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BitCoins Options Trading as a price discovery mechanism

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The price of bitcoins is very different from one exchange to the another . The price discovery  mechanism  is the process of determining the price of an asset in the market. This mechanism is not perffected yet in bitcoins ,which makes bitcoin an unstable asset comparing to other currencies which have a fixed price all around the globe. 

 As many expert suggested  the Bitcoin economy could benefit hugely from the availability of standardized derivatives on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoins options trading can be very positive path for the bitcoin to make it price more reliable and realistic.

The leading binary options broker, include bitcoin digital opTions  trading and a revamped mobile application for iPhone users. this can be a huge step to both the binary options industry and the bitcoins market. 

Many investors around the world a looking for ways to invest or hedge themselves against bitcoins bitcoins digital options trading is a great oppertunity for those poeple . read more about bitcoin binary options trading in this blog post

Possibility for a new casino Sicily

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As we all know,     there are only four land-based casinos in Italy,  the Casino de la Vallée Saint Vincent (Aosta), the Casino di Sanremo (Liguria) and the Casino of Venice (Veneto) and the Casino of Campione d'Italy (in Italian Switzerland). For years we hear about  the possibility of opening a larger number of casinos in italy but the idea  has always been rejected by the government. This time, however, it seems that a particular region is making serious efforts and really wants to break the way and open one, or even more casinos: Sicily Crocetta, governor of Sicily,  made the proposal to Michela Stancheris, Minister of Tourism in its regional council. The idea is precisely to boost tourism in Sicily, which according to the speaker must become "the most important tourist spot not only in Italy but also in Europe."     the governor of Sicily. Which apparently is serious, as reported in the press want to talk directly with the Minister of the Interior of the Government  , Angelino Alfano of the PDL. According to the governor of Sicily, also no one should worry about a possible infiltration of the mafia, because "it will prepare a task force of law around the casino that will open surely  "We have to stop saying that everything that happens in Sicily is Mafia."  this article source is brands4italia


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BitCoins Options Trading as a price discovery mechanism
Possibility for a new casino Sicily


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