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Kenya's high levels of E. coli in drinking water, the sun is simple and effective sterilization

08:28, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
I can not live without water, according to the UN, Africa has 200 million 20 million 15 years suffer from severe water crisis, UGGeven worse, the general flow of water contains large amounts of E. coli, drink directly from the very easy to get dysentery or cholera, smart money, Kenyans started to use solar light do not sterilization, the effect is very good. According to Taiwan's ETTV news report, Kenya's poorest people to eat and drink water by Lazard, is based on a small stream, water is a very high level, E. coli, many people spend vast sums to purchase equipment, container Daoli a little bit of water use, but not really that much cleaner, no one knows, critics argue that local government has ignored the issue of drinking water for a long time. Fortunately, recently scientists have begun experiments with the sun, no money for sterilization. The approach is very simple to start a clean UGGS bottle ugg shoes of water on the roof of the sun, using UV radiation and solar thermal energy to effect complete sterilization. ugg Australia CNN rapporteur noted that "water has been drying over 10 hours in the winter sun, it is necessary for such a long time, when another season, until the sun about six Women's Ugg Boots hours is enough, a good drink!" However, the reporter said, but good enough, you get laboratory tests, the first sample of the population that bottle of water, the equipment costs a lot of water, E. coli more than it could be fatal. The second sample stream, the more bacteria in the infinite, absolutely can not drink. Third is the sun UGGSafter sterilization of water, the water sector in Kenya Abjat analysts pointed out that "the sun of sterilization, the microbes are dead." Initially, do not need high-tech water purification equipment, know how to use the money must not be too much buy ugg sun can reduce the prevalence of diarrhea and cholera.

Russian declassified files: Before the Second World War in Poland, the Soviet Union premeditated Sit

08:27, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
According to ugg AustraliaRussian reports new network to 1, the Russian foreign intelligence agency declassified documents reveal that before World War II, the Polish leader is scheduled dismemberment and the elimination of the Soviet Union. To achieve this objective that the ugg sundance bootsPolish authorities plan to promote the Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia separatism. Finishing "buy uggin the period 1935-1945 the Polish political secrets," the selection of documents, the Foreign Intelligence Lieutenant General Lev Sotskov said in an interview, former Soviet foreign intelligence agencies before the war in the Polish capital, Warsaw is an excellent ugg boots on sale intelligence services, found in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Polish Army General Staff, access to a wealth of information and confidential documents. He says that the decision of the Polish Government can not understand this, since the Nazis during the war years all documents and archives were transported away. He advised: "This document can be found in the United States ugg shoes and United Kingdom." Sotskov said: "I believe that the Poles would be happy to offer you the possibility to understand these documents." It is reported that in August 1937, the Polish General Staff Order promulgated 2304/2/37 stressed that the ultimate objective of the Polish ugg boots policy of "destroy the entire Russian", to promote the Caucasus, Ukraine and Central Asia, as one of the main separatist tools to achieve its objectives, Women's Ugg Boots including the use of the military, foreign intelligence services.

Obama said the rebound in manufacturing in the economic recovery signal

08:25, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
Barack Obama at 1st U.S. President, said the production-related data ugg boots on salecheap ugg bootsindicate the U.S. economy moving in the right direction. Dan, U. S. Institute for Supply Management released a report that U.S. manufacturing activity in August for nine months for the first time in nearly 10 pick-up. "This is a signal the economy is recovering," said Obama in the White House in the media. But also stressed that "there is no doubt that the future is still a long way." Obama said that is good Women's Ugg Bootsnews also shows that the U.S. government to rescue the economy from the collapse of measures have been taken back to play a role in the United States is moving in the right direction. "I and other members of the government will continue its efforts until the jobs Americansugg boots sale will need to work." Analysts pointed out that the Federal Reserve aimed at unfreezing credit markets, measures, as well as the Obama administration is "old cars for cash" program and the first time home buyers cheap ugg bootsa tax reduction plan to promote domestic demand growth. However, Ugg Classic Cardy Bootsthe slow growth in domestic consumption due to the labor market in the U.S. slow economic recovery still faces the possibility of more uncertainty.

Obama to mobilize all people to prevent flu H1N1 influenza

08:24, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
President of the United States of America Barack Obama on the 1st the U.S. for prevention of influenza H1N1 influenza speech and urged ugg shoes all citizens to take necessary preventive measures. "I do not want anyone to panic, then, but I hope that everyone is ready." Obama said ugg cardy. Barack ugg boots saleObama before the day listening to the Minister of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security Sebelius Minister Giorgio Napolitano at the U.S. for prevention of influenza H1N1 influenza preparatory work for the reporting, which requires that the Cabinet spare no effort to respond to this national security challenges . Started in April this year, global spread of influenza H1N1 influenza has resulted in death in 2000. In the U.S., patients infected with influenza A H1N1 influenza has so far more than a million people, including 500 deaths. Fall is usuallyugg boots the peak season of influenza, U. S. Department of Health officials estimate that 30-50 percent of the national population, are infected with influenza H1N1 influenza, can, therefore, 3-90000 died. Influenza H1N1 influenza vaccine is still in progress, in October this year, will start operation before clinical use. Obama "strongly recommended" the popular flu shot H1N1 influenza vaccine, but also said that whether to accept the vaccine depends on the will of the people. He asked people to take common-sense precautions to reduce the risk of influenza infection, such as washing hands frequently, infection, etc. to avoid contact with the outside world. According to UGG Classicexperts estimate that influenza A virus of H1N1 influenza infection peak may occur in the middle of October. The White House said that although the world is facing influenza H1N1 influenza viruses a serious threat, but for now does not seem Women's Ugg Bootslike such a 1918-1919 influenza pandemic swept the world.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to study the effects of climate change on Arctic

08:23, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
According to Women's Ugg Bootsthe website of the United Nations, reported that at the distance of the Unitedugg Australia Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen less than 100 days from the occasion, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 1st September edge of the ceiling of the Arctic ugg saleice, a personal check is climate change affecting the Arctic. The ban Ki-moon on the evening of August 31 in Oslo, Norway flew in from north of Svalbard (Svalbard Archipelago). September 1, he visited Norway, a polar research center to talk with scientists. Scientists, by providing information on how climate change affects the environment, the Arctic, the latest information. Later, Ban ugg classic tall bootsKi-moon with a ship on the North Pole ice cap border areas. The ban ugg boots on sale Ki-moon before leaving the press conference in Oslo, said he hopes his trip to the North Pole to the international community send a clear and strong message: the world needs on climate change in Copenhagen conference on climate change reached a fair, comprehensive global agreement for the storage mankind and the future of the plane tugg boots sale. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, was named as one on climate change is a major concern. In November 2007, Ban Ki-moon visited the Antarctica Men's Ugg Boots to buy ugg see the status of Antarctic glaciers. He was the ugg sheepskin boots first UN Secretary-General to visit Antarctica.

Nearly 80 million people in Japan disaster prevention drills held on the last time to participate in Aso

08:21, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
1. September in Japan "Accident Prevention Day." In accordance with the Hong Kong cheap ugg bootsGrand Duke news report, 79.5 million people Ugg Classic Cardy Boots in Japan participate in a national daily, exercises to prevent accidents in different places. Japanese government forecasts, as the heart of Tokyo Kanto region 7.3 scale earthquake will occur, this time the earthquake, tens of thousands dead. "Accident Prevention UGG ClassicDay" that day, the Japanese government believe that the northern part of Tokyo Bay at 7 uri Richter 7.3 earthquake size in the capital region, the maximum seismic intensity of more than 6 degrees, and carry out exercises for integrated prevention of natural disasters. Drill home the day of elections in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo, Kawasaki City, park. Prime Minister's official residence, Prime Minister Taro Aso, attended the exercise and reference to the interim meeting of the Cabinet. This is Aso the first and last time to participate in the event. On the sameugg boots on sale day he attended the press conference, dressed in disaster prevention and called for service, said: "We will make every effort to carry out relief operations and assistance to the victims. Please, quiet action." In addition, the same day out of residence and Kawasaki-line conferencing, Ugg Classic Cardyand last year opened in Koto Ward, Tokyo, "Wide-area disaster prevention base" setting up disaster countermeasure headquarters scene. The other main place of Kawasaki East Island City Park East fans are also carried out exercises, including all eight counties and cities such as Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Self-Defense Forces, fire departments join forces to rescue the victims, as well as around the airport with a wide range of air traffic Toyama medical exercises ugg sundance. Drill, Kawasaki City Fire Department and the Kanagawa Prefectural Police use helicopters from the air to gather information to confirm the ugg boots ukcrisis. Self-Defense Forces, police, firefighters and other exercises in a simulated scene of Ugg Classic Short Bootsan accident, how quickly rescue victims, as has been rescued from a vehicle trapped in the viaduct Fanla staff, the rescue helicopters and ships were caught in the Gulf of Tonkin personnel within the Cross Harbor Tunnel .

U.S. 9-year-old boy was crying to go home by car and fled, police chased 130 per hour

08:21, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
After a child scolded UGGS parents can figure out some people to move. According to Taiwan's ETTV news report, the United States to play a buy uggnine-year-old boy was called Mom and Dad go home to bed, angrily went so far as to go to his friend's house. Like stopped by the police, was driving at a speed of 130 km hurricane. In accordance with the Indiana State Police said that when they see the car in front, first enter the highway, and then after mixing in the driveway, or even cheap ugg boots opening the hard shoulder. Once thought that the driver had taken drugs, then the sirens, once called the chase. High-speed chase, has risen to 130 kilometers per hour, at the end of an open car stopped next to the trench, have discovered that there was a little boy hiding in the back seat sobbing. Police said around 8, when the boy parents told him to go home, not to play, and he was very angry to go ugg boots on sale out on his own car. This is a 9-year-old boy admitted that he stole the car buy uggskeys and mobile phones go to a friend's house. Coincidentally was a month ago, Utah children have been similarly egregious ugg sundance boots driving events. 7-year-old boy was anxious to go to church, also played a few chase cars and police war, the police all such high-speed hunt, was subsequently found that only a small boy.ugg classic tall In this case, the police must advise the parents a lot more effort is needed counseling.

Democratic Party of Japan wants to cut red tape to resist when the stamp

08:19, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
The tendency for a ugg shoes complete regime change Cuikulaxiu Democratic Party of Japan, is now ready to challenge the more important competitor: Japan bureaucratic system. According ugg classic tall bootsto Taiwan is "United Daily News" reported that the Democratic Party, the elimination of more than half a century, the Liberal Democratic Party dominabuy uggstion of the situation, and now the bureaucratic system, "seize power" as the main policy objectives, and threatened to the world's second largest economy from the shackles of bureaucracy. Members of Congress to adopt a television interview Asahi Matsubara Jen said: "The bureaucratic system is used political figure," criticized the irresponsible members of Congress become the stamp of a bureaucratic policy. Yukio Hatoyama, is currently busy with other smaller parties and the cadre Ugg Classic Cardy Bootstransfer of office staff, the staff will focus technocrat. Matsubara Jen criticism against the civilian ministries in Japan, focusing on the interests of the individual, ignores the general direction of national development and human welfare ugg sale. Office 16 is expected to be a future Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has already indicated that the repeal of the administrative vice-minister (the highest bureaucratic central government body) meeting, ministers, deputy ministers and government officials, about 100 members of Congress and other configurations on the government to establish "Cabinet Committee" in key policy decisions by the relevant cabinet members, and the new "National Strategy Council", to implement the policies and budget of 360,000 permanent state administration in the hands of snatching back the political initiative. The budget currently falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. Democratic Senator Lian Fang said: "Until now, the Ministry of Finance Ministry of the total budget of the Ministry of trial, the only stamp office." Hatoyama Yukio Hirano Bo-wen pointed out that the core of his aides, the Democratic Party and high-level state administration in the "wait" state, "to see who will insert a knife or inserted first." World War II the results ofWomen's Ugg Boots the Democratic Party, the bureaucracy and unpredictable, but at least one high-level civil register their support. Ministry of Finance Affairs, Dan WU Tai-Kin said that it was prepared in accordance with the directive Ugg sheepskin bootsof the new government: "If the new government with new policies, we need to."

Chao Qi Cheng Hatoyama Japanese people expectations are most concerned about employment issues

08:17, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
Democratic Party of Japan won victory for the House of Representatives, Japan's Kyodo News 31st August 1st September implement its national emergency telephone survey of public opinion. The ugg saleresults showed that 71.1% of Japanese people will soon become the Ugg Classic Cardy Democratic Party, on behalf of Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio, "the prospects", 20.2% said "not much hope." This figure is much more than in September last year, Taro Aso, Cabinet took office with 48.6 percent support rate, which reflects the Japanese people for the new regime, very high expectations. 49.2% of the population believes that the Democratic Party victory over the regime change goal "very good", 42.3% were non-binding. 47.2% of people in the LDP defeat a non-binding, 44.8% of the population believes that "good". This shows that Japanese people are expectatiocheap ugg bootsns Hatoyama, while the regime is still calm and remain focused on operating conditions. The Democratic Party supports the rate as high as 41.1%, the historical record, substantially exceeding the LDP support of 19.0%. Other party support rate was 5.1% of New Komeito party, the Communist Party 3.4%, Social Democratic Party 2.1%, everyone is a party to 2.4%. 22.9% of respondents do not support particular political party. Aso Cabinet support rate was 14.2%, does not ugg boots on sale support rate was 75.3%. Hatoyama came to power in the upcoming cabinet should be given priority issues, 40.2% of people choose 'economy and employment measures, "at the top. Then followed "the total elimination of taxes, ugg boots uk such as management, administrative buy ugg and financial reform," 39.7% "Pension reform and other social security system," 35.2%. For the "hope that the new Prime Minister has a number of quality" issue, 26.6% of people choose "to explain to citizens the opportunity to explain", 24.9% opted for "civil considerations." Then follows the "Leadership" by 17.6%, "honest humility," 13.3% "in accordance with the political ethics and integrity," 12.0% ugg boots. With ugg boots saleregard to the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Aso is chairman resigned when the new president the best candidate, 29.1% of people who choose to Ministry of Health to work Masuzoe phase, the maximum number. Acting Secretary-General Nobuteru Ishihara, Shigeru Ishiba, and agricultural support depending on the degree and 12.2% and 10.5%, ranked 23rd.

Japan will set up a three-party coalition government was set up as early as 16

08:15, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
According to Japan, Kyodo News agency reported that the Japanese government and ruling party on the 1st decision will be 16-19 to Congress on behalf of a special Democratic Party, Yukio Hatoyama, ugg boots uk93, will be chosen as the first generation, 60 Prime Minister. Democratic Party will be held on 2nd Aso, proposed by the government to handover the consultation requirements. Reported that Prime Minister Hatoyama's Office immediately after the ugg boots sale cabinet and the arrangements for staff, client executives to strive for as 16, formed the coalition government ugg Australia. Hatoyama and the new People's Party has held talks with Shizuka Kamei, consultation and establishment of a coalition of three parties with the Social Democratic Party government. They agreed that the creation of the coalition government to establish a consultation mechanism between the three parties in terms of policy adjustment. At the meeting, pigeon Piedmont, Kamei morning with Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party has held talks, the parties recognize the need to define the circumstances in the ruling coalition parties reflect the policy mechanism to strengthen co-operation. Third, the party policy on the 2nd person to be formally launched consultations on a coalition matters. In the coalition government, the decision problem, Kamei said he "would want to build an effective reflecting the New People's Party and Social Democratic ideas of the mechanism." Hatoyama has shown a positive attitude. Hatoyama also Ugg Classic Cardy Boots stressed that "the government and the ruling parties want to avoid making double. As a coalition government, I hope that decisions in government," expressed hope that the limit of three parties in the consultation mechanism permits coalition government. Social Democratic Women's Ugg BootsParty also drew attention to the three parties to the consultation mechanism, the mechanism for positioning the focus of coalition negotiations. Social Democratic Party 1, a permanent officer of the party will be held at the headquarters, confirmed to join the coalition government policy. The party is 2 National Conference will be formally approved to join a coalition government. The three parties to discuss the future will be summarized in the House of Representatives before the election "common policy" not to increase the consumption tax proposed to revisit the issue of ugg cardypostal privatization, etc., will also be discussed, including the foreign and security policy, including the coalition policy. Democratic Party intends to call both parties and the party heads, figures in the closet, the distribution of Cabinet posts in the heart of the negotiations.

Australia-China Chamber of Commerce dining pubs OK question to be held in mid-autumn evening meal Syria

08:07, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
Australia-China Chamber of Commerce dining pubs OK question to be held in mid-autumn evening meal Syria

According to Australia, "sung TAO Daily" reported that Australia-China Chamber of Commerce Mid-afternoon meal catering question pubs and Syria come OK.

Thanks to all walks will be the life of these offer the support of the parties and the media, would be very much appreciated by the Mid-Autumn Festival is on at 19 o'clock on a September 16 restaurants in Chinatown béaltá held in mid autumn festival OK question pubs Great Food Evening enjoy the community.

The Association set up a total of eight points: unity, business opportunities, mutual assistance, outlook, exchange, learning, and promoting integrity. The restaurant industry in mainland China and Hong Kong relatively successful and rapidly growing region. This will not only be made to promote activities in Australia, and more each year on the China and Hong Kong and other places to visit together, sharing their knowledge.

Chinese veteran director of US-appointed governor of Maryland, headed the inauguration ceremony

08:05, 5/9/2009  ..  Link
According to the U.S. "World News" reported that Maryland Governor Mali ou week appointed captain weapons ethnic Chinese Martyrs (Captain EdwardChowJr.) Veteran as Director of the Office of the State (Secretary of the Department ofVeteransAffairs), Yue Kai 9 RI 1-at ou Mali Lieutenant Governor Brown to be president Martyrs week over swearing in ceremony.
Massachusetts Governor Zhou is brave members of the Cabinet of the first ethnic Chinese.

Zhou brave in the Clinton administration as assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs representative (DeputyAssistantSecretary) for eight years, it was in 1967 due to excellent performance in the Vietnam War received Bronze Star badge (BronzeStar). Has a wealth of experience in Department of Veterans Affairs, Post-Vietnam Veterans of America Association, Vice-President of the nation, the current Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans of America Association.

Oumai Li announced the appointment, said he was very pleased with the week as heroes and Martyrs of the cabinet members with professional experience to the result of the veterans department to meet its mission in support of veterans returning from the battlefield and their families .

Weeks after the inauguration speech Martyrs can be given responsibility for the horse more than 476,000 veterans of state services, I am truly honored. Thanked he Oumai Li and Brown to trust and look forward to concerted efforts to staff the state capital, meet the people of Massachusetts.

Also active in the organization Veterans Affairs, Martyrs of the week also took part in the Asian societies, such as the United States and the China Association, the National Japanese-American Memorial Foundation, Japanese-American and Hispanic veterans associations.

Actively seeking for a number of Asian leaders, including Massachusetts Congressman Bong ethnic Chinese to move and therefore, every day, go to the ceremony. Massachusetts Asian American Democratic Alliance, Mr Tang said the industry-based excitement, as governor of Massachusetts to appoint senior officials of the Chinese ethnic state capital to reflect the efforts of Asian-American Community over the years about the end results.

Association, Washington, DC Chapter president of the United States and the Caide Liang China deserved the appointment that week Martyrs. He was director of the United States and the Washington Branch of China Association, the area is keen to participate in mainstream political activities, to fight for the rights and interests of ethnic Chinese district.

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