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Mankelike have seen a similar general biological degenerated into evil creatures, but heard the devil into a beast

respond to the call21/1/2010
Dear Blizzard leadership: How are you. I was diligent in your hands as an ordinary employee Ke Suen. Ever since WOW's security since its doors opened, in order to help milagro Kaunas. Nefa Dorian as well as staff work to reduce the burden on the organization to respond to the call, I came to work as scheduled. At work, I was not afraid aion kinah to carry forward a hardship nor death of the spirit, and actively carry out the spirit of the work of leaders at higher levels in my body, on behalf of the monster direction of cultural development, represents an advanced way mf represents the overwhelming majority of the WOW Monster of the general interest can be said that I am the "three represents" the most realistic style of expression. I was a messenger connecting friends around the world, referring to the lovely Ke Suen's eyes, brains wow powerleveling all over the world players can imagine my lovely eyes and a brilliant eye. Is the majority of players in the communication process, I am Good played a mentoring role, in particular respect for women's rights, in all of the servers, can do to ensure Master Pastor MM "the first thoroughly enjoyed themselves." In doing their own work, I also selfless work for WOW to contribute to scientific research to help dedicate a wow power level  "twin-generation and related laws", "Princess Ahn'Qiraj constellation, blood type and underwear," "I can not oro The story did not say "and other papers and a large number of acclaimed novels, has been widely acclaimed by the people. At the same time, in order to meet the majority of players to cross the border to reduce the difficulty and danger of the game, I deliberately and milagro that Sri Lanka, Namibia France Dorian separation; order to help the majority of players Lian Ji, I have the ingenuity of the men's pro-Guard to provide them with experience; in order to reflect the friendship first, competition second in the Olympic spirit in player killing each team when I Gan
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this effort seems very fragile17/10/2009
Mankelike was afraid that icy grip, in the evening a few years ago the gods battle, he accidentally released end of guards, a 40-foot high, 4,000-pound great evil, the price of Colt's life, after which he will be entitled to a "magic call those" in the title. But right now he, this title apart from the pain and remorse, the nothing else. "I have been saying that I am not a Warlock ..." He tried to change the subject, although this effort seems very fragile.
wow gold
" 'He' If they see you become such a gas will burn you," Na Tuoke a expression, "Do you think Gourdain Who are you? Warlock trainer, Mody? His life, only a very Several small studies ... "

"Waaaagh!" Mankelike uttered a threat to Growl.

This time turn Na Tuoke surprise, he shrugged, "Well, when I did not say."

"Well, kid, you know what?" Mankelike anger disappeared. gold wow

"Uh, a few days ago, that is a goal of Zu Leisa edge of their meeting place the night I call Eye of Kilrogg that sneaked into the cave. I feel right, who have now almost has become a demon the ordinary type of animal and human biology, they even need to eat, I have seen them hunting wild boars baked. devil and hell, almost all dogs lost all the magic powers, where the hell can use teeth and claws, dog attacks, and even take little devil some of the stones and twigs to make weapons ... "

"However, this is why?" Mankelike have seen a similar general biological degenerated into evil creatures, but heard the devil into a beast.

"Who knows," Na Tuoke counsels a shrugging, "If Gourdain still, then you may be able to ask him."

"Bie Zaiti him. You found what?" It is clear that his anger had dissipated.

"Then I'll search a bit in a cave, that I felt the energy of the inherent evil thing is a medal, I have penetrated the spirit of its owner, before being driven out stole a number of memories." Natuo Ke said, not down here, said a sudden, he turned and opened a wooden box, turned for a long time, reap little wooden box they open the second rummaging ... finally, when he opened the wooden box the fourth when he found looking for things. "Ah, here."

Na Tuoke out of the box a leather water bag, plump plump drinking it.

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