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my favorite library

02:33, 15/10/2009  ..  Link
when i'm free i usually go to library to study english,because library is a good place to learn knowledge.i'll carefully read some useful words and sentences.sometimes i like to read magazines,sometimes i like to read newspapers,i think english is a tool,so that i like to learn it at sparetime,i'm an english learner,library is my favorite place, because this place is very quiet,i'll be concentrate my energy to learn useful knowledge.

to help in the ci

01:00, 1/1/2000  ..  Link
perhaps is sleeping late night reading, he felt tingling eyelid also slightly pain. about half an hour to get there, he reclined lazily on the chair, want to sleep but how also can not sleep, head has been flashing his mother and grandmother's shadow. linxuyang mother in a middle school to help in the city, the monthly last weekend, give him home in the town and in high school's brother send men's timberland money spent. don't know why, at the end of last month, didn't see her mother. he had finished the food stamps, these tianquan by his classmates xiehexiang intersetion. yesterday his hometown to head east street shops dozen telephone, this just know originally is his grandmother's changweibing akkergy again, shangtuxiaxie of don't come to bed, my mother at home and care for the elderly. he is worried about the condition for grandma, also are catching up with no money, no food at home while this weekend.

zhongbache over a large hill, in zhouzhuangzhen crossroads stop, here is the terminal. linxuyang carrying bag under the car on a wet road, east to the hospital, and a row of appearance room strewn at classic timberland random, the northeast after the xugu set in the light and clear mist chiseled.

xugu sets a thousand pair of population, only the southwest corner of the village village is far behind the person shanyaochu a luanfengang, linxuyang grandpa was in there, every time he was buried by to stop the soil hobbled horse stood looking up the cliff. but often stood there, his young heart will after violent tremor.

linxuyang grandfather, grandmother called linjingshan called zhangyulan, two of them have known. that year, plus binghuangmaluan shaanxi severe drought during the race, they follow their common way to henan, died, and one of only a few survived. grandpa and classic timberland grandma in great grief in the disaster and support each other, and encourage each other, because adversity of friendship, eventually became couple in this land, and against mangshan ridge on water, become xugu set only physical size.

grandpa was read by people commend xue, xugu in village elementary school teacher, when grandmother home spin cloth, make beimian smocks and qiancengde son to sell, who lived in the building of his own cottage lived calm and simple life. land reform, grandfather and grandmother out of crude hut, living in the house of xuguisen landlord manor. after the revolution xuguisen was cut, the family house actually become separate yard. lin

the south of scale, fully for house next to the ground: the south acres, is the gate, and into the street is the prototype

You said the monks we

01:00, 1/1/2000  ..  Link
long, long before he came to the tone, reluctantly: "small and mr. lei! you said the monks were no general and also said that the monks! if i will spell on his body decades penance, also can work not only save my...". his eyes, light color ghastly that great way: "i will find my adversary has to field a door! if i work great loss, nobody against him. then if i lose, i'm afraid i tiangu a few generations possessions are done! how can i order my life a ruined my whole family tiangu fate? otherwise, just for decades, i tianmou still seems not so stingy!"

dear recoba thought it was dark, heart was complicated, listen to this, i'm afraid that find zhen tian his enemies is not simply the trouble, countered this field is cheap ugg to consume zhen tian afraid ms, if oneself regardless of weight saved the little girl, the nature of beauty, that is afraid that the enemy tiangu grudges on yourself! a little money, even without the cheap ugg mafia tycoon is so zhen tian so terrified, if people want to revenge himself on a small river god, stick...

how smart zhen tian? can mix until today, so big a natural substance, is old and pure, as he watched, ugg classic cardy dear recoba complexion, immediately the other mind guessed.

recoba sounding again stiff.

01:00, 1/1/2000  ..  Link
will throw back to the kitchen mouse eve returned to his room, dear recoba sounding again a meditation, but mind formula is always get that nearly naked and bold and uggs unrestrained, wry smile a sound, scold a way: "it is color, the greatest. damn, really let a naked woman stand before, even the monk also can not to be tempted. yi buy ugg boots ? little ye is under various ge, buddhist which son!" say that finish, with the head a stuffy, sheets or two, the drift and go to sleep.

on saturday, day, is is off.

rest is what mean? in most of the office workers and students of school of the concept, meaning is the biggest day morning sleep on a lie-in beautiful!

can not consider late salary will be punished buckle, need not worry will ugg boots miss subway and bus, need not worry will see the boss and the teacher's gloomy face... but also don't listen to the morning the harsh damn clock bell!!!!!!

so dear recoba slept very delectation, slept very sweet. especially the last night

Author: China.

01:00, 1/1/2000  ..  Link
a small step the evaluation of birth. ephraim

update 2009-11-23 time 21:47:50 words: 1 buy ugg boots 343

author: china

1 dingtingxun

i laoding on the evaluation is not very good, also not be very poor, says he is false, this is personal prejudice. at the time, he such characters, the whole family involved with a man of the people, qiyun is also do not do a hypocrite. lao tze said, but the real name. confucius said, but also a rectification is impossible, not such greetings. anyway, there is the person of confucian, said toon moral social engagement, qu "jade midnight from weiling male door to get this, by the power of moral sanction to have enough big, can the taoist view is just the opposite.

but, unfortunately laoding is living in a confucian mainstream ideology in a society. so, whether he is a gentleman, he must let a person look like a gentleman. businessmen have credibility, no one would want him to, the pillar of the family, if one doesn't fix personal morals, what is it? i ugg sale wouldn't have dinggu today.

laoding nature is not a good, but we should report the attitude of forgiveness to see talents. not a crafty wickedness, point mouth de is always good. he is not a man, no moral bottom line is lack of responsibility of courage, behind the story should have development, i guess so.

2 dingchengzong

dinggu eldest brother hasn't played for us, it is the overall impression of mature, cautious and conscientious person. it is laoding clone. this man is not good at it, business, dinggu onto ugg uk his hand, if nothing else, the natural disaster strike life can continue for decades.

3 dingchengye

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my favorite library
to help in the ci
You said the monks we
recoba sounding again stiff.
Author: China.


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