4/9/2009 - fondly about the old

Xiaojian with pride and a smile: "They are such a lovely sister to teach, Xiaojian very happy."

Seja, said: "Well, we have a high-five for the set."

Flying Swallow said: "Seja, you do a small Taylor, fast hold out to see me."

"Taylor today, compared with his wet nurse went out to play in the evening good-bye. Her father prepared a welcoming ceremony. We go in it."

Yong-Qi and his party entered the hall in Tibet toast, horn blowing Qi, Qi drum sound of the mighty row on both sides of the guard of honor. Toast for them in Tibet held a grand welcoming ceremony. Yong-Qi them and toast burgh Ben fondly about the old old thing.

Successive days, Seja, Voltaire took them to attend the race meeting, contest and visit the temple words, mountain climbing, to participate in spring evening fire, Tibetan singing in antiphonal style will be.

Excited every day, every day novel.

One morning, they were about to leave to see a hot spring. Someone came to a sudden, the emperor sent an emissary to see Yong-Qi.

Flying Swallow said: "Huang Ama Why should send a secret envoy to come from? The temple out of what I do for you?"

Yong-Qi said: "There must be an unusual thing to happen Treat them to see."
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