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11/10/2011 - The Chinese criticism of the EU's handling of its troubles

The Chinese criticism of the EU's handling of its troubles is, if anything, more stingingly specific than the U.S. comments. Beijing has cited the ray ban sale work ethic as a major factor in the continent's troubles. The system in many European countries famously offers generous vacation, leave, health and retirement benefits to workers in contrast to the system employed in the Asian economic powerhouse.

And lest the United States feel immune from Chinese criticism, the Beijing leadership has used the euro crisis as a pretext for questioning the ability of Western democracies and culture to deal seriously with crisis.

This is a barb that clearly is aimed as directly at Washington's sorry performance on matters related to debt as it is at the European Union's ongoing difficulties.

The Chinese have thrown down a cheap ray bans to the West that requires a serious, disciplined response - not because of any animus toward China, but because our lack of discipline on matters related to finance is threatening our common futures.


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