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Stratford to see Shakespeare's honeymoon home right

11:40, 31/3/2012á ..á 0 commentsá ..á Link

Stratford's quiet and romantic vision of the gesture by the people, seems to have been deeply imprinted wedding dresses online in every man's favorite romantic hearts, to Stratford honeymoon you can always be deep affection influence of.

Stratford's quiet and romantic longing by others because of the existence of literary master William Shakespeare, Shakespeare's death who had gone for many years, he had lived in houses, there had been love, had created the story, camel stuck in a very quiet Stratford, Stratford from this charming town sat scenery has been given very touching love imagination, whether walking trail in the shade, sitting back bench on, or reread Shakespeare's beautiful love story, who can feel the sweet and warm and flowing in the fingers.

The ancient town of Stratford is located in the central England county cheap wedding dresses of the Yi Wen River in Kosovo, the great Renaissance dramatist, poet, Shakespeare was born here. To Stratford, they must come and see Shakespeare's birth place - the streets of Shakespeare's Henry House. Two-story wood and stone into this building in the old country farm house structure before the first pull tight the other hand, entered together, footsteps on the stairs of the board issued a "blah sound like an echo of history : The revered writer has created so many love stories, these stories spread through the washing of history so far, by the descendants of worship.

Shakespeare created many touching love story, and his own love story is also fascinating, so we must go to visit the Anne Hasa Wei Lodge - Shakespeare's wife's old home. This is a green bush at the edge of Su Dali elegant mountain room, throwing the house to maintain the appearance of the year, the fire next to the back bench, according to legend is the marriage of Shakespeare and his wife Anne nothing to fall back Passions place. One taste of love, you have to thin aftertaste.

Henry Street is the north side of Shakespeare's former residence. Shakespeare's wife's old home is located in an elegant mountain room side of the green trees. Throw inside to keep the appearance of the year, the fire next to the back bench, according to legend is the marriage of Shakespeare and his wife, nothing to fall back Passions place. When the world goes by, still plus size wedding dresses have the sweet and warm feeling vaguely between the tentacles ... ...

China's first AC-powered LED lights come directly

11:39, 31/3/2012á ..á 0 commentsá ..á Link
Industry Impact:
By the Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department experts would be Western Electric Division of Shaanxi Dahua Electronics Co., Ltd. developed into AC power directly powered LED lighting were identified, the Group agreed TachoSoft Mileage Calculator v21.5 that the project to solve the LED lamps at home and abroad control problem, a domestic initiative, with international advanced level, along with large-scale promotion of conditions. It is understood that the traditional LED lights with light-emitting efficiency, energy-saving effect is obvious, long life, no pollution, vibration, etc., but are usually driven by DC power supply, that is necessary in light of the alternating current into direct current installation constant current drive power, and this drive power in actual use in the short life span, low efficiency, high cost of the BMW Dash Scanner 3 in 1 three major shortcomings. Western Electric Division by Shaanxi Dahua Electronics Co., Ltd. developed into AC power is directly powered LED lights to address these problems which are based on innovation. The product sub-series LED control methods, the power factor, electromagnetic compatibility and other LED technology has reached international standards, a good solution for driving the semiconductor lighting power for lighting efficiency, lifetime, cost and large-scale promotion of the bottleneck. Light electric light source products through the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Station and Baoji in Shaanxi Province electronics industry product quality supervision and inspection station BMW MINI OPS detection: the product of the drive power LED light source life and life to match, simultaneously to more than 50,000 hours; the same time, the drive circuit conversion efficiency 95%, higher than the current LED driver with around 85% conversion efficiency; and low cost, since the drive power without transformers and other devices, making the drive power cost is the cost of switching power supply with power of 20%.

Argentine government has introduced a new plan of leather industry

10:47, 31/3/2012á ..á 0 commentsá ..á Link

Argentina's Minister of Industry, claimed that the Argentine government wishes to promote the production of leather and footwear developments in the field, allowing the country to the 2020 production of 200 million pairs of shoes per year, exports amounted to 50 million pairs, creating wholesale cotton drawstring bags 12,000 jobs.

Industry Minister D´┐ŻboraGiorgi announced in the industry to implement the new strategic plan objectives are: "Argentina needs to change business models in the field present, 99% of shoe production directed at the domestic market, we need to reduce the figure to 60%, we need Argentina 15% custom keychains wholesale of manufacturers of footwear and luxury goods, 25% directed at other countries in our region and emerging markets worldwide.

Minister to encourage companies to move in the direction of integrated development, production and finished leather, which is part of this initiative. Throughout the industry, the discussion will continue until August 31, 2011, major companies throughout the supply chain microfiber towels wholesale to discuss a strategic alliance to promote the growth of the field of leather and footwear.

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Stratford to see Shakespeare's honeymoon home right
China's first AC-powered LED lights come directly
Argentine government has introduced a new plan of leather industry


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