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Weekend in Ostende 

Weekend in Ostende

13:01, 19/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

During your visit to Belgium, you cannot ignore staying for few days in a Ostende hotel. The Queen of sea-side Resorts will charm you on the very first day and like me you would also want to spend a weekend in an Oostende hotel once every year. This beautiful city at the North Sea, has a history that dates back to 9th century, when it was just a small fishing village. It became popular during the 18th and the 19th century, when it became a transit harbour to England. It is during that time that the city was recognized as wonderful tourist destination with long sandy beaches along with other important attractions. The best thing is that you will find a wide choice of hotels Oostende, which can offer a pleasant and comfortable stay during your holidays.

Visiting the historical monumnets and museums will help you to know the city better. When i was spending my weekend in Oostende hotel, i visited the twin-towered church. It is situated close to the railway station and is a neo-gothic building, housing the mausoleum of Queen Louise-Marie, Belgium's first Queen.

One of the most important highlight of the city that you should visit duirng your holidays spent in Ostende Hotel is The Mecator Ship. There are many other museums and art galleries, which will take you through the history of the fascinating city. You can also visit the Fort Napoleon, the Raversijde Domain and after a long day of roaming around, you can relax in one of the many parks in the city such as the Japanese Graden in the Koningspark.

The best way to take a break from sightseeing would be to visit the lovely Albert promenade beach. Here you will find many activities to keep you busy. Tourists staying in Ostend hôtel love the nightlife of the city. Mouth watering seafood will invite you visit its stylish restaurants. Ostend also has one of Europe's largest casino. Even if you are on a tight scedule during your Belgium trip, visiting an Ostend hotel for a day won't be a problem as you can easily take daytrip from other Belgian cities.


Important Holiday Destinations

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Valkenburg, is one of the most important locations in the south of Netherlands. In older days, the main tourist attractions were its caves. However, modern Valkenburg hôtel, attracts tourists with its spa facilities, pubs, bars and restaurants along with its picturesque beauty. While staying in Valkenburg hotel you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities be it walking, cycling or horse riding. Places to be visited in this city are Old Mill, French Mill, Schaloen Watermill, The De Valkeneir amusement park, the Saint Gerlachus Chapel, Country Museum and the futuristic Thermae 2000.

Whether you like history, culture, nightlife or all of the above, by staying in a Berlijn hotel, you can find all these and much more. The best way to visit this city is to make an early reservation of a Berlin hotel, especially if you are visiting during a festival. This capital of Germany is built around the River Spree in Bundesland, the federal state of Brandenburg. It has always been a major centre of European history, culture, art, politics, sports, and science and is home to world-famous universities, research institutes, sporting events, orchestras, museums, and historic sites


Hotels In Ostende

13:11, 3/1/2010  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Hotel Ter Streep

Hotel Ter Streep is a cozy hotel with spacious rooms equipped with all modern comfort. This Ostend hotel offers free WiFi, sauna and bicycles for rent. After a long day of sightseeing you can enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar of the hotel.

Glenmore Hotel

Glenmore Hotel is a family hotel offering a Wellness center, sun terrace, fitness center, jaccuzi, sauna and solarium. This Ostend hotel is located near the shopping center of the city.

Royal Astor

Hotel Royal Astor is a modern and luxorious hotel situated 50 meters from the beach area of Ostend and about 150 meters from the wellknown Ostend Casino-Kursaal. The city-centre and marketplace are only about 3 minutes walking distance away from the Ostend hôtel.

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