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Charlotte - Our Trip

First Post. c:

14:52, 22/7/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Guys, I love you for my facebook-stalking and twitter-stalking c;
We're in Bromley right now, and me and the girls having só much fun.
Going out, swimming, singing.
Any bloopers? No.
We didn't cook; it's out for breakfast, lunch and diner.
Deb loved it, our little food-addict.
Leigh lost her voice, so she's drinking tea with honey.
Jazz is wearing a coloured outfit today - It's a miracle.
Gwen is having a lot of fun, because i can hear her laughing right now.
We've met five amazing boys - I'm not gonna tell you about any romances, that wouldn't be fair.. Well, me and Harry are 'dating'.
Yes, that's right: Charlie is finaly bonding!
Now I hear those nine idiots laughing, and I'm gonna take a look if they didn't break anything.


x Charles.

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First Post. c:


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