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31/7/2014 - NBA news take pride in defense for either the Los Angeles Lakers

As the 80 's of last century a member of the Lakers, Scott have feelings for purple and gold: "I am very happy to be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and Mitch (Kupchak) and the Buss family to work together again. I know I have to bring a Championship to this city needed something, I grew up in the city of Los Angeles, career in for most of his career with the Lakers, oakley sunglasses necessity polarized canada how warm is so I know Lakers fans. I will do my best to meet the team and the fans, as well as our expectations for the Championship.

Scott said that himself and Kobe Bryant to collaborate so that all Lakers players are fully aware of this, "Kobe and I know the meaning of being a Laker is, we can have different ways to convey the same idea, Nick · Yang, weisili·yuehanxun, and laien·kaili are aware of this point. When you put on the Lakers Jersey, everything becomes different, you have to play with pride for the team's history play, to do everything possible to take over the Los Angeles Lakers flags win, just win some games, but to win a Championship, this is the goal we want to achieve.

"I has never are not was outside bullish, from high school to University to career League, I has been are in those great Star side, oakley sunglasses antix lenses canada we together won has many champion, I like such of role, also like was everyone contempt has," Scott said, he habits has in adversity reborn, "such of views will let we each late are go all out, because we knows himself no qualification relax. ”
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31/7/2014 - Scott hope get along with Peter Pan

Why have an affinity for when the purple and gold coach? Scott's first reason is no surprise: "is my hometown Los Angeles, everyone expected me to become the Lakers ' head coach. "But his second reason is somewhat special:" because Kobe Bryant. When he was a rookie, I had the opportunity to play alongside him, and taught him some things, since then I have very close relationship between the two. oakley sunglasses scalpel polarized canada "If it wasn't so personal, Bryant has not publicly on the training camps were held earlier this month Scott White. "He was my mentor when Rookie, and I had to give him errands, bought some donuts or something like that. We know each other very well, and I have always been big fans of his.

No suitable "middleman", personal friend of Benedict's apprentice and the two men can get along? Scott never seem to worry about this problem, because Fischer over Kobe Bryant to do things, when he played in as a player the Lakers would have done. "' The magician ' is our team of Bryant, Derek Fisher and what I feel is our team. I'm the one who can dialogue with him, let him in when others are angry people who advised him to calm down. He allowed me to speak the truth to him, because he knew I would do anything for him, "Scott said," the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher, and then my relationship with magician, Fisher and I were the same character, magic and Bryant is the role. "Scott acknowledged, of course, that is not going be able to form good relations. "We took several years to win greater trust each other, but once the relationship is established it will not break.

In Scott's view, what they have to say something candid personality, perhaps more on Bryant's temper. "Do the right thing and say the right things, oakley sunglasses half jacket polarized cheap when the magician is to respect what I am, and my contribution to the team, so there are some things other people can't say, but I say he will listen. "Scott said, he has become the most that year between the Lakers and magic megaphone, conveyed past other people want to say to the magician. Today, most of the players in the Lakers, and Bryant is either the initial partner, either acting on both sides talk there is a generation gap, Scott may have to assume the "mouthpieces" of the function. Seemingly, Lakers new coach was ready.
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31/7/2014 - Rocket, or grab a mini James

Bledsoe is 24 years old, played 43 games last season for the Sun, which started 40 times, averaging 17.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 5.5 assists, physical fitness of Madden, oakley sunglasses dispatch polarized canada by James as "little James". Coach huonasaike in the Sun, is the future of Bledsoe's top ten players in the League.

Sun that "he refused to pay, and intimidate the other team" strategy, so Bledsoe camp unhappy with. Sources disclosed that in recent negotiations, relations deteriorated on both sides, has been on the imminent destruction of the fast-track, could ultimately become irreparable proportions. It is reported that Bledsoe to return to Phoenix is now discouraged.

If Bledsoe's attitude is tough enough, then Sun may eventually choose to let go of this world's best point guard. oakley sunglasses deviation price canada Is the case, the rockets will have a chance to swoop. According to the previous reports, rocket was interested in Bledsoe, they can draw a close to the maximum salary contract. If Bledsoe, the rocket's main lineup will be Bledsoe, James Harden, Trevor Ariza and Howard (micro-blog), and then at the power-forward position with a slight upgrade, even without Jeremy Parsons, prospects for the new season and will be hoping the team.
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31/7/2014 - NBA: tear down the reconstruction or reinforcement-Crown

In the summer League, the King took first with a free way to get Sun Isiah Thomas performed well last season, only for signing older older, less over three years with an average annual salary of only bituomasi get $ 1.4 million dalun·kelisen. Shortly thereafter, the King once again began to pursue a qiaoshi·shimisi, buy oakley sunglasses straight jacket you know this person fell into a career lows last season, and over the next three years, qiaoshi·shimisi annual salary reaches $ 13.5 million. Once so please come back, it's hard to give away.

In 15 months, the King has undergone the team was sold, new arena construction contract signed, ready to usher in a new General Manager and head coach. Most noteworthy is that almost every position on the team who has been replaced once. In short, few people understand King's ideas, indescribable.

But at this time, they were like an eager now to get as many winning teams, will be a lot of money to spend on veteran who. For example, best price oakley sunglasses they spent $ 11 million on Carl Landry and Luke·bamote these two people did not how many chances last season. Not long after, the King quickly with Ba Mote and the Minnesota Timberwolves traded, got delike·weilianmusi, it seems, teams took a step closer to victory.
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31/7/2014 - Knight heat preseason clash

Heat in Beijing on October 12 in preseason play, they will travel to Brazil Rio de Janeiro to play against Knight. On October 12 race is undoubtedly very catchy, James returned to Cleveland for the first time in the face validity of the past 4 years old Club. Old trio reunited on the field in Miami, Wade and Bosh is still wearing a Miami Heat Jersey, oakley sunglasses flak jacket cheap while James had put Knight on Jersey.

4 years of LeBron James heat, Wade was criticized year "Emperor" hind legs, Bosh is being challenged as "pseudo giant." James left to Wade back into the heat of tactics core, while Bosh also ensure the right of the ball, two stars would have been looking forward to it. In addition, James and Owen's match, can be as understanding as the Zhan Weilian line full, also needs to be verified by the game.

Ends Brazil trip, the heat will be in Beijing on October 15 at home against the Eagles. On October 18, oakley racing jacket sunglasses cheap the heat will be in Kansas City against the Warriors, this is Miami's fifth to Kansas City to play the game. Warriors visiting the San Antonio heat war, Beijing time on October 19 the road has had the Spurs, last season's finals opponent again, spurs were the Spurs, but not for the Miami Heat.
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