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army Yisenlien and Abidisi

27/3/2010 - the alternative route

One began to play the game, I would wish to opt for dead. I like to explore the unknown world, so keen on the supernatural movies. Like to see the animal world, the lion leopard life I know little about, so I particularly like to see on "Insect Life", because it is little known. When those nausea alternative clearly closer to the lens, I will be extremely surprised. I think that the souls of their choice, to some extent, I was a heterogeneous elements, a child with "hyperactivity", like asking, "Why do hundreds of thousands of" life, belongs to those who like to take the alternative route, right? But it is a strange life, I super-behaved - but perhaps such a law-abiding wow gold official that I am ready to make a hidden anxiety. Hehe. 2, played a ZS number (bug 11) Subsequently, all my numbers are to choose a new MS (used to test some of the choice of play is not, I think it is passive). Because MS do not need to face a huge monster, of course, the most important reasons are: the early, dark M upgrade soon; late, FB MS very popular. And I add blood, more comfortable control of hatred, very few OT, in my impression, not because of my OT, which led to teammates rush. However, if there is only one job to let me choose, I would choose ZS. Because it is dangerous when you stand in front of teammates and let the back rest assured that when the fighting; as a huge monster came crashing down in front of cheap wow gold you, when that shock and excitement can not be untold. 3, I was always in the dark M and M's choice of God and her husband argue, because I enjoy walking along the dark pre-M line. This is evident from a large extent, lower my face rivals the level of fear - yes, my PK dishes great. But if we can only add a gift and can never be changed, then I would choose God M. because if field survival is poor, I will pay more friends, and their cooperation;, but when combined with, or under the FB, if you are not the greatest extent, to ensure the safety of your teammates, because less about the small treatment led to the people perish, then the psychological guilt can not be described. Husband always said when my next FB too serious, and if he is the boss, he would hire me a therapist:) 4, a professional Well, I do not have any particular pursuit, I am no professional and I even feel that does not matter ... ... Oh, so I do not head problem asks answer.
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2/2/2010 - positive coordination

Thursday night, Aogeruima, Stars Bao and Edward's office empty, the table stood a folded newspaper. The front page with bold eye-catching Chinese characters read: Azeroth Jingxian killing spree today, have added a new case. Subtitle, salue Fall King vowed to arrest murderers within a week, and called attention to personal safety and positive coordination. Next to the title affixed with a photograph of a shaman is a totem Ngau Tau nail on the wow gold wall, whole body blood has been flowing. Face has been destroyed, looked up, his mouth stuffed with a lot of gold. Head with a knife engraved on the wall saying: Blizzard's trial coming! Austrian pub is located in the city baby gate, the boss is a retired long-Troll thieves, one of the friends of law enforcement agencies. Every night, many guests here today, the business was exceptionally strong. Even the door is also filled with drinking beggars, some of these people have been mighty, has the perfect equipment and a lot of money. But the strange thing is, many people wake up one day find themselves everything was looted, and not the slightest clue. No way, they can only Aogeruima begging outside, watching the duel of the people, remember how proud of his past, in the eyes leak painful loss of dignity. Stars will always treasure often dropped after a few G. But now the market price of a Spirit should 200G, this small amount of money can only eke out a living, but they are still unwilling to give up waiting, waiting for what? wow gold kaufen They do not know, perhaps waiting for a miracle will happen one day regained bar equipment. Star Bao and Edward at this time are two floor Baojian Li, downstairs cheerful clink sound of music and frequently through the thin wooden floor in a clear pass into the room. However, this time the two of them are not crowded together, are quietly smoking. Star Bao occasionally spit out a smoke ring, not round, and sometimes unsuccessful. Bright lights shone on the house, hazy. The table is a leftover of the lamb chops and grilled quail, as well as morning ale. Edward at the foot of a lot of extinguished cigarette butts, the soldiers first broke the quiet. "Also a human life, the three men. This kid crazy." Starlight Bao looked up, then spit a smoke ring, Gordon a long time. "But the kind of person ... ... ... ... cattle and honest," Edwards said, "is actually a certain angle, these people are guilty. You see is not it? Is the killer, but I am worried that means ruthless, clear-cut. To So far we have no harvest can only wait, I am afraid ... ... "He paused," according to classes and equipment in those arrayed at the difference it. The first easy to kill a warlock? the lucky cat that I had a duel with him, Technology Maria, not second-class role. killer to kill the two of them can be neat to be carefully prepared and with strong patience. more frightening is the killer may not be a person, and if so, an evil possession of a powerful organization Blackrock Spire in the dark than in the fake sheikh Reid still terrible.




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12/11/2009 - Yisenlien and Abidisi

Many people support this crusade against the dead. Lich King and his Scourge of the Kingdom to bring about such a painful Luo Danlun disaster, without a doubt everyone is a thirst for vengeance.

Soon after, Paladin Shi Sadan become a great commander Dassault Dassault Han Han. He was commanding the entire Crusaders Organization, which will control the army Yisenlien and Abidisi.
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Today, the Crusaders in the whole land of hunting the souls of literature and art. Their endless track of the most Weimang the souls of the news and to eliminate any traces of the existence of souls. They refuse to distinguish between those who deal with natural disasters, and being forgotten, and kill anyone who challenges their authority. Ordinary civilians fear the Crusaders, and no one can work with the Crusaders, after an enemy can survive. Light Cathedral seek to disassociate themselves with the activities of the Crusaders, the Union also condemned what they had to, but no organization had a public crusade to stop nothing. Crusader think they serve an incredible goal, they see them as evil undead and the whole Paradise of the final line of defense between the mundane world. I really wish I could see the Crusaders and the extraordinary purity of line of defense between the world.
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Scarlet Crusade them all rational and moral creatures as part of the Alliance. However, taking the union's official position or tribal point of view, few people think so. Tribal members for the position to protect themselves against the Scarlet Crusade of the Forgotten behavior. The Scarlet Crusade does not seem like to add his own shortage of orcs and trolls.

Of course, no one would dare tell the Scarlet Crusade they have no allies. Crusaders who tried to explain their relationship with the Crusaders as the church staff members are supporters of the dead. Union related personnel as well. Why did the League do not directly destroy the Crusaders? Because the Union has made so many enemies, while the Crusaders were able to block some of the forces of the Lich King. Perhaps one day the future of the church will try to dissolve the alliance or the redness of the skin off the Crusaders, but they have more important things.

Crusaders received from the souls of those who oppose human assistance. But they will never accept the background or even only slightly suspicious of the new recruits, and sometimes they even kill the background of a good novice. These racists do not accept the help of human beings than other races. Forgotten were hostile to them, and I recently heard about a group aimed at eradication of Bloody Crusaders legend of the forgotten killer. They claim to Shi light persons, the use of shadow and darkness to achieve their task against the Crusaders. (In the tribal players guide a lot more light on the Shi's information)


Bloody Crusaders leaders and the big crusader Dassault Han Dynasty. Below him are: Bloody saints thimi Deja, large general delivery Abbey Sri Lanka, large prosecutor Yisilien great lords tellin Fuding and Crusaders Lord Valdemar (I really want to give it turned into Waer horses). Great Crusaders led to the horrors of the long-term siege of Stratholme. Abidisi in command of military forces in combat and back to help the big crusader, while Yisenlien is responsible for questioning.


Tire Bloody Crusaders hand is the main base, which consists of Abidisi general in charge of. Dassault Great Crusaders in Stratholme in the Han Dynasty set up a small fort known as the Bloody stronghold, which is the most sacred Scarlet Crusade places. Here is the Scarlet Crusade was first established, and also the oath to those founding fathers of the land. Yisenlien and tellin you in control of Fuding Western Plaguelands fireplace Valley.
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