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remembered a video on the lens

  "admits", "very few people who joined the party after the individual against the party's purpose, or no longer reflect the advanced nature, and some have even become corrupt elements, We also have this exit mechanism, called the disposition of unqualified party members. Through this mechanism to maintain the advanced nature of Party members. "(today's" Nanfang Daily "), I'd think," a small number of very few people, "only that they are the Harmony People's mantra, casually out, even after the brain do not have to, because I saw and heard daily, the "small number of very few people," long blossom everywhere, casually to which a government agency or the service window to grasp a handful of . "No longer reflect the advanced nature" argument is also defective, because those "very few individuals who" had no advanced, you ask how he "no longer embody?" As Mr. Right had not eaten lobster, how can you say that Mr. Right is no longer eat lobster? As they called for the disposal of unqualified members of "exit mechanism", but who is who out of trouble on the expulsion from the party - we often see in news programs on state of the corrupt officials of the disposal methods, the first one almost all "expelled" (joining one of the benefits to be had from the party when the shield Protection Gear; not from the party's right to see blood on the waiting knife), This is just great, from the party opened, you can not say that criminals are the Chinese Communist Party, and party members team to constantly maintain "purity" of the (big deal and then move up to fill some of the number of party members), which is like your kid outside to stir up trouble, and I allowed you to go home, but also towards you shouted: "Go, I failed you this turtle son, too Do not call you later killed my father! "- how can you say such a heartless world, the father? Child offenders, only out of the house, you do not investigate the responsibility of the parents? Parents health ye keep ye had ye ward? To some "reputation" did not even recognize the pro-son?

    Therefore, a major contemporary Chinese politics Guaixiang is corruption abuses are mostly members (Communist Party of China nearly 8000 million people, occupy positions at all levels of unit), but was arrested after corruption abuses are not members of the majority. Is and is not only not been caught, and caught between.

    A man has never seen a political party, over the top so.

    Han Han suddenly remembered a video on the lens, the Han to the friends that he edited the new magazine "Solo Mission" the first issue will soon be available, had he intended to use a positive image made the cover of naked men, but higher level supervision let; was a book he is going to block the man's genitals, it can always be right? It turned out that regulators do not agree this time, that dared to stand in the human body with a central position in what is simply mocking the Party (block) Central it!
  Re hungry carnivorous beast, then it does not eat children cruel, as is ethnic groups continues to be governed, of course, nature. They are viable to future generations the ability to cultivate and train future generations of prey approach, ultimately the ability to grasp the continuity throughout the ages and future generations. All the organic species in the world based species continues to be governed and busy. The same is true of mankind, they thrive for future generations bear the cost of a beast than a hundred times better than a thousand times, as is continuing the family line. As the old saying that goes: There are three filial piety, not after, it is not for the older generation continues to be governed is the greatest filial incense.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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all you silly B Yeah

 Empress Wu Wang Mang's failure and success, with profound social causes profound political reasons, the homes and may also not just in money, in the use of the money, only a small episode. "Mirror" also costs a little money on the ink described in point, indicating that little money has played a role in history, to a certain extent, is worth the ink. Through this episode to reflect a person's ability to govern a person's mental qualities, a person's philosophy of life. This philosophy of life is one long-term accumulation of life experiences, willing to both a philosophical attitude of life is also an artistic way of doing things. Homes and get on the water and fire, heaven and earth, yin and yang, as is the unity of opposites in conflict, are equal grams, complement each other, kept in heaven and earth, save in this world, keep in mind, the deposit in the subtle details, encompasses all things all the mechanism of operation. Everything, including emotions, fame, status, and marriage, were willing to aspects, to balance the relationship between homes and have to achieve harmony, to achieve unity.

Today is Party Day, many people have jumped on the bandwagon snob said the party's good words, I do not evil deeds, and I would like to point the bad - or else foreigners will think that the Chinese Communist Party too perfect to them what immigrants come on, we had a large number of people on how to do?

    Today chat with colleagues, colleagues said some units of each party made a 100 ocean, and they only pay 30 per year of membership dues - that is, at least a year after they join the party made a 70. A saint that I vulgar, how can the noble party and dirty money transactions and negotiate? I would like to ask now how many party members are not directed at self-interest to join? Did not have to make money and earn the right to join the Who? Which head unit is not a party member? Head which units are not open car? When the party all you silly B Yeah. Of course, by founding the party section of what is most profitable or "very small minority" is a long run or accidental whom, on the left who are interested to investigate it. Here I want to say is another serious issue: the 100's "comfort party money" come from? The answer: Unit office expenses, or say public funds.

    Is the unit of all public funds, while only a portion of the party members who, then what use some of the people all of the money to send condolences to Kim? You had to take the party section of the dues from a past chanting, holding units of public funds Zuoshen? We all know that public funds are used to office, the office has never been money in the "comfort party gold." Before the party is "not take the masses each stitch" and now roving of the appetite, became the "special holding units each stitch," Could this be the President Hu at the General Assembly to promote the "Times"? Are representatives of the Communist Party to a fourth invention - the first taste of representative units in the interests of the people? I said, no benefits, who joined the party?

    Just yesterday, the Central Organization Department spokesman Tang statement to reporters,

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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impressed by Queen

"Historical Records" description: "Johnson Family negative Guo, Phi quinoa Lophanthus rugosus to the door, a very poor home." Although poor health forced the village, but Chu is known for the "incorruptible", the whole country to him as a Division of Fan Li sent gold, simply leave no meaning, just as a keepsake, asked his wife, do not move money, to be returned after things are, but the Fan Li's eldest son does not understand. Chong was born in a time of opportunity and the king said, watching the sky of a constellation of the negative state of Chu, a charity can only be lifted, the king of the village health is trust, then prepared to amnesty. The eldest son bribery by those officials who put the news to the eldest son of this great son of the king that amnesty, pardon my brother certainly, the daughter of handing over the village gave birth, went to the village health house, said the king to amnesty and have come to bid farewell, Village Health amazing son did not leave here, also understand that he is come to those payments, let the son away to the gold, the eldest son was very pleased.

    Zhuang students feel son teasing, and very humiliating, just as the king said, we were ready to do good, but now public opinion outside the Tao Zhu said that because of money, bribed officials at all levels, the amnesty is for his two son, not for Chu charity. The king was furious, though not de Gua Ren, but that does not mean amnesty for his son, then ordered the first two sons were killed the next day amnesty. This son received only the bones of his brother back. His mother and family is very sad, but they laughed and said Fan Li, I know the son's actions will certainly hurt his brother, is not love his brother, because the eldest son is growing up in poverty with me know life is hard, therefore value of money, and the younger one is when I grew up rich, strong car all day riding, riding a horse to go hunting, do not know how the money is coming, so I do not grudge money, which is why son began running a small matter to the truth, I already predicted the outcome of this matter.

    See "Historical Records" This story impressed me, money is often a little reluctant, but gave their lives, such a thing a lot of history, the Western Han Dynasty of Wang Mang, the history has such a record, when the rebels strength, strong, captured a lot of fortress, the capital shock. Wang Mang appointed nine generals, known as "Tiger Nine" troops suppressed, but Wang Mang reluctant to money, may give only a meager nine generals money; "Mirror" record: "When there are six gold provinces more than ten kilograms, which said property is more reckless love, give money to nine tiger Scholars 4000. the public re-resentment, no Toi. "These nine tiger strong resentment in the crowd next, with no fighting this soon defeated, defeated, or scattered, killed were killed, the rebels stormed the capital soon. Wang Mang love of money, but Sajik life on the line in this very critical moment was confused. If there are more than sixty kilograms of gold, property and more is the case, more than a little reward to the soldiers, encouraged by what the morale is a saying "there must be courage of finding husband" and make a few victories, even if it can withstand while, Wang Mang's new move may not die so soon, and Wang Mang was killed with his tongue were cut off angry people eat, and Wang Mang was last with a no dead bodies left, which is unprecedented in the ancient emperors.

    This is the reluctant money last lost lives, lost power, a dynasty so perished. Reality, not everyone can make good use of his hands the money to do the "house" with "de", many men are not like women, nei, this area with ease, people are impressed by Queen Zetian, Empress Wu was then subject to the Emperor's darling, but in the palace only to be canonized as "Zhao Yi" in the harem came in the third and so on, with the Queen and Xiao Shufei struggle, Empress Wu Guang Shi money, compared with people attracted to knot, maids, eunuchs are tipping off for the Empress Wu. "Mirror" record: "Wu Zhaoyi disrespect after the server who will be attracted to and Phase Results obtained with reward points. By the latter and the imperial concubine movement, must be aware of Zhao Yi, tailor heard last." Empress Wu In addition to the Emperor bestowed the points to his eyes and ears, and also court officials spoils system, to support her as the Queen's Li Yifu, the emperor gave Chu a struggle, "Mirror" record: "Zhao Yi and dense Congregation of the Mission workers Mian of, look over thanks to assistant minister in the book. So Wei Wei Qing Xu Jingzong, Yu Yi Cui Yixuan doctor, Zhong Cheng Yuan Gongyu hinterland are potential distribution in the Wu Zhaoyi carry on. "Many officials say North Korea has become the confidant of Empress Wu, ultimately, Empress Wu victory, became the queen.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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this is justified

 In fact, very often, we do not have pretended to the high state, we can speak with calm and steadfast, not be afraid of a few other people see you several kilograms of the two, if so, can be said Zhi Yi!
  Jia said: "The willing is a philosophy and an art."

    Willing to word sounds simple, but is full of philosophy and wisdom of the ancients have much exposition, like lose a blessing, a small leak will sink a great ship and so the word "care" and "may" in the relationship. "I" also has this sentence: "will allegedly attempted to grab the, will be solid with it." The point is to win it, we must first give it, this is the first "house" and then "get" that our ancients thousands of years ago to sum up this truth, and "the moral" in a very comprehensive exposition of this philosophy, those who do not know this truth, often ending up badly beaten.

    "Historical Records ? Goujian family" has a description like: Fan Li Goujian eliminated in helping post-Wu "is the installation of its light Pearl of jade, from its private Christians are Shengzhou floating sea to row, the end is not anti-." Clandestine and change the name. "Farming on the sea side, painstakingly staging, father and son own property," not long before hundreds of thousands of family property. Then hide in the "Tao" This place, called themselves "Tao Zhu," his son has grown up. At this point the second son of Fan Li and killing people, and was imprisoned in the State of Chu. Fan Li understand Sharenchangming, this is justified, but the saying goes, "the daughter of the son did not die from the market", meaning that daughter's son shall not die in the execution ground on, so let the little boy went to visit the Fan Li, and prepared a "gold 1000 Peter" This is a very large number. However, Fan Li's eldest son to eldest son of the family grounds, insisted should be charged with this matter with it, otherwise it would lose face and threatened with death. Fan Li had no choice went to the eldest son, and wrote a letter to bring to his good friend Zhuang Health, asked the son, to Chu, send daughter to the village Health Department, solely by the village health treatment, not to ask. The eldest son off to the road eldest son secretly hiding hundreds of gold. To Chu, the eldest son to find village health home, send letters and daughter, Zhuang Health asked the son to leave here soon, can not stay, so do not ask your brother out of reasons; but the son did not listen to village health exhortations but secretly hiding the gold used to bribe senior officials related to Chu.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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the hypocrisy of people with

 Contradiction? Yes. One side of the most authentic soul cast aside, extremely vain, people like to dress up in clothing and other appearance on themselves to seem more the United States, this does not, you can not say a Paradox. There are even worse, even be any culture, the result that "culture" get a lot, reached a high realm, Quenan half its body to find pure, half static. Here need to correct what we non-intention to pure static state on what to push, are they not.

    Culture have, with state, so these people become smarter than anyone else, do not believe you can see, these people came out to say the words one, but, to be a matter, as if to immortal Pro, All others was probably the generation of the . Novel support of skilled are often good at Mountain and Flowing Water, probably to static, not to be mortal bother, our rivers and lakes, non-natural. No "borders" of the spotlight, the "border" of the more high-profile, so suddenly, lakes smoke everywhere, Toujimogou were teasing literary family, so has nobility and rogue villain Hengdao turn by smoke too thick. Forms have been hypocritical not see the other people, Johnson and Johnson does not have Trousers dropping into the water goof off, smoke big, even if defeat back 50 or shame!

    Nobles no critical system of the heart, Shijingzhitu no pristine heart, a few words, people Bianba their exposure to depleted state, did not mean, counterproductive things, the resulting picture will suffer, almost a gentleman, security in.

    A few days ago came back from Tibet, is still on board, the city's natural environment from the attack surface, noisy and impetuous, the hypocrisy of people with suspicion, and personal inner restlessness. City is one big machine, and these people, that is, the oil inside, long, dusty, and also to be changed. City to promote the development of the times the machine, people suddenly become oil, lubricating oil, and burn out, but in this world has its own completely different scale, the city's balance, a sense of power from rural areas are system.

    Pure, quiet person before they can know all things, can only informal prevalent custom, can only view the world and allow the World Service of the atmosphere. Pristine non-great wisdom, but a small gesture, but such courage and calm attitude, and in the development of mankind as a whole are valuable, and precious person.

    Department child's heart away from us far from the truth. The moment we all would like to wore that body "dust" to the exercise of virtue and things, the public were so, the conflicts and mutual distrust caused by the intensified and eventually form a big mistake, stupid!

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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thousands of years

Heba last night of the war, "Qiang Qiang" Dou Wentao said it right, why the fans love their team, because that is their good memories, is their own. Some of the same family for three generations have only Italian team, while others have a one heart Huan, a city that even a relatively weak team (such as Atletico, Manchester City), or has been known ( Like Florence), the current poor situation, but the fans still will never betray, to the continued support. If after 80 domestic fans like Argentina, England, is that often to see Messi and the five major leagues, then I believe there are more 60, 70 after the fans like Cruyff, Gullit, Rijkaard Three Musketeers Age of the Netherlands, and defending the whole of the Netherlands is always full of passion.

    The World Cup, I hope the Netherlands and Suriname's slave sailors to carry out in the end will be a miracle, like The Flying Dutchman number to return of the king, forever Wumianzhiwang be crowned, round a large fan's wish 60,70 , this may be their best chance. We Chinese saying goes, "This time round I also turn to the right."
 We live around the side, always find some flippancy, this is difficult to determine the inhibition of the world wind of some people thinking, and thus determine their value. In a lot of time, attitude is very important impact on the environment, impulsive superimposition of different individuals, they form a now this rare community.

    Society, a gentleman and so despicable villain characters abound, said that, I must mention a word, would rather be a hypocrite villainous wrong. These words may sound extreme, but not without some means, the World Bank states in a torrent of change in the wind, how to maintain a purity of his heart, and whether there is a pristine state of mind awareness, it becomes the most important issue the.

    Chinese cultural heritage for thousands of years, thousands of years of cultural immersion and Road Confucian culture malformation, servile people day and night down, Just think, the era of slavery roots everywhere, pure, quiet, a bit fantasy. Can reflect on it, the pure, is not static like "Dazhi" "Daya" things, in a variety of "Absurdum" "intrigues" in particular seem immature, can be sympathetic with the most simple things, even hidden from the world a!

    Here we adjust to thinking, should not be any elegance, "pristine" state of mind, a sense that children in mind!

    Simple ah! We are all from the children grow up, and we all had a "pristine" who, however, and so we grow up, afraid to another matter. Pure, static things, and then left in limbo, and as early as the wind that children generally gone, and now have to face things adults, children begin to talk about, talk about He Chunjing Yeah! Look, this is not contradictory came out.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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those children could not

I do not like yellow XX (here is not to say hate, because Rengeyouzhi, people explain the Serie N, at the CCTV does not recruit people to be see, temporary insanity, by the way fried sell them again, is understandable, He also counted the strength of the Lord, than "to say that A is B looking at C means that D actually want to say E" cute Korean teachers still have to be ideal, do not like yellow, except he was exhausted XX Luanhan hysteria in blind, just angered me, another way he is so lazy toad like S LY.

    Italy's early exit not to mention I am sad that while Cannavaro also old enough (front said, I like the veteran), it is old, four Korean veteran, seasoned people distressed, but that he did not regard the Italian so embarrassed, and labeled butter legs reputation, I still considerable compassion, but I do not like that type of player, the lack of passion and domineering. Rotary mud three lice is not on the wall, in the Premier League on the heels of the vicious wild kick opponents have used a woman who had). This section is best not to know my MM is that, ah, will surely hate the bubble had to drowning several times optical Rights, niche can be considered to understand Lianxiangxiyu person slightly, haha. I remember at the same table MM, 12 years ago, like Cannavaro, looked at the neighborhood boys, all day asking me FF, you see XX long thin eyebrows, a lot like Cannavaro, I was on exceedingly strange, hey to Huaichun with good and decent girl, how can conceive was actually an eight generations, hey ... ... shows that there are more MM Italian three lice and David's friends, so how can we not spoil handsome strokes article criticizing .

    May be the passion, I like the kind of tough stuff, the kind of fighting spirit alive, Qin Chu while three will certainly fail. I remember there Chu, go to a new school, class comparison children welcome the new students, is it because at that time still very white skin of his face and relatively round, quite likable. He was attentive reading, often it was concerned about him, and quietly walks up behind him banged about small cripple (some places called Qiaomu Yu), see his ears small, be without help pull me (and unfortunately the child The good genes has been determined, so his current lobe is not big enough), there are big kids really could not understand, said to him, who makes you, you resist, that day lasted for half a month, every day the child home are dirty. There is a large low a grade boy was two years older, he was a head high, often do farm work at home, big burly, Man is a foolish enthusiasm, one day after school, two were dry on, and the child suddenly was hurled to the ground, he flew to climb up and then rushed past, playing Sit Youpaqilai, those children could not stand the big, kindly telling him, "Man does not win you drop the ball out quickly go back," the child obstinately do not listen, get up and they flutter in the past, the older children had been afraid to know the little boy finally led back by their parents.

    Also support the Asian teams at this World Cup - Korea, Japan and South Korea, because they have the kind of spirit is the spirit that Li Yunlong said Sword. Although the ending is brutal, as Hao Haidong not represent the spirit of that strength. Europe, Asia, Germany, just as South Korea, the Korean soccer world why not admit it, body and will only beat his opponent, which is the self-proclaimed technology-based team for the Asian Chinese team lack.

    I am not a real fan, I believe that true fans are like Argentina, a lot of friends around me in their signatures and wrote QQ blessing Argentina, tonight is the night doomed to their grief. Here I say to those brothers, do not feel sad, because we have the Dutch have Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie, perhaps this is their best chance. Also can have the bullfighter who Casillas and Villa.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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either a tight tactical ability

  Love me, love my dog, I supported the German team in 2006 and France. But frankly this is not what I Germany feelings, may be the impression of less 08 Euro it, than old faces, I am not willing to accept newcomers. Read the first few World Cup games, I also give more support to Argentina, to Lionel Messi, in order to nag, even the old Veron, hey ... ... pity.

    May be geographical and kinship Europeans, especially German tactical discipline is lacking in South America and African born, black and brown races are too passionate, free and loose. To see how the Germans play as the Roman heavy cavalry of the war to a, whether forward or retreat will be to maintain the established lineup.

    The current German team seems stronger storms, but in fact raped the German fans is Flirt, and experience competition, not his legs felt weak, strong desire more absolute people to meet. Together with the German team after 83 players most of them, all the young blood, Rulangsihu, as is in the heat of the boy, just hit the chicken blood, to see the delicate graceful beauties, the more well known large , the more punctual, more capable of arousing the desire to win the bull gang small. That able-bodied youth, all eyes are full of desires, stamina, ferocious style of play and positive closing down, they exhausted the crazy big move, combined with uniform rhythm of moderation, the speed is fast, the slow is slow, then shoot a merry and sharp shooting, guarding keep hermetically, the British, A lady so how can parry. Review and the British, Arab war, the German team are opening soon seized the initiative, opponents seem to have been a Sap dry, Sit, only to suffer the rest of the copies of the pack.

    Look at Germany's second goal bar, game 63 minutes Higuain left wing for the wing breaking ball, and even had two men broke into the restricted area, and then lateral the ball ready to shoot the ball off the German leader Ram under Hui Qiao goalkeeper Neuer, Neuer Bigfoot open to the midfielder Ozil, Ozil midfield to attack, while Podolski, Muller, Klose, pig, who made four arrows, On several occasions between simple and fast Daojiao, the ball to Podolski, Podolski broke into the restricted area, the left low-pass and Burdisso of Argentina between the two  gap, Klose has just arrived, stop the ball easily sent to Buddhism, so exquisite a perfect match, either a tight tactical ability, probably unimaginable. Germany's disciplinary literacy is that, regardless of how much fame, so long as one into the national team, the presence of hard training, off a low-key simple private life, concentrate on the completion of the game field, resolutely implement the coach's tactical intent, simply means that yesterday training things will spend tonight.

    Brazil out, I already have a feeling, just after Brazil announced a large list, I wrote in the QQ signature "look forward to Brazil abused" because I like Dunga with a veteran band not really make people angry, Perhaps in the future we shall see the large Luo, Ronaldinho, Baixinho a gallop in the World Cup. Dunga is abhorrent themselves to blame, Yoshiya Yoshiya!

    Italy is the debt, since the last World Cup, Marco Materazzi evil, nasty angered Zizou, or Zinedine Zidane will once again lead the Gallic rooster Hercules Cup aspirations to become another after Maradona a myth. I like mythology, worship idols.

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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was arrested in the positive

  Millennium's blind, can just one day wake. Flourishing in a variety of arts, when everybody around the world dreamed of and worked at the time Endeavour, could put aside that a trace of servility and fawning on foreigners in the face, can be overwhelmed many wonderful years of a sedative, can not because of being diverted to Taoyuan and immersion Taoyuan? In this change, the internal mechanisms are still its capability to carry out, this "mechanism" is not running in the first and leading the people's livelihood, but, brief statement to the people's livelihood into paralysis, its formation, the precipitation of the millennium , however, still remain intact today and is still running the sound, this Confucian culture and different cultural patterns Road, run the result is absurd, in order to protect national culture and the formation of such ignorance is worthy of reflection and critical thinking , and its purpose can not go to the podium to paralysis and quality education!

    Understanding has been deceived for too long, through the back of this game in the Road and Confucianism also played for too long, the era of widespread violence have been opened, then, violent art, will suddenness of a thunderbolt, the rapid growth.
 This article written by the German sweep in Argentina just two hours later, I tried, but still could not sleep a bit sad, but more want to write, too many friends to support me in Argentina, perhaps I'm sad that be it, or maybe a long time to write things without it, I do not know whether the rusty knife. Some people say that before have Messi, Higuain, Carlos Tevez of Argentina has four king two II, Germany hands are telephone numbers, a bunch of second-rate players to play New Zealand are staggered, and even lost to Serbia , the group stages are difficult to win in England but Goushi Yun, there is Devils referee not help, the Three Lions will not have so useless. Watching the game there who would say the only car with luck, the fact that both the king losing to Germany four second train.

    I am not a crazy fan, but certainly is a generous person, I am not first-class actor, but I absolutely first-class audience, and I insist on that: do a good audience should never be spared their applause, so in which to join in I are the biggest applause that. I remember a certain period of day, I was looking attentive audience, "Sports Weekly", stalkers, the trend of the evening's Serie A, Master blue veins burst on the stage, the bubble bursting in air, just like a mighty force command, command denounced side Qiu, was keen Department said, suddenly people clapped her hands to applaud, "Good Lord", no doubt, then the enthusiasm of people, will be me. I am the first to buy Football Lottery (legal kind) who, at that time guess Serie A, Inter Milan's match Geji Ge are almost out of view, there is a translation by the security fence and was arrested in the positive, almost sent guidance offices, I used Popsicle days before the money stuffed package Hongtashan trouble. A time when the European Cup last sad when the whole country, I see no other lively, step not keep up, step by step can not keep up, people talk about the ball, Zican shape then, simply turn a blind eye on the football.

    May be the character, I tend to like things spiritual, I am a very nostalgic person, I always like the previous contest who are growing old, like Zidane, Figo and elegant football, sad the back, I like Kahn passion, rallying roar, the games obviously slacking off teammate direct to kick.

    Germany is not Italy, beautiful foot law, not English romantic suave, not Argentina, Brazil, gathered genius. Although they are not favored for each, but every time making good record, like Kahn, like most other striker he so afraid of imposing, like his overall situation with an open mind, a tough guy like his stubborn blood and iron strength of character. (This section is July 5, 2006 blog post, just four years ago on the same day).

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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thing is too complicated

 So, calm and most fear the people, under the hypocritical position, hidden mighty force, This is the pack of no first, Yihuo fish co-exist, yet keep a very random sequence, sudden, when, in particular, can not be reversed.

    Today the state, Kyushu culture Millennium Mok, detention and Inferiority years after the "transformation", such as track and field athletes of doping spot, as is, the history of this short part of it, can not peep around, its trend is particularly intense burst , just as Yue Buqun of magic and softly Jiaotai but not made.

    Exist, the performance of the total going to the contrary, is bound to produce the chaos. In today's world cultures "common ground" of cultures, culture is being eroded, the bite were Quefei Western style, but is a native of China, so thirsty, eating their own, is the ancient tradition of state of the repeat.

    In the "development" in the group are in line to the advanced, while at the same time, it will always be so in line with the course of some twisted neck, long uphold the attitude unbearable, so no difference before and after the orientation few people scratching, in line, the shouting slogans too loud, so no one knows who the shouting slogans, par, and in the flow after a period, after all their West East. Slogan of those times also.

    When God created the human ancestor, its that hungry, you eat things, thirsty, you drink. So our ancestors teach our ancestors, hungry, you eat things, thirsty, you drink. May God forgot education ancestors, hungry, where to find food, thirsty, where to find water to drink. Later, people learned to create their own food, learn the rational use of water, but still less account of the word of God, then, your brother bully you, to your food and water taken away, how do?

    How to do. This thing is too complicated, when God made man must have thought of that, but how to do, people are different, it is difficult to reconcile, can figure it out.

    Ready moment in the development of the force and moment of hidden expression in Chinese culture also tends to the world culture, people Mangrenmoxiang, what is the real culture? How to break a few thousand years old culture with the mainstream of universal brotherhood as well as advanced? Become a difficult to solve. Meanwhile, a new trial on self-culture, the two cultures on the support and doubt, learning, became the first to get a magic weapon. Learning, hard, ignorant manner. Meanwhile, the advanced culture, fawning on foreigners, while the wind whispered in the event of national variations, new rebel army, a senior who lost, and the other small groups there is an attitude not hold a capitulation moment is not as significant. Hit all kinds of art, door gradually broken, as well as fragmentation, the world joy, finally came out, and we all, but the crying!

Posted: 05:13, 28/7/2010
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