you have an in-depth understanding about the Nike Dunk SB shoes, if you have interest, you can visit our website: www.shoes-dream.com. A wonderful online shop, you can find any style which you like. We also accept shoes wholesale, which you can buy them at a discount price. Welcome to buy and choice!

Internet reference:http://sneakers.about.com/od/sneakerreviews/fr/nikedunks.htm

Editor: Kitty

Nike Dunks-Combined of Comfort and Glamour

05:46, 4/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Nike Dunks-Combined of Comfort and Glamour

Nike, as a household name in the sneakers industry, it has gained a lot of popularity. The best word to describe Nike shoes are ''comfort and fashion''. Even with a long history, the Nike shoes still occupation the shoes market. Every year, the Nike Company would released a series of new styles of Nike shoes, like Nike Air Force one shoes, Nike basketball shoes, Nike Air Max shoes and so on. One special style of the various Nike shoes is Nike Dunks, which Combined of comfort and glamour. Now let Kitty make a brief introduction to the Nike Dunk shoes.  


Nike Dunks is elite and classy footwear which was introduced in the early eighties. This is done with an intention to cater to the needs of the basketball players. When it is basketball, America has the greatest number of sports lovers. Nike hit the button at the right moment, grabbed the opportunity and came out with premier footwear for basketball and sports lovers. When you talk of basketball, you talk of Michael Jordan. From the time Nike Dunks has been launched, there have been variations to this brand and the design has undergone changes for about 21 times.


There are similarities in these sports. Nike identified this and at the right time introduced their new brand Nike Dunks SB. This was a roaring success. Both skate boarding and basket ball calls for swift feet movements combined with a strong board grip. Nike Dunks SB was successful in achieving these. The thin canvas along with the robber sole of the old Nike shoes was successfully replaced with zoom air soles and cracked leather. The outline was double stitched. This gave the shoes a stylish and classy look.


Initially simple rubber soles were used for making the Nike Dunks. This was done with an intention of attracting basketball fans. With the changes in the likes and preferences of people, focus has now shifted from basketball to skate boarding. This sport gained popularity during the early nineties. With the changes in the preferences of the people, Nike also started introducing footwear which would suit both basketball as well as skate board.


Of course, I am just doing a simple introduction to the Nike Dunk shoes. If you want to know more news about fashion Nike shoes, please go to our online store (www.shoes-dream.com). A Known Branded Shoe Online Store! Cheapest and Great Quality! The site offer different styles of Nike shoes, also accept shoes wholesale orders. Welcome to buy and choice!

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Editor: Kitty

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Nike Dunk SB Shoes-Console Comfort and Passionate
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Nike Dunks-Combined of Comfort and Glamour


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