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Hi everyone,

Yestertday I went shopping with my mother, but it wasn't nice. I was very quick tired, there were too much people for me. My mum asked me why I had no sentence after an hour. But I couldn't explain it to her. That hurts, because I want to talk with her, but I can't. She is to close to me. I love her to much. That is not good for me. People I love, I push away from me.


Yesterday evening I cryed myself in sleep. I was so very angry. My brother teased me and seid I was not allowed to eat the cake, he baked. So I became angry and said that I eat something else. But my mother was not agree with that. And then I went downstairs to pick up something and I was still angry and sad, and my father asked: Are you playing play or what? And I was so angry, when I let see my parents my emotions they think I act. But I didn't. And then I cryed and went to bed.


Today I go ice-skating with my father. I have very much sentence in that. 


Bye bye,


Posted: 10:16, 24/2/2006
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Hi everyone,

Nobody shall read this, but that doesn't matter. Maybe I shall give this adress on a day to Alexandre, but I don't think so. So I write this for nobody, only for myself.

I am not fine. I feel very bad the last days. I decided to go with school to Greece in May, while I don't want. I am very scared for it. To much people, to few rest. It is not good for me. But I need to make a subject now about taboos. So I  need to go. But I shall write soon, I hope.


Bye bye,


Posted: 10:00, 23/2/2006
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Hello everyone,

Today I had a test in German and it went so very well. I was very surprised that it went well. That was so very great.

Further my teachers from physic, biology and chemistry go check if you make your homework, when not you get punishment, because too few people make their homework. But by physic only the 4 girls in the class make their homework and the boys didn't. So my teacher girls make more often their homework than boys.

Further I had a 9,7 for my chemistry. That was so very good. I am very happy with that.


I am so very happy, today.


Bye bye,


Posted: 19:14, 23/1/2006
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Hello everyone,

I am this time soon with let a message. I hope I shall write often here.

Yesterday I had a party from Jordi. First I went to his home, we were wit 17 or something and we ate and chat there. It was very enjoyable. Gossip about teachers and things. The food was good. And the dessert did me think at my holidays, then I ate that often. But I enjoyed it.

After that we went to King Kong. We were just in time for the beginning of the movie. I found it not a very good movie, because I don't like that kind of movies, but the end was romantic, that was nice. It is very romantic that the ape fall in love with the woman. A very pretty woman, but after the ape is killed, a man is there for her and that is romantic too.

I was at 00.00 hour at home.


Tomorrow I have a test german, I am a little bit nervous for it. I hope I know it good enough, but I think i can do it. I don't like german, but my marks are good. So I hope that that stay.


Bye bye,


Posted: 16:14, 22/1/2006
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my life

Hallo iedereen,

Ik ben wel een lekker geval, laat 1 berichtje achter en vergeet dan jaren dat ik uberhaupt ooit begonnen ben. Ik weet ook niet waarom ik begonnen ben. Ik wil eigenlijk helemaal niet dat iemand het leest. Ik denk ook niet dat iemand erin geinteresseerd is, dus waarom ben ik dan ooit begonnen. Niemand die het zou begrijpen, als denk ik dat er wel iemand is die het begrijpt. Maar dan moet ik dit in het engels gaan doen.


So I start again with my weblog, only now in english. Alexandre, when you come here, know I do this for you. You are the only one, I want to read this and people who didn't know me are allowed to read this too. But my friends, my friends need to know that I feel great, while that isn't true.

I am ill at the moment, or I am not real ill, but I have a headache. I was 2 days not to school, because I had to much headache. That was bad, but I didn't want go to school, so it was not very bad.

Tomorrow I have a party from Jordi, I look forward to it, but I am scared for it too. There come 18 people and that is a big group for me. So I have not much sentence in it. But I shall go, because Jordi wants that I come.


Now I need to stop, maybe I go write more in it than once in the 5 months or something.


Bye bye,


Posted: 22:08, 20/1/2006
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Welkom iedereen!

Ben erg benieuwd of dit ooit gelezen zal worden en of ik regelmatig iets zal schrijven. Voor degene die dit lezen van harte welkom! Ik zal blij zijn als dit straks ook daadwerkelijk op het scherm verschijnt, want ik ben heel erg slecht met computeren.

Eerst maar even kort voorstellen, ik ben Linda, ik ben 16 jaar, ik zit in 5 gymnasium. Wat kan ik verder nog vertellen. Heb 1 broertje Mark, van 13. Mijn ouders zijn gelukkig bij elkaar.


Het moet helaad nog even een kort berichtje blijven, want ik moet eten en daarna badmintonnen. Mijn hobby's zijn dus onder andere badminton en verder lezen.


Groetjes Linda

Posted: 16:29, 21/9/2005
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