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Golden Rules For Trading With Binary Options - Posted at 13:36 on 24/11/2014 by vikiop

Golden Rules For Trading With Binary Options

binary options "Binary Options" is a relatively new form of investment, where the dealer puts on a given market behavior and a payout gets when the investment behavior was correctly predicted. The term "Binary Options" stands for "two options". This means that the dealer at the same time has two options to choose from. There are also other names, for example, they are also "Digital Options" and "fixed repayment Options" or "Forex Options" gennant because the payout is determined by the actual trading. In addition, they are referred to as "all or nothing" options due to the nature of their payout: either you are in business and win everything, or you're just not in the business and lose everything. The price of a binary bet is displayed as an index between 0 and 100. Where a wagered the event, then you have 100 points. Is it not true one, it falls back to 0. A distributor of "Binary Options" will offer a price for a certain result. If the player thinks that this result is obtained, then he bets. But if he thinks that the event does not arrive so he will sell the bet. The best way this method on the example of the classic "Up or Down" explain bet. Consider the following before: it is 15:30 clock and the FTSE in 5400. Yesterday, the market has been completed in 5425. Now available on your dealer binary "FTSE to Finish Up" price with 24-26. They believe that the FTSE will rise at the end of the trading day yet, so you decide the "FTSE to Finish Up" on sale for £ 20 per point to the price offered 26. If you are correct, and the FTSE ends at 5450, you will be £ 1,480 (100-26) = 74 x20 win. If the FTSE at this end of the day does not reach the value you have bet, then your point are set to 0. This means that in this case you would have lost 520 pounds with this business. The loss is calculated by multiplying the price, which is 26, with the proportion, in this case £ 20th So before you make a binary bet, you should calculate the exact value of your potential loss, as in this example £ 520th There are various other types of binary bets, but all operate on the same principle: you will be asked a question and the answer may be right or wrong. One Touch In a one touch bet you guess whether the market will reach a certain value before the close of trading. If the market reaches the set value, you have 100 points. However, the market does not reach, then you will receive 0 points. Ladder In a ladder bet you decide if the market value will end on a certain level. How to get for example 100 points if the Wall Street exceed the level 12200 and you will receive 0 points if it does not arrive. target With a target bet it's about whether the market will end within a given interval. For example, the Wall Street to Finish Up is set to 100 points between 20-40. If the market then ends between these values, you get 100 points, if it does not arrive, you will receive 0 points. Hi Lo In this type of bet it comes to whether the relevant market value of the result is different from the day before or not. tunnel In this type of bet, the market is trading between two limits that are set before the bet is made. An example would be to trade the FTSE between +50 and -50, depending on the price of the trading day. If the market rises or falls on one of these values beyond the bet gets 0 points if it remains within these values, you get 100 points. Reasons to trade with digital options The contracts of binary options have some special features that distinguish them from other financial instruments: the traders can trade investments in different asset classes. The agreements have also always been a tight end. The dealer can calculate what the trade will cost him. He knows, depending on the outcome of the bet, how much he wins or loses. There are good reasons to trade binary options. The binary options have been licensed for the retail sector in the year when the traditional markets in the United States stood head after the collapse of the mortgage industry. Here you will find some of these reasons: a) Less risk in trading In the traditional financial markets, there are several factors that the dealers have to deal. Leverage, margins, Slippages and practices of some unscrupulous brokers have influence on the trading profits. This forex and commodity trading a very risky venture. The binary options trading is free of many of these factors. There is no re-rates, no slippage, leverage or margin requirements with which one is struggling. There are no margin calls. b) More choices in trading Some brokers binary actions offer up to 90 plants. This means you have access to 90 different financial systems with which you can always win money. With binary options you have better chances of finding a Bull Market. c) Reduced trade costs If you live in the US and trade forex, then the new guidelines of the commission of freight and futures trading demands (CFTS) that you open an account with at least 25 000 USD for forex trading and even more for the trading of options. However, in the binary options market, you can already occur with just 100 $ and must not provide all capital to trade with binary options. d) Better Payouts The gains that can achieve distributors are usually higher than on any other market in the market for binary options. The payouts are between 70% and 90% in regular trading and up to 500% on speculative high-yield trading. Trade with shorter deceleration times can open up the possibility to make even more money. What is traded in the market for binary options? In the market of binary options are traded credit ratings of different asset classes: 1. currencies (forex) 2. Equity Indices 3. shares 4. goods The currencies are the usual asset classes, the warden traded in the market for binary options with an operational status 24 hours. The market includes a wide range of currencies, as well as most currency pairs and yen. The most actively traded stock indices are: • Dow Jones (USA) • NASDAQ (USA) • S & P500 (USA) • Xetra DAX (Germany) • FTSE100 (United Kingdom) • SMI Zurich (Switzerland) • CAC40 (France) • TADWUL (Saudi Arabia) • MICEX10 (Russia) • IBEX35 (Spain) • Strait Times (Singapore) • SSE180 (Shanghai, China) • Tel Aviv 25 (Israel) • Nikkei 255 (Japan) • Hang Seng (Hong Kong) On most platforms, binary options you will see these indices, although there are of course other. Normally, the stock indexes are only open for certain hours in the day when the parent indexes are open. Goods are usually under-represented in the market for binary options, but gold, silver and oil are almost always listed. If other goods are listed, that's a bonus for the trader. Goods can only be sold if the parents trade markets of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) are open. Shares should actually be second on this list because so many shares are traded. The specific portfolio varies from broker to broker, but technology stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook popping up all over. The broker for digital options When it comes complete binary betting, then the crème de la crème of the binary betting only the Banc De Binary. The betting interface is very easy to use, and it is easy to observe the exact state of your binary bet at any time.Fino al ritorno.

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