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christian louboutin heels

Posted at 08:57, 2/3/2012

City Hall overflowed as some 60 residents spoke both for and against the multi-year redevelopment project that would stretch more than three louboutin shoes sale miles from Daingerfield Island to Jones Point Park. The plan includes parks and pedestrian piers and development at three sites. Residents have argued thatthe$42 million plan is being driven by developers and that taller buildings and 150-room hotels are not needed.


Council members requested information about the size of boutique hotels, the project costs, historic resources, parking and flooding precautions, among other items.


Another public hearingand council work session will be scheduled for June. The council has the option to push the vote into September. — Compiled by Christy Goodman


Car-free skeptics made believers Men compete for prize of free transit by walking, biking, riding




Matt Smith and Kyle Lewis have been crisscrossing the region on foot, louboutin shoes discount by bike and public transit for the past month. They are competing for one year of free transit in Arlington County's Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge.


The winner will be announced in Rosslyn on Friday on National Bike to Work Day —    and it is anybody's game, said Bobbi Greenberg of Arlington Commuter Services.


The month-long competition aims to get people out of their cars and have them tweet, blog and preach the lifestyle, Greenberg said.


"We know people aren't going to give up their cars, but we'd like them to use it less," she said.


The county's commuter services program has been able to reduce car trips in the county by 38,000 trips a day, eliminating 42,000 vehicle miles traveled, christian louboutin heels she said. That means 64,000 tons of carbon dioxide and lots of other pollutants were removed from the county's air, she said.


And after a few weeks in, Smith, 27, and Lewis, 26, are believers. It took a little getting used to, they said.


When Smith, who lives two miles from the Ballston Metro, christian louboutin for sale told his friends and family he was a finalist in the challenge, their response was," 'I don't understand what you won.


Going car-free sounds like a horrible prize,'" he said.


Driving in this region is what is horrible, Smith said. In the year and a half that he has lived in the area, he has had "murderous" thoughts behind the wheel and wanted to learn how to live without his car.


He works freelance in marketing and can telecommute. Every trip he took this month was different, from running errands to hanging out with friends. Christian Louboutin discount It didn't help that on the first day of the challenge, he missed his bus and was three hours late to a job interview.


"I was up against a lot of obstacles . . . I should have planned better," said Smith, whose new accessories consist of tote bags, walking shoes and Plans on reduced carbon emissions get green light Arlington County and Alexandria set goals for environment accservicecenter@gmail.com

christian louboutin sale

Posted at 08:54, 2/3/2012


Robert Cavanaugh, Frederick

DG: He added that he has spent 18 years traveling from Shady Grove to Metro Center and back every day. During the Toronto visit, christian louboutin on sale he and his wife used the subway and streetcar at least four times a day and made it a mission to observe the system.

Cavanaugh said he understood that comparing two cities' transit systems is difficult, and indeed it is. But the goal of the exercise isn't to buy or sell transit systems. In spotlighting differences, we realize that things don't have to be the way they are for us. Planners make choices in designing systems, and the following generations either cope with the consequences or re-engineer.

A recent study by Metro's transit authority highlighted concern among riders that the fare system is getting too complicated. That doesn't mean we have to go to flat fares and tokens, but we could drop the peak-of-the-peak fare.

As Metro plans for the new 7000 Series of rail cars, christian louboutin sale riders will have a chance to contribute to interior design improvements. The transit map is going to be redesigned to take into account the new Dulles line and other changes. We could consider what information really needs to be on the map, who is most likely to use it and where it should be placed inside rail cars.

Metro planners also could reduce the system's dependence on escalators by systematically adding stairways between platforms and mezzanines as

IN BRIEF Alexandria schools to open after Labor Day


Alexandria public schools withdrew a waiver last week with the Virginia Board of Education to open school on Aug. 29 for the 2011-12 year. The school system will open after Labor Day.


Samuel W. Tucker and Mt. Vernon elementary schools will still operate christian louboutin sandals on modified schedules.


The School Board and Superintendent Morton Sherman wanted more class time for students and more professional development for teachers to help boost learning. The school system can apply for the waiver again next year.


Arlington approves $207 million in bond sale  replica christian louboutin The Arlington County Board approved the June sale of $207 million in bonds for public projects Saturday.


About $70.7 million will be used for parks and neighborhood improvements, including Arlington Mill Community Center and Long Bridge Park. The sale includes $44.5 million for construction at Yorktown and Wakefield high schools, as well as other school projects. The public will be able to invest in this bond package in mid-June.


In 2009, more than 5.6 percent of the county bonds were sold at retail, which included bonds worth $21 million purchased by Arlington residents.


The county does not have its current bond ratings yet, christian louboutin pumps but it had AAA ratings from all three agencies in 2010.  Alexandria waterfront plan vote deferred


The Alexandria CityCouncil deferred a vote on the controversial waterfront plan until June at a Saturday public hearing. accservicecenter@gmail.com


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