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Stairway to Adriatic

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There is no better way of travelling than sailing

If you desired to dance until morning and were with a group of buddies, you win. The following day we brought a military tour around Sukosan led by a kooky guide from Jonathan Livingston Adventure who may happen to be high, stopping at Ancient Greek ruins from 397 B.C. and the house where Josip Tito dwelt during World War II. (This island simply got better and better.)

The countryside may seem peaceful and serene, but the locals joke that each stone holds a cannon that is hidden. In fact, there are 13 kilometers of submarine and atomic bomb tunnels on the island. But it was time to play with the waters. We cruised around Sukosan and found a submarine tunnel jump off and to swim into. (That is a deep, deep dive, and I did not try it.){ We took a dingy into the blue grotto off Ugljan supervised by an officious, thuggish man who asked for a nominal but irritating "entrance fee."

I was so joyful we chartered a yacht! We dropped anchor within an empty cove and sat in the sunshine, playing music jumping off the side of the boat. We failed to discover WiFi and discussed and rested, read novels.

Posted: 19:00, 31/10/2015
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Set sails

The outboard, suffering from awful fuel (carb) gets mended with the support of our lovely friend Andy, who feels like among our family we depart.
We bet the owner of the brand new wonderful new Jeaneau 57 sorrows not keeping a good watch as he rams it into an anchored ship.
A boat identical to ours arrives, skippered by a somewhat crazy Irishman, but one who we grow to like hugely and to value for his amazing attitude to life one day.
Man has spent time in Bluff in Bass Straight, Germany on his way past via Cape of Great Hoss and Cape Horn, non stop back. We spend rather several hours with Robert hearing his many stories and experiences.
Steve reckons he kissed the blarney stone and robert has the gift, he swallowed it whole!

Posted: 11:25, 14/8/2014
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Sailing love

We are determined choose a rental car and to do some sight-seeing while here at DR100 per day (United KingdomD60). We firmly instructed to stick to the tourist routes and are given a map by Duncan. The car duly arrives to get to the closest petrol station, and once fuelled up, we are off, going south along really great roads, arriving in town around lunch time.

The mosaic and Archaeological site museum are beautiful. The amphitheatre built-in the early 3rd century boasts a chequered history both as a games arena and a fortress known as princess who built a secret underground passage to the sea to get provisions and sustained a siege there and El Kahina's Castle after the Berber heroine.

Posted: 10:52, 28/7/2014
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Sailing stories

Posted: 17:29, 26/6/2014
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