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Soft and tough

Night is young22/7/2013

Memories are a kind of beauty that can bloom in the most need it the most splendor. In those years, we went through the day, the road traveled together, living together worked on together read the book, heard the song together ... although in the time of rollers gradually leveled but somewhere in my heart grow , you want to linger long on this road, sadness away.

More grew more nostalgic, may be such an age, may be such a character. A man standing, a person sitting, a person walking, a person thought, I think I was a quiet person, a book, a favorite song, I can keep a posture of the end of time. Sometimes very contradictory, will suddenly feel lonely, will hate loneliness, afraid sad, would be afraid of a man standing on the earth without friends engulfed by the city skyline view. Some people say that things do not think too much, holding tight, things will be broken, and his hands hurt.

That day I saw my classmates in the space of the log, there are a lot of pictures are high schools, see the photos from the moment I suddenly felt as if it had never read carefully, is always a hurry to go school too hasty, or no thought better look it, also, or at the time when there is so little sleep or want to hasten to add that sit with vehemently criticized this "evil," the college entrance examination. At the time we like one cynical. Oh ... high school, think inevitably some bitter, bitter experience of those years is not life, but no longer have that kind of life.

Each stage has seemed to belong to our particular story. Fifteen, six, seven, then began to like the novel, self-study class secretly crawl under the desk to see "dream Whispering Colour" look "He Was Cool", like Raoxue watch "left ear" Qingdouchukai ignorant of the affair for the left ear was pleased, there will be little envious. See "hourglass" Mok Wake life and encounter distressed, but fortunately there are such a good friend to accompany meters of sand. In addition to childhood playmates that time we also started at the friend, and I was lucky to meet you, and we walked together along the playground Collage, said as he laughed, tired, sat down directly. At that time, the whole class is always a pass book and looking very happy; time, like passing notes, a piece of paper across the seas passed around; time, but also like to buy a tape, then take a Listen to song after song carry inside, I feel very happy. But a few days ago I heard that Sony announced workman has been discontinued, that we were really gone. New Year, several junior high school students gathered together together, I have not seen, and then we can meet and talk freely laughing now as the original, and talk in the past, memories of beautiful, we are still so close.

Childhood friends, childhood playmate, playing together, grew up together. That should be an age of unbridled it, we cried and laughed grow up. At that time, like the rubber band skipping, throwing sandbags. The use of ten minutes between classes, a class hurries out to run, remember that time often proud to write a Figures of Speech are: class, the students came out like a bird, like outside the classroom. Now grown up, sometimes it will feel a bit old, very few people walking on the street then told my brother, sister Instead, uncle, aunt. Actually, it will not be long before one married, even living in the same place we met very few times, after all, everyone will have their own lives. Fortunately, we have a common memories.

Remembered the words read: a thought on earth was moving. It seems to be some exaggeration and mood anastomosis.

Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion.

City, night is young, presious .

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Muyu have and listen to the dreams fall Fangfei20/7/2013

Holding a cup of tea, quality long years, try thinking with emotion. Listen to the rain outside the city have, and scattered the season sweets. Lu dressing small pavilion before leaning out of windows back, dream Yi Jiangnan, misty misty rain Look touch of bright red blossoms laugh, such as those containing grass strips shame, drunk dyed Love.

- Inscription

Half Juan, a wet paper edges of dye, lingering Qingsi thousands, Que Que old words, filled with old fragments, casualty department, unhappy Italian side entirely, worth mentioning, were torn swallowing, into an abyss of misery. Beauty eye, drunk Chilian, rainy Qinglei arouses pity, mixing a face in the crowd.

Recalling his only See Pretrial flowers, covered with a flap to disability, slope place, with a trickle line slowly, merged into a charming pond ripples. Green vines, pine bamboo, moist, such as oil, Zhesha the Chunyan flying shadow. Suddenly the rain slowly crescendos small, secluded away from the empty mountain sounded diming, then, I do not know someone's roof, rolled down a Chunni, splashing a blossoming spray, waking is sleeping in his mother's arms child.

Hundred thousand turn back, go now purple street Red, who pity imperial incense before a White worry about snow? Three columns expectations, decade wait, hope the sub wing back, for I, from the War dark, smoke-filled hair, the piles of the past, reminding us of scenes that burst floating smoke dissipated, diffuse.

Dream early scene, catkins every now and then place a residual bridge, a paper umbrella, a backpack, hesitant alone. Afraid of knowledge on the battlefield, being invisible Weaponry suffocation, a sword gas, an idea dedication. To the old desire that kneeling, green candle next read prayers, woven clothing Lianer heart next month. Even bloody, icy road, that little faint halo, pointing out at the last as a youth bubble.

Seamless water, fireworks and easy cold, Muyu one thousand into ink painting the distances Reminiscence of the Past. Luoqun lightly, full of emerald gems, are not seen. Mourning to lean on a railing, at the rouge color, just for once they fall asleep, the return date as promised.

Under the bodhi tree, blossom, shallow Mouzhong addition watched season, early lute playing, lament fleeting and often complex complex, a one from the War, the sound of bone fragments, chant aging face faded residue, none of the personnel. Ark ran aground in mind the sea, whether on board, once again raised the damaged aircraft boat, traveling in the vast land, cloak cut rain?

Years blurred, tempting in a time tunnel, whirling into the shadows of the evening breeze blows, Harue oblique sparse rain, thin clothes wet, cool through the heart of the bone, a wave of the sleeves, let the breeze carry rain dream, dream Waking of Insects a Zither Love. Worth mentioning, plain water of life, the need precipitation to purify gray Fanghun.

"Young Machines song upstairs, Candle faint Luozhang, Adult Machines passenger boat, river width low cloud off geese called Zephyr," the Chinese do not know real depression years, such as a touch of smoke, finger across, in memory of the sea , and condensed into rain, drip until dawn. Switched between time blowing forehead, life go half way, leave, has been called ever.

Reverberation curl, curtain drawn Muyu Jade breaks, affectionate peony in Spring Tears, Weak Rose Xiao branches. Fangfei shed, Xiao Meng Chu Xing, poetic tenderness accumulators containing Si, hesitant, worth mentioning, sadness not read secretly hurt, afraid of the truth a long way away water. We still recall the joy out rain, I a twist affectionate, obsessed as drunk, dim Looking back, promised Sansei promise, now apricot Shuyu buckle, the splashes night Acacia. Dream ah, tell me, you float to where?

Qingming rain on the pond who smile in my heart, swaying poetic figure, picking a clear charge, wind go back? I want to walk to, Bashansheshui bitter quest, searching into ideas.

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Feelings of spring19/7/2013

Spring is our spiritual consolation. Spring in March, spring, we have felt the breath of spring clean up in my heart, our whole body warm, since then, we have more spring exhortations and expectations. Spring is always around us, in our heart of hearts. When we put hope in the hands of the most beautiful spring reverie, spring will be woven into the green heart finest fantasy, gifts to the earth, so we have a story of the spring, but also the dream of spring, more of spring plowing and hope.
Spring garden extra duty, Spring plumbing ducks; spring to green river Nanan, February spring like scissors; spring green river, such as blue, always colorful spring. The ancients are eternal spring brush Praise Famous Quotes, have enriched our spiritual world, as we have today opened a spring poem beautiful picture. So every day we comprehend the warmth of spring, spring poetic, feeling spring breadth of mind.
Spring is the feelings of our hearts. When we went into nature and open mind to embrace the call of spring, that spring musical praise song after another, accompanied by a picture of pieces of fresh, suddenly as we started in the spring of poetic beauty, our exposure to them, enjoy the most beautiful experience scenery, colorful spring to feel the charm!
Spring is our spiritual experience. Sometimes the storm, the sun away rainbow impressionistic, leaving lofty Rays spring aftertaste. Suddenly, the earth has witnessed vitality. Grass wet thin green leaves, trees have become verdant; birds merrily singing in the branches, bees collecting nectar in the flowers, those in the sun happiest children, they chase jumping, sometimes singing and dancing, all of which constitute a thriving beautiful scenery.
Spring, one day is the morning. We want to praise spring, singing in spring, the spring portrayed as the most beautiful green Psalms, the ideal fertile farming organizations in mind, the spring breeding forever yearning.
Spring is the call of our hearts, it is our spiritual homeland. We sentiment spring, we went into the spring, we are relieved spring, we always feel the warmth of spring and hope!

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Bring an elegant product of a quiet18/7/2013

One, life has ended, the spirit of non-stop;
There is only knowledge, wisdom, non-stop.
Our tireless pursuit of the cause, the continuation of life, to absorb knowledge,
But often misread successfully repressed spirit, away from wisdom.
Why An Shengli our lives, clear your heart it?
Second, find spiritual home
There are so few people in the world, they have their own world,
Isolated over substance, to their spiritual home.
There are so few people in the world, they have their own world,
Isolated over substance, to their spiritual home.
Three, has a rich spiritual life
If you regularly read good books, meditation, appreciation of the arts, etc.,
Has a rich spiritual life, you will certainly feel,
In your body actually has a higher self,
Your ego is the enduring spirit of life on the road close friend.
Four, responsible for their own life
In addition to family, friends, social responsibility,
There is a fundamental responsibility, which is responsible for their own life.
A variety of other responsibilities on earth can share and transfer,
Only the responsibility for their own life, only by themselves.
Everyone living in the world only once,
Do this only once so wasted.
Fifth, do not follow the crowd
One who does not love life how can love others and love the cause,
A drift in life, how people will firmly take the responsibilities of life.
Six, you know exactly what you want
Live in the world, you must know exactly what you want.
Recognize a person in the world to do his thing,
And in doing these things seriously,
He will get inner peace and enrichment.
Seven, inner happiness
Reputation is more important than the need to return to your own.
You have to keep your mind a free space,
An inner calm and relaxed.
Only maintain such an intrinsic state,
You can really taste the spirit of happiness.
Eight, rich quiet
The best raw state is rich in quiet.
Quiet, because to get rid of the outside world fame floating interest temptation.
Rich, is because they have the inner spiritual world treasure.
Nine, the ultimate quiet
Beyond the earthly battle, in perpetual peace.
This mentality and state, it is rich in a quiet part of the extreme.

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It is late at night17/7/2013

Cold cold night, starry sky, moon is not round. Solitary as I sleep, gently shallow hard to fall asleep, half awake rooms in total. Leaning out of windows up front, thought disorder, is also a Red mundane scrambling hearts. Difficult to manage, memorable, unspeakable.
--------- Inscription
Cool hit refers to a single person alone film, but also at the dead of night, who thought who was sweet sorrow. Still my heart also, how much you want, one day disillusioned. Heritage Buddha's wisdom, wash away the dust of the soul, leaving only pure , indifferent, go to the mountains, to find a quiet place, but also to build an imaginary Peach Blossom Temple, enjoy Huajiu between fun and enjoy doing field hoe calm. Yilou listen to the storm, do not take the Red Road. How enviable realm, how coveted life ah! However, I was not the end, you can not put down the scores Firestone Melancholy. The world says nothing, much ado. May alleys from the world, have to face the world, feel then. Lotus from the mud, but not stained. Who knows lotus on the emotional mud and mud on the lotus of love. Thus, under the starlight sky, Guying self-pity, the past, such as clouds.

Once upon a time, pear blossoms all over the faces. Once upon a time, the clouds covered the face. That innocent dream, still remain in tears wet pillow. That vow Sansei stone, still deeply engraved in the stone surface. Who is? I hurt the heart, crushed my life infatuation. Who? The action I love, warm my Half sadness. Yes you! Negative I join together to love, in vain I Acacia I know. He, wipe my tears, with my life dependent. I would like to, hold your hand, and long-lasting love. I wish! Protective of the heart, and the child with the old reincarnation.

I asked the Buddha: how to make my heart no longer feel lonely? Buddha said: every heart is born alone and incomplete, spent most of his life with such defects, because with the other half to make it a successful encounter, not negligence miss that owns it has lost eligibility. So I ponder, pondering, I felt very helpless. Helpless, bright full moon hanging high, but unfortunately, Kingston purpurin Stronghold.

Since ancient times, passionate hate free, Huazipiaoling artesian water. Also in the past, after all, song stopping people scattered. Quietly is a lifetime. As painting plumbing spring season, as described a water Mae sweet. Montreal drunk fragrant peach sky, views over the earth. Pre-existence of right and wrong do not ask, do not ask afterlife Changzhangduanduan. This student should wish this life. Do not ask, is robbery, is the edge.

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Rain, sugar melt, the rain and went16/7/2013

Rain, and to the sudden, the whole sky was filled with the haze of his feelings, muffled heavy chest filled with unspeakable closure sound, tired eyes had a chance to close the rope, long in advance of sand flew into the eyes, while tingling, like eating a red-brown chili, hold in mouth full of tears throughout the eyes, do not hold your hands to rub the eyes, itching and pain can still resist the temptation, however, raised his hands around the eyelids Roudong effort, habit sexual blinked, perhaps this could make the eyes less pain, and she still has a lot of effective, but this time back and eyelids have been bitter tears moist.
Binocular vision gradually ease up, tears have dried up in the cheek, then whisk head wind is still chilly, the rain wet the entire balcony, not enough to recover the clothes hanging on a bamboo pole, wind Dangqi brisk arc, starting in the rain whistling intertwined, although today's temperatures up to 35 degrees, but I still can not help shuddering, slightly curled up body, some numbness around the neck of his legs, and want all thoughts, fantasies luck hold a glimmer of hope, not the result of thoughts, the inevitable outcome, all thrown into the safe storage yard, setting a string of lengthy password, and then instantly forgotten it, the only way to open it the key to seal the no gap crystal ball, never let him steeped in colorful mottled beautiful space, and I like sleeping Snow White quietly accompanied by his side, perhaps that day God have mercy on me hard waiting, changed this outcome, change the present.
Hold your head up Outlook distant dark gray sky, gently shrugged Matsushita to frame, so comfortable to wear glasses in the face. Still torrential rain poured down, so that the entire dry weather began to wet up, no significant bored, no significant impetuous, heart slowly easing congestion is not so, as the piece I do not know to go a few times a small trail of water from pooling stains, aggregated to a certain extent, the city slowly flowing down the ditch, waiting for it to just stop when the rain stopped the wind, slowly evaporate in the air, and then slowly gathered until the next rain the advent of turn no eaves dripping Lili speckled every corner. Is so easy, that that is going to, and does not take into account the feelings of those under retention, so the thunder and lightning in the figure slipped slowly, but do not know when the next wind from the rain that is.
In retrospect, had come apart along the sealing line lollipops, but in yellowish desktop melt a half, the sugar flavor Chouhu mouth slowly flowing from the package open, wet a small desktop , with the wind and rain from the familiar sadness, somewhat powerless watched it slowly melting, the heart also will forget a little bit sad because of her sky, until all the sugar dissolves on the desktop, but no sadness Like like like sugar melts into a pool of syrup, maybe wait for it to dry, and perhaps arbitrary cleanup will only slowly penetrate in your heart, drop by drop from the set, even if the moment forgotten, a sad music, a tragic picture, one can never understand, you can not forget it, touched a sensitive nerve which, sad but will pour in, just like the seasons, like the cycle of alternating sadness and happiness, but do not know your world is sad more or less happy, And I'm always in a happy world of sadness front foot steps.
Rain, sugar will melt, and now the rain has stopped. The passage of time is always so green, can not predict what the future will face, the election of right and wrong, love and hate, you, or she, is always a mission impossible to solve the riddle, only with the coming slowly to expose On wedding bride hijab covered with red cloth, and perhaps all the answers solved. No longer so anxious and often people can not always ending clues, but is so surprise and memorable.

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Memory of that person15/7/2013

Thoughts of you, next to August in the downpour, broke yo this season flutter of pear. I buried him in the valley of despair far no one arrived, waiting for the afterlife in love ashes ashes. ¬
Fallen snow drift into a beautiful, smile at me in the mortal world. I wrote your name in the petals of the most central, written in silent anticipation, submerged in the years of waiting. You proudly in my palm rotating dance, dance into a life of regret, wait for the next reincarnation. Memories ah, only a red memory card, only I, but also have been waiting for you here now, I'm waiting for you to come back. ¬
When the bloody red blue sky, butterflies in the trees broken wings. Those who have disappeared, ah, when we can go back to my side? Here leisurely turn around time, singing children gently back to the past. I met you in the lost years, I have been warmly sway over with tears, walked in the memories of the way, quiet walk ...... ¬
Life is too much wind, Wife afraid shallow edge. My future is flickering ...... one day finally came when we feel tired, go back to the original look happy, suddenly shocked to come slowly in the long road, fate had planted many beautiful foreshadowing? Unfortunately, without the baptism of time, we will not polish blurry eyes ...... ¬
A big crowd surging, we have missed so many wonderful dreams? Fleeting instant youth, who was to accompany me laugh, cry with me? ¬
If I were a plant, I was a blade of grass, with thin roots extend to the deep earth, the wind was still standing after a wildfire burned will be reborn. ¬
Even if the sky is not happy, wind and clouds can not spend, I use the sun to dry your sky ...... I'm sad end of the world, facing the TV drama a purple flowers, who in the early morning breeze softly whisper: Do not ecstasy, forget-me ...... how to forget, how could I forget? When you, when I came to the intersection of the thorns refined into little stars, I was looking at distant smile, smile flashing purple light ...... ¬
Why not try honest to Kaokao my shoulder? Select My love, you become a gentle escort ...... do not know which day, I suddenly fell in love with running, running at midnight lonely road, running in the dark clouds of reincarnation, run in the future full of thorns , I love the time, but can not chase your footsteps. ¬
I have another pair of bright eyes, gentle breeze visible color, visible graceful deep tears, visible all earthly prosperity and lonely, you came from nothing, I fall into a black pupil. Since then, I lost in the eyes of all the scenery, except that you brought me that dressed dream. ¬
Tears in the sky you say, I think you have some naive sad, tired of life, you are like clouds, fear of loneliness lonely, wandering ...... I do not wish to be a gorgeous clown, vaguely have a wound in the chest, day after Day, facing corrupt life smile, you walk away from a distance, in my desperate eyes smiling, smile, there are signals of salvation, but ...... where are you? ¬
Release your hands, you have to where to go? Your footprints in the snow flooded, you have already disappeared in the end of the road ...... I have wings flapping ears suddenly heard the sound of feathers, a rise of a few birds flying in the sky, hundreds of transparent wings came down, covering the I have lost a black pupil, close your eyes, I saw the yellowed childhood reminding us of scenes, in front of the sinking graceful peach, engraved years now been a deep ring road there is some truth ...... Be sure to rinse the elapsed time will become more clear, such as the meaning of life ...... there are some things, but in the beginning there was the eternal faith, like love a person. I do not want you to be happy, even if I do not understand, how would loved so painful? There are one or two things then, ten years is not forget, so will never forget the ... ¬
Your face has been blurred, only lonely My love, from the future can only be left alone to face the pain. To keep you in a dream, stay hard, but it is my struggle repeatedly, whether soul has deep, one day you will understand ...

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Our love13/7/2013

Ago. We always fight, but I am arguing, you say baby is my fault.

Now, you have the sad, you did not know whether it will always accommodate me, you say baby, I'm tired.

You say, I hope I can give you a clear night's time to consider the feelings between us, you are very contradictory, many things

Must be clear to continue. I can not wait, I'm forcing you say you love me, you love, but do not know or do not

Love love it. I broke down in tears, saying that we break up.

At 4:00, you send a message to me, say you love me, love love, I have already become a part of you that

You will always be waiting for me. I looked SMS tears, that we love to spend a night time you come into question. Secondary

2009, we crash and burn, because I do not know how to separate from you, I love you.

But in the end is not the love, you said you gradually see my love.

Dragon Boat Festival holiday, you come to my city, you bought me delicious cake, do everything you can do. I see you

Chats, tears surging, is a fight that night, did not contact you sent a friend of many years, you have been dumping

Above, you say you think you will find that one of my strengths will gradually like me, then you think you are wrong, you say your

Is her first love, you love her, then I do? What am I, you spent four years with me, but

Yu found himself unable to love me? You do not know my heart would break · · ·

Evening walk along the beach, you do not explain, the dark of the night, just walked beside me, so much

Years, love and not love yourself you can not see? I just want to know why, why would you say something like that, for the

What can not give me a firm answer as to why so many years, you consider the feelings of so many people, you do not

Forbearance hurt so many people, has repeatedly hurt me, you love me so to do? You have been asked dumb silent, just

Say, baby, I love you, always.

On the way back, I just head down to a brisk walk, I'm afraid I stop, it will break up. Finally I was tired,

You hugged me, and I looked up at you and say my husband, we can really okay?

That day, we say a lot of words, is there a couple of hours I can not remember, that's probably never open

Mind, you say I never take the initiative to hold your hand, you say I never leave you alone, you say I do not want to hold you, leaning

In your arms, you can not see my love. Your eyes shining with tears, let me off guard, and finally we face streaming

Tears, hugging each other.

We love, do not know how silly, for the love heartache, tears for love, but difficult to tell each other, the ones I

Their minds do not want to mention, do not want to touch the place, which is perhaps the crux of love.

I love you, my husband.

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Scattered Love, is that you accompany me through the entire spring and summer12/7/2013

Bridges, ancient spring BUZZ, sun light, pinned the cool evening breeze, and I, standing above the boardwalk, holding a book, a scholarly bathed in the sunset ......

- Title the book is accompanied me through 15 seasons of friends, reading, not only let me find happiness, but also my spiritual sustenance. XQ, I like to follow Conan to go solve the case, to explore the unknown mysteries; Xinyu, I like to read Hai's poetry, feel a touch of sadness, and then tears ...... Occasionally, I will return to innocence, at the beginning of three heavy academic pressure, pinned soft lighting, open atmosphere full of innocence "Green Fairy", and the lovely blue wizard frolic, with beautiful white swan dance, and the Little Mermaid, lavender sea stars, milk White jellyfish along the shuttle pulled in shake coral in the world I'm doing my dream ......

often, when I encounter difficulties, Jane. Love strong, persistent and unyielding always encouraged me to move ahead, he told me: "The world does not exist perfect person, do something, they can not be plain sailing, even if your identity was low, short, not the United States, you have your own dignity, believe in yourself, scraps can create a miracle!

"When I feel confused for their own future and overwhelmed when Helen. Keller told me: "There is no darkness in this life, as long as the mind is clear." And then her body, I also learned to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving life every day. Night, when I close my eyes, began to think about your life, Paul. Korchagin told me: "Man, the most valuable is life, it belongs to each of us only once ......

" is a book, let me through ancient and modern. A touch of scholarly tastes, I seem to see that a paradise described by Tao, felt that he "take Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain," the quiet; reading the title of the mountains, swallow the Yangtze River Dongting Lake Yueyang Tower, I seem to feel the Zhongyan "not pleased, not to have compassion," the big wide-minded as well as his "first and worry, after the world music" lofty political ambitions; I sit on the Drunkard Pavilion, feeling the mountain between Chaomu, "Lin Fei open sunrise, clouds return and caves close the eyes."

scholarly welling up in my life in every corner of the open gates of thin corner, even though it has some yellowish, some heavy old, but it still, but it still exudes a charming scent of ink in the book of the sea, I enjoy travel, bath scholarly, express themselves ......

Tonight, I opened the scent of ink pervaded the book, accompanied by a burst of heavy antiquity, I know, I turn to a scholar of the world, listen to his voice ......

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Eager to get their own share of happiness11/7/2013

I am eager to
Hand with a thermostatic
A constant heart
Holding your brilliant spring walk
Through the barren winter
I am willing to
In your smile in

In your eyes
Imagine unlimited love
Infinite longing tomorrow
I aspire to
Day and feel the warmth of the sun with you
Night in the night with you admire the scenery
I know
I am an ordinary person
But I just want to have their own one day
Get their own share of happiness

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