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Victorian Style

16/8/2017 - Have A Beach Wedding

Usually beach wedding will be held in the spring or autumn. We need to pay attention to the weather around the wedding date. If the beach wind is too high, we can choose a nice screen to keep out the see wind. In the meantime we need to avoid the strong sunlight time quantum.

Holding a romantic beach wedding is definitely many brides' wishes since they were children. Blue sky, azure blue sea winter, floating cloud and clean-white sandbeach, no need other decorations, it is already full of romance and eternity.
For brides, it is better to choose light wedding dress. When sea wind coming, the dress will be graceful and elegant.
To match with such beautiful sea background, we still need prepare the tableware, food and stage, the main color tone should be blue which bring audience the feeling of simple, elegance as well as freshness.

Costume for wedding beach
For guest costume, you should let guests know that the wedding will be held on the beach so as to guide them with proper dress. Therefore it is necessary to write beach wedding on the invitation card.
For bride's dress, wearing a long and tier upon tier wedding dress will be too official and not matching to the fresh beach wedding style. It's better to wear simple design, light and lively wedding dress. To avoid sweating, choose a light, thin and good breathable fabric is very important, such as, organdie organdy, chiffon, and crepe. Remember not to use silk fabric, because it is very thick, and unfit to the outdoor beach wedding.
As for shoes, high-heeled shoes are not suitable for beach. Walking on the beach with bare foot, or choose a nice flat shoe can be OK.

Beach wedding layout
Sea, of course is the splendid scenery, therefore other furnishings should be focus on the blue color. Other color should be matching with white or yellow. For example, we can use light blue chiffon to wrap the pure white chairs, and use same quality and color fabric to make the canopy. The corner of the wedding site should be wrapped with exquisite light yarn. Flowers arch in the beach, white rose and small silver bells will bring the romantic atmosphere.

After you read the brief introduction for the wedding, do you have interests in holding a beach wedding?

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11/8/2017 - Have A Gothic Wedding

Wedding always show your personality. If you are a goth, you may like to a Gothic wedding. And many couples are choosing to incorporate Gothic elements into their wedding.

Some people like to choose whole Gothic events in weddings, while some would like to choose to use a few special Gothic elements into the wedding. Some couples select Gothic engagement rings, others use specifically chosen or designed dresses or decoration and some include other special and unique touches on the wedding cake or favors. By incorporating one or all of these elements into your wedding, you can create a Gothic wedding that displays your personality.
For a couple with Gothic tastes, selecting Gothic rings may be an option. Gothic style is generally classified by dark colors and the use of symbols. These dark colors may be incorporated into wedding and engagement rings through the use of dark metals such as dark titanium or tungsten. Gemstones also commonly play a factor in Gothic wedding rings.
Gothic dress is another way that couples can incorporate Gothic elements into their Gothic wedding. There are many kinds of Gothic wedding dresses allow the bride to choose and they can come in a variety of colors including white, purple, black, emerald green and blood red. Selecting a Gothic dress allows the bride to showcase her individuality and feel comfortable in a dress that she loves.
What's more, you may want to consider decorating with Gothic colors or symbols. Gothic symbols and colors could easily be incorporated into your wedding cake. You could incorporate a Gothic symbol on a favor bag or favor. There are many different options to consider as you plan your Gothic wedding.
Hope you can have a great Gothic wedding!

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7/8/2017 - Fashion Guides About Gothic

People love Gothic and they always dress in black with a different way, such as tight PVC or ornate long dresses or using accessories like wide cuff bracelets or spiked collars. Some also like fishnet items (gloves, tops, hose, etc.), flowing black trench coats, black band t-shirt, anything with lace, silver jewelry, and big lace up or buckle boots.

By putting on gothic clothes, people can express their own exclusive personality. It is different to define gothic fashion accurately, here are some guides to help you to follow.

Many goths like wearing clothes which made by artists. Tattered jeans and black tshirts includes skulls, stars, vines, and splatters depicting death, poems, or other dark creative topics. Another favorite amongst the gothic sector incorporates tshirts from underground or local rock bands.

Both men's and women's gothic clothing may include a combination of subcultures such as emo, punk, business, and metal along with their own gothic style. Many goths always use dark eye make-up, such as eye liner, and lipstick in hues of black, purple, and red.

In the gothic world, piercings are currently well-liked. Womens Goth have a variety of hair lengths and styles, but is often dyed black, sometimes with bright coloured streaks in it. Goth might see choosing clothes, accessories and hairstyles as artistic and a great manner to express themselves.

In a world, you should dress however you want to dress and make sure you have fun with it. Possess belief in your style and you will fit in anywhere.

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4/8/2017 - Gothic Costumes for Halloween

Gothic costumes for Halloween has always been fun. They're dark, creative and interesting. You can dress up a costume with fun things like spider earrings, velvet chokers, rose bouquets, and even some fangs. When it comes to the makeup you can go really extreme with the full face makeup or you can tame it down and just go dark with the eye makeup if you prefer. These are the top 3 Gothic Costumes for this year:

Gothic Vampire Costume

Vampires have never been as popular are they are today. Thanks to Twilight, True Blood, and Blade, vampires have never been darker or hotter. Today's vampire is sexy, dark, and sneaky because let's face it - they're just looking for a little nibble. Accessorizing a vampire costume has never been more fun with today's wigs, shoes, fangs, and fake blood to get the full effect of the dead across.

Gothic Witch Costume

Witches have been popular and cool. They may be wicked or good, they're sexy too, and they even light up! They still love to fly around on their broomsticks and they even brew in their cauldrons and cast spells. They're just neat and the costumes are out of this world. You don't have to have a green face and warts to be the best looking witch anymore!

The Unique Gothic Costumes

There are different, unique, and perhaps undiscovered in the Gothic world. Some of today's coolest Gothic costumes include the Corpse Bride costumes, the gory nurse costumes, the pinhead costumes, the Mad Hatter costumes, the bloody school girl costumes, and the Rag Doll costume. There's so much out there to choose from!

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31/7/2017 - Choose A Gothic Dress for Your Prom

For girls, it is important for choosing suitable prom dress for the event. More and more people are turning to gothic prom gowns - let's take a quick look at why...

The gothic look is always popular with high schoolers. With the increase of goth look at school, it was inevitable that there would be a related rise in gothic prom dresses. Wearing a great gothic prom dress, the girl can also be a queen at the party.

A gothic prom gown is not just in black, it's more the sensuality of the colours that count, purple and dark red can also work fine, even fuchsia if it is co-ordinated with black! A gothic prom dress would probably have a tight fitted corset section, and flowing skirt, although it can work just as well with a short skirt.

There are lots of specialist sites online now where you can get prefect prom dresses in gothic style, so you don't have to take a lot of time to choose right one. There really is a huge array of choice, so you can make your prom dress as gothic as you want.

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17/7/2017 - Gothic Clothing in the Films

There are some memorable films with a Gothic theme. Getting Gothic clothing to look just right in a film is essential in looking like the genuine article to those who enjoy films, books, TV and music inspired by this style. Here, we will collect several gothic films and clothing.

The original Blade, starring Wesley Snipes, hit the big screen in 1998 and grossed 130 million dollars worldwide. Wesley Snipe's (Blade's) Gothic clothing may be the central to the film's look. A long black leather jacket with metal buckles provides the main piece of clothing, while Snipe's face is perpetually dominated by a pair of dark sunglasses. Heavy boots and of course the rather sharp armament complete the look.

Underworld (2003) starred a character with a similarly icy disposition to Snipes - in Kate Beckinsale. She coolly deals out death a plenty to 'Lycans' (a form of Werewolf) in a similar manner to Snipes. Her Gothic clothing is however similar to Snipes, with a long black overcoat, with a general feeling of PVC and blackness pervading her look.

Beckinsale sticks with the Gothic clothing and film theme in 2004's Van Helsing, in which she co-starred with Hugh Jackman. Kate Beckinsale dressed in similar black Gothic clothing as in Underworld, but in this flick the male lead get the trench coat in brown. This innovation might be considered the only one of the film, which gave us some pretty standard gothic-vampire fare.

These three movies display some notable common themes in terms of Gothic clothing, particularly associated with the main characters. Black leather or PVC crop up again and again, along with long, dramatic trench coats - usually of the black order. Black trousers and heavy boots complete the outfit, ideal for the soldier-like duties of these blood thirsty characters.

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13/7/2017 - Clothing Style In Three Medieval Times

Medieval clothing begins with the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476. Both sexes of the upper class were a tunic as the basic garment. Men wore breeches or trousers, a tunic with a silk and brightly colored border, and a cloak. Ladies wore a long tunic put on over the head and also a super tunic word over it. It was attached to a girdle to show the tunic beneath it. The super tunic had some design on the neck, sleeves, and hem. Then the women would place a cloak on that is fastened below the chin. The cloaks were usually full length and had a cloth veil to conceal the hair. These were the basics of the medieval customs.

The clothing begun to change in 1095. Many of the clothing at this time were styled after Spain and France. After the Crusades began, women began to wear silk, satin, damasks, brocades, and velvet. They were brighter colors and more detailed weaves. This was the time that wood-blocking printing was adopted and buttons were added to many pieces of clothing. Even though the fitted tunic was the basics for the apparel of both sexes during this time, the accessories would make the outfits. Many women and men were wearing clothing with embellishments like jewels, added embroidery, and fur. This was also the time that wool or linen hose took place of trousers. You could tell the difference of class on how a man's breeches were cut. The wealthy were cut narrower and if you were a labor they will fuller and both class's breeches were cross-gartered below the knee.

Over time the tunic was replaced by a bliaut. This tight lacing formed a woman's shape and girdled the hips. It was to make to create a long-waisted appearance. Men's medieval clothing changed in the next period. The length and fullness of the clothing would change considerably. The hood or cloak became more like jacket than a piece of the outfit and it would become eventually a shorter, cape style.

The three times include Early Medieval, Late Medieval (pre-gothic), and Late Medieval (gothic) times. Each period has a considerably different way of dressing.

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10/7/2017 - Gothic Costumes For Halloween

Nothing clothing are fit for Halloween more than Gothic costumes. In style, Gothic really is a radical blend of three dissimilar look: punk, Victorian and romantic. A truly Gothic costume is sexy while being highly creative and eye-catching. Now is the time to get your knock out costume for Halloween.

Price is important when it comes to buying a costume for Halloween. The ease of purchase with online shopping is unmatched and it is perfect to take care of Halloween with a few clicks. Alternative clothing online are great places for people to choose their clothing. Each person should have a chance to get the darkest and most creative costumes that they desire without having price as an issue.

The design of the Gothic costumes is first-rate. All costumes are cut to flatter and accommodate everyone's figures without being restrictive. The fabrics are simple to care for. All fabrics are of the highest quality, which is obvious the moment they are handled. The fabric is made to stretch and breathe and it is also very soft and pleasant to feel. Halloween is meant to be enjoyed and these Gothic costumes for Halloween provide perfect comfort. The true comfort that is provided by the costumes is one of the very best features of the these awesome costumes.

Gothic style provides the perfect backdrop for the darkness of the scary side of Halloween. It is easy to look sexy in these costumes because they are trendy, modern and wild. You will be photographed with everyone and all your friends will love these darkly and sexy costumes for Halloween this year!

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7/7/2017 - Long Gothic Dresses

Gothic is an old culture, which leads us to the forgotten era. To follow a Gothic tradition of dressing or style of ornament or hair brings out a very strong character of a person. Long Gothic dresses are worn by a section of people who want to stand out in their presentation.

Long Gothic dresses are everywhere, and can be worn to a costume party, proms, weddings and Halloween. Various materials , such as soft satin, velvet, PVC, brocade, stretch and cotton canvas, georgette and chiffon, have been used since many years ago in the making of Gothic dresses. Dark colors like black, red, maroon, purple, burgundy are favored for them. You can play with fabrics and layers in long Gothic dresses. Also because of its length, you can have as many layers as you want. Black Lace, Ribbons, Laced PVC, and cobweb lace, rule over other choices for dresses. Soft Satin, silk, leather is also the favorite fabric for them.

Lots of young girls wear Gothic gowns for proms; also they are not necessarily in black but also in red, pink, and purple; wearing some colored wigs would make the look more put-together, different and unique. Lots of wide belt loops, and pentacle patches are also used for them. Pagan satin and cobweb lace, layers of georgette and embroidered witchy hemlines, Victorian or Medieval necklines also glamorize Gothic gowns.

We can create a lot of elegance in a long Gothic dress, which is required for weddings. Puff sleeves, a peaked collar, a length above the ankle and soft black satin make a very elegant Gothic wedding gown. Wearing Gothic outfits makes you stand out, and remember it can be in bold and dark colors and unusual; you can bring out the confidence in yourself and be amazingly gorgeous at your wedding in a long Gothic dress.

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6/7/2017 - Planning a Goth Wedding

If you are goth or simply love the gothic theme, here are some suggestions and ideas for planning the perfect goth wedding in your big day. The gothic wedding dress can be a corset style in black or a richly deep scarlet red. In fact, with the right makeup and accessories, you can even wear a stunning corset white wedding dress with a goth theme.

There are all kinds of gothic clothing designers that would be able to help the bride find a stunning gothic style wedding dress. And if you have enough wedding budget, you can even have a dress custom made for your wedding. Your bridesmaids should be outfitted in a similar style to the bride, choosing the right styles and colors that will complement the bride's dress and add rich dark colors that coordinate with the theme.

Your wedding invitations can be with black roses or dark blood red roses with black accents on a white card. Selecting the flowers for wedding can be one of the most fun parts in bridal planning. Deep dark colored roses, calla lilies, orchids are all great selections. You can choose dark reds and purples for your flower colors and use beautiful ribbons to tie together the flowers and even find ribbon to compliment the dresses of the bridal party.

Goth wedding cakes are actually very stunning. A white fondant cake will allow for the striking contrast of the black and blood red accents whether you choose flowers or other embellishments for the design of the cake. To keep the richness of the theme running through the cake, choose a red velvet cake or dark chocolate cake. This will give the cake a luxurious and stunning deep red color to contrast with the white fondant icing.

The location for your gothic wedding should be very special. Whether or not you choose to get married in a church under some denomination is completely up to you. Use your imagination and you are sure to come up with the perfect destination.

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5/7/2017 - Gothic Clothing for Fun

If you like gothic clothing, and it is going to set your style, set you out from the crowd, and put you in the scene you want to be in.

Not everyone is going to dress in a suit and tie for work, Gothic clothing uses a look that includes what some people feel is a sexy, sleek, and wild look. It is based on the use of tight corsets, tight clothing, leathers, the look of chains and an overall style that is different from many other types of designers and styles that are available.

The animal prints of the leopard and the tiger are often times very popular with the gothic clothing you can find for sale online. The tiger prints in bold yellow, black, and sometimes in white with black are popular as gifts, for wearing, and to set your wardrobe out among the rest. Leopard prints in red, white, black and sometimes in yellow are exciting additions for those who want to have the gothic clothing feel extended in their life.

Most gothic clothing is not available in retail stores offline. You can occasionally find a gothic clothing store offline, but in larger cities. Prices for gothic clothing are going to be a bit higher, as you are purchasing a specialty item, one that will take you back in time to a point where costumes where a daily habit, and the costumes wear worn by those who had the most power in that time, and the most wisdom.

Gothic clothing purchases can be completed online. You can find many alternative clothing online, from different countries that are going to add that something special to your wardrobe. You can mix and match gothic clothing to include pants, shirts, shorts, tops, tanks, and neckwear. The gothic clothing lines are exciting, sexy, and sultry, setting your own style to be one that will make you a step above the rest in your crowd.

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4/7/2017 - Gothic Style For Halloween

Many people want to dress in Gothic style for Halloween. Maybe you love being Gothic all the time and are looking for something extra-dark to really make your Halloween complete. No matter your reason for wanting Gothic costume ideas for Halloween, there are plenty that you can take advantage of. There are more of these costumes for women, but there are some great ones for men available too.

Vampires and dark brides are always the most popular Gothic costumes for women. Although these ideas have been around for a long time, more variations on the idea come out every year. And these are not the only Gothic costumes that you can find. Dark dolls and fractured fairy tales are also popular for Gothic outfits. Red Riding Hood and Alice from Wonderland are taken from being cute girls to something dark and demented. Gothic fairies, fallen angels, sexy bats, and dark masquerade costumes are also gaining a following. You can even get Gothic pirate costumes.

Men can find costumes to match any of those mentioned for women. Dark Lord costumes are very popular, and can range in time period from medieval to Victorian. Costumes that are reminiscent of Jack the Ripper and other gentlemen stalkers are very popular and can be gotten in many styles. Evil priests, vampires, and phantoms are also readily available. Maniacal jesters and grim reapers are a couple Gothic costumes that really are classics as this point.

No matter how old a costume idea is, you will find more interesting versions of it every year. Every year the cost of producing material and costumes goes down. This makes it easier for companies to bring out better and more interesting costumes all the time. Have fun picking your costume and being the best dressed at your Halloween party.

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3/7/2017 - Dress Goth to Look Different

For many people, Goth is a complete lifestyle. So, if you also want to try out a different look, follow us to read the below post.

1. Most of the gothic dressers get started with pale makeup on their face. Using black or dark red lipstick can help you in a big way. A girl can even do some heavy eye makeup to get a dramatic look. Try using some eye shadow that gives an edge to your entire look.

2. Dye your hair properly and you can use dark red or black color. Try and use different styling products to achieve an amazing look that matches up to your personality. You can even go for a messy look by keeping unkempt hair. This will surely add a lot to your gothic look.

3. Always wear black when you are trying to achieve a unique look. It will surely help you in getting a romantic yet gothic look. Black goes well with all kinds of colors. Wearing black t shirt along with a black trouser can prove to be a great choice for you if you want to look strikingly different.

4. Accessories are very important. Skulls and bags with dark ornaments can surely do well for you. You can easily use them to enhance your overall look. You can even write down some sexy quotes on the bag to make it look different.

So, these are some of the finest things that you got to remember regarding how to dress gothic and look unique. By following the above mentioned steps and instructions you will surely be able to amaze everyone. All you need to do is to buy the right clothes and wear them nicely. Go ahead and achieve the perfect look for your party. I am pretty convinced that you will be able to look amazing and your friends will get freaked after seeing your look. Have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself.

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29/6/2017 - Something About Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion has a long story. You may find a huge industry around Gothic style and trends. The Goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify.

The Goth subculture has connected tastes in new music, aesthetics. Gothic fashion and Goth Kinds of gown inside the subculture variety from death rock, punk, androgynous, Victorian, some Renaissance and Medieval design clothing, or mixtures from the over, most generally with shadowy clothing, make-up and locks.

Gothic fashion includes fish-net like stockings, gloves, tops as well as long black coats, lace, silver jewelry, black band t-shirts, and large buckle or lace-up boots. Gothic fashion provides many choices so it is easy for somebody to select Gothic garments and dress like a Goth.

Gothic dresses make women seem more attractive, powerful, mysterious, bewitching and desirable. There is a wide selection of Gothic dresses, from long to short. It is a common sense that Goth women are very sensual in those stylish dresses. Stockings are cool Gothic clothing; they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the Gothic people wear them on their legs while dressed by short Gothic skirt. Sometimes funny stocking on the hands can be changed to cool hand-stocking, if you manage to buy unique stockings that cannot be found anywhere. Gothic fashion contains the usage of several symbols. You'll find great deal of Gothic symbols for instance angels, Pentagram, ankh, skulls...

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28/6/2017 - Choose Gothic Prom Dress For Your Prom

Prom is important for any teenage girl. Choosing a prom dress is a major event for a young girl. Gothic prom dresses are gaining popularity as more and more girls are branching out from conventional ways of dressing for their prom. Gothic apparel is usually very dark and mysterious, with a Victorian or Elizabethan look. Choosing a Gothic prom dress is a great way to have a unique look and to show the dark and romantic side of your personality.

Gothic prom dresses are always black or dark in color, accentuated with rich reds, purples or blues, among other colors. Popular fabrics are lace, satin and tulle or organza, all of which look very romantic. The style you choose will depend on what you are comfortable with.

Some Gothic prom dresses have a corset-like top and a long full or straight skirt. Layers of fabric in the skirt, with beautiful detailing on the top including a laced up back make these dresses very glamorous. Add to that a very narrow waist and you have a very dramatic dress. Other Gothic dresses are looser fitting and more reminiscent of Medieval times. They often have long flounce sleeves and floor length skirts. These are often made in crushed velvet for a very soft and romantic look. The tops of these dresses sometimes have quite elaborate details including lace insets and decorative stitching.

To get appropriate accessories to complete your Gothic prom dress! Gothic fashion often includes dark make-up, especially around the eyes, black nail polish and black dyed hair. Choker necklaces are a must, and can be simple velvet chokers or more elaborate with tiers of beads or crystals. High heels and dramatic shoes or boots are essential to have the Gothic look.

One of the benefits of wearing a Gothic prom dress is that you probably won't be wearing the same dress as someone else at your prom! You can search your dress over the internet or in second-hand shops.

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27/6/2017 - Ideas for Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding will be one of the themed weddings that some couples prefer. Before planning for a Gothic-themed wedding, the couple must discuss it with their families, relatives and friends. They are also part of the wedding, therefore it is important that they agree with the idea. And if you decide to have a gothic wedding, this article will try to give you tips on how to do a Gothic wedding.

To perpare a perfect Gothic wedding, you need to make sure that everything, food, dress and decorations should fit the theme. Below are the things you should take into consideration.

At first, the wedding dress. Gothic wedding dress is different from the traditional wedding dresses. The common colors for a Gothic style wedding dress are purple, red and black. You can either have ruffles or corset at the bust, long train behind you. Remember that make-up should also go with the theme as well as the wedding rings.

For the decoration, choose a venue that will fit your theme. If you have enough budget, you can rent a Gothic-styled manor or medieval castle for authentic Gothic ambience. If you prefer floral as centerpieces, make sure that there are black roses, purple orchids and orange lilies in it. Masks, black confetti and red and purple table cloths can also make up the theme.

For the wedding cake, you also need to make it go with the theme. You can have a red velvet or dark chocolate cake for the wedding. White fondant cake is alright as long as you style it with red cherries and black currants.

These are just some ideas for a Gothic wedding. To match the theme, you can also ask the guests to dress up in Gothic-inspired costumes.

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26/6/2017 - Gothic Clothing for Your Style

Gothic clothing represents a time when witchcraft, powers of the beyond, and beliefs were considered to be evil. If you ant to set your own style with the use of gothic clothing, you can find shirts, pants, dresses, tanks, tops even jewelry and makeup that will include the gothic look for an overall complete appeal to your being.

Gothic clothing is often black, red, and sometimes whites and bold yellow or red. Black gothic clothing is a style, one that is going to provide you with a slim, sexy even sultry appeal in your crowd. The gothic clothing you purchase online can be different from anyone else in the club if you mix and match the accessories that are also available to match that outfit.

Gothic clothing lines are often times going to be geared towards those who want to create a feeling an atmosphere that is secretive but revealing at the same time. Gothic clothing is going to show off the curves of your body, the slightest hint of sexiness while still covering those needed and required to be covered in public. The corset in particular is one that is fun, and will show off what you have without revealing too much skin at the same time. You can mix and match the gothic clothing of your choice for an overall appeal that is going to be exciting and bold at the same time. Gothic clothing is available for purchase online, now, and in just a few days you can be out on at the club, showing off your new style.

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