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William Price

11/11/2013 - The next step to improve cost-efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions

To make them more cost efficient automated channels should be used: direct the actions of Call Centers to websites and sales contacts into call centers. To make them more effective should be sought only information relevant to the needs of the client or their accurate value for the company as a client.

Every interaction should be initiated which concluded the last, for which we must have "memory" of interactions made. This is achieved by an automated information system to "remember" every interaction.
The products, services and value added should be flexible enough to be adapted to the requirements and needs of each individual customer who has the appropriate value for the company.
These four principles have areas where they overlap considerably. However, they are a guide to help you develop programs sequentially to achieve satisfaction and customer loyalty.
Most companies can make significant progress without interrupting drastically way of doing business if they introduce gradual changes where the four principles outlined implementing go step by step.

Loyalty Programs

First it is important to determine which is the value that the customer has over its life as a consumer of our products, determine your potential.
The data managers a country used for operational decisions in one country often differ from those needed by senior managers at headquarters in another country in order to assess their performance.
Not always applied technologies are compatible or comparable.
Interactive media, one management increasingly flat (much less vertical) with more and more information digitally produced and exchanged in order to discover the different needs of companies and their customers.
How effective the marketing managers of the companies, will depend on how effective (and creative) are in the information management and technology. And how fast and successful in making use of it for making decisions that in a fast changing world and today, can mean life or death in the market.

At the age of information, it seems that nothing is impossible. Could it be possible for a company of consumer products handle a database of their curele late de transmisie customers and adapt their products to the needs and wishes of each? Could it be the One to One marketing utopia?
You is located in a business dinner in a city far from home, but the phone is turned on to alert you that your daughter has brought her car in the parking lot and then goes to the highway trying to accelerate to 80 Km / H. But that micro chip that allows it to accelerate to that speed, is the same that has warned in time, in order to apologize for supper time and use your phone to call her daughter and ask that you return the car once the parking lot...

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