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The fashion effect which Ugg Boots bring

Today, many celebrities have been awe-inspired with the retro looks of Ugg Boots. Oprah, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kate Hudson and many others come under the favor list of these boots. They wear them to attend all kinds of parties and appear on many kinds of ads and magazines. Why Uggs are so popular? Have you think about?
Ugg boots are nothing and nothing but the Australian Sheepskin boots. Well, ugg boots alias Australian sheepskin boots are the boots made of double-faced sheepskin with the interior as wool and the exterior as fleece to maintain its thermostatic nature. These boots are ideal to be worn in all seasons, so I call them as all season boots.
The exact history of how these Australian winter sheepskin boots came about is lost in the mists of time. What is known is that they've been worn by Australians since European settlers first arrived on the huge island continent and discovered that their cold feet could best be warmed by sheepskin footwear. Whoever the first person was to don a pair, he or she started an Aussie fashion trend that would be perpetually enduring.
Until recent times, Australian ugg boots, or "Australian Uggs" as they are sometimes endearingly referred to, were one of the world's best kept secrets, used by those in the know down under. How the rest of the world started getting in on the action is somewhat debated, but one of the most commonly held beliefs is that they were popularized by Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, when she kept her feet warm on set by wearing a pair of Australian ugg boots. Since then, tens of thousands of people around the world have bought pairs of Uggs, whether it is as Aussie souvenir gifts, fashion statement, or most commonly, for their pure comfort and enjoyment.
Whether or not ugg boots will become as synonymous with the Australian lifestyle and culture as other Australian symbols such as the kangaroo, the didgeridoo and Vegemite sandwiches is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, this is one Australian lifestyle accessory that the rest of the world is loving as much as Australians do. This is the effect which Ugg footwear brings.
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Editor: Nevada

Posted: 20:49, 24/11/2009
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