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Within Temptation weblog.

15/9/2012 - Appelpop

It’s already a week ago, but here’s my report about Appelpop 2012!
After a busy morning, we picked up Anique and went to the festival, where we arrived at 13.15 as the very first visitors. Only 10 hours to go! The terrain was still building up and all volunteers were working hard to get everything ready. Anique and I went to the train station to pick up Thomas immediately. We got some food (fries, healthy he?) and went back to the big tent. The big waiting started!! Time flied, we talked, laughed, did an interview with the appelpop staff and saw the tent filling up for the first act; Miss Montreal. She’s fun! She played for 40 minutes and because she was that much fun, time flies during such a performance. We went to the other side of the festival for WT’s signing session while the other stayed in the tent. I was not in line, but watched for a few minutes. Back to the tent! The second act was Selah Sue. Not really my cup of tea… After that the waiting for WT started and the tent filled up with fans and other visitors. Later this week, I saw everything was filled up till the end of the festival! Wow!

And then they started… Of course they played the short movie, followed by  Shot in the Dark, In the middle of the night, faster, fire and ice and ice queen. Sharon was wearing her silver dress and the audience went crazy. Unfortunately, the setlist was very short and one hour later it ended with Never-ending story and Mother Earth. The photo was made (I’m finally in it!! On the left, in the corner of the fences next to the stage) and then it ended.. We talked with lots of fans, said goodbye and went to the mc donalds with Anique, Thomas, Ricardo and Nathalie. Jakub and Martyna stayed with us so we had lots of after fun.

The day after we went to see De Heideroosjes and Anneke van Giersbergen, which was a lot of fun to. Appelpop, see you next year!

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1/9/2012 - FCD 2010

I think it’s time to write a blog about the fanclubday 2010 today.

It’s almost 2 years ago already! And I still can remember some things like it was yesterday..

After all, it was my 4th fanclubday and the 5 year anniversary for the fanclub! So, we started very early with giving away VIP tickets, which included a meet&greet and a special place on the balcony to see the whole fanclubday from a great place :D

We had 15 VIP’s in total, that was 30 people! So it was a lot of work to arrange this all, next to arranging the fanclubday itself. But, for this 5 year anniversary, we really loved to do it!

People that one, got a letter which they needed to get there VIP pas on the fanclubday.


On the day itself, I woke up at 6.00… We had to be in Heerhugowaard (of all places) around 8.00 so we needed the time! We got in the car around 7, I was too nervous to have breakfast. Luckily I was not the only one, Jakub was our help and he could not eat either. The day before the fanclubday, we made an English version of our schedule for him so he could understand everything!

So, around 8.00, we arrived at the weardse tempel. With our arrival, the first fans arrived to! It was windy and cold, but they waited outside to be the first to get in at 12.30… We got in and first thing to do was a meet-up with each other and a TSF cake to celebrate the anniversary. The band came in around 10 to do their sound check and we started building up everything. At 11.30, it was time to let in the VIP’s for their meet&greet with the band. I was there for 5 minutes, to busy running around and arranging everything to be done before we could start! All those stairs.. Oh my.. But I had fun!


So, at 12.30, the first fans came in and ran to the stage. How lovely to see! As soon as the venue start filling up, my nerves were gone. We’ll, almost. The chairman said I had to go on stage!!
But then… we missed someone! Just before we had to start, Ivar came in.. He lost track and could not find the venue :P So he got a small briefing and he went on stage to host the fanclubday.


I remember almost everything that day… But the one thing I don’t remember is what we all did that day. I know the quiz, the performance and the presentation of the full color fanzine!

The quiz was quite funny, I was keeping track on the scores backstage and Ivar tried to get me on stage to show them. Oh no!!  We had lots of fun backstage.. but then.. We had to find the girl that thought of the flashback. She was not there!! Her VIP pas was not picked up and we could not find her.. We had a problem! She was supposed to give Sharon the first fanzine.. So we had to find someone else. And then.. my angel Kevin (who was the host for the VIPS) said that we had 2 American fans who had a lot of trouble coming here, maybe they wanted to do it? I found them in the smoking room and asked them if they wanted to do it. Yes they would! So my next question was if they wanted to meet the band backstage.. Oh yes they would love that!! I took them backstage and they met the band and took pictures. After that, the whole thing on stage happened and they went back to their places.
I was so overwhelmed with the applause the fans gave me when I came on stage the few times I did.. Oh my why did you do that??


I was so busy that day, everyone talked to me, some wanted to take a photo with me, asked me things, my in-ear radio kept going off because people needed me, I had to keep track who was on stage when.. My feet where killing me at the end of the day!


But my best part was.. the performance! They did no shows since the theatertour and now they would perform one whole hour, full power… I was so proud they did that! It was time to get everything ready and I met Sharon backstage.. she was warming her voice and told me she was always nervous before the show.. I was too!! During the intro I ran to the other side of the venue, got to the balcony and watched the show from there. Turned off my radio, just enjoyed the show. After that, every fan went home and we started cleaning everything up, the merchandise, the stage.. everything had to be the same as we came in. We had dinner in the venue and went home around 20.30… I was so tired but so proud of the crew!!

I forgot a lot to write about… It’s too long ago!


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31/8/2012 - Bonustracks

I was listening to the last dance when it appeared to me; Let’s write a blog about the bonustracks!

WT has the tradition to put B-tracks, or bonustracks, on every single or special edition of an album.

I like this very much, I love bonustracks. The most well known one is Jane Doe, a B-track they played live very often. It was the bonus of the Mother Earth single. It was also the first B-track that was completely new, before that they only used demo’s or live tracks. They still do that.


After Jane Doe, we got RUTH which was only with live footage as extra tracks.


Then they released the 3 singles for TSF: Stand my Ground with Overcome, Memories with Destroyed and Angels with Say my Name.
Overcome was first called “run” and was played on the harpengala 2004 or 2005, I’m not sure of that..  But they were not the only bonustracks with TSF; On the album itself we had A Dangerous Mind and The Swan Song!! Lots of extra songs during that era.

Fans started to look forward to every next single because of the bonustracks. And we got some; during the THOE era we had Blue Eyes (WHYD single), Sounds of Freedom (Frozen) and The Last Time (All I Need). On the album we had only the WHYD rock mix and some acoustic songs. Bummer!

But they made up with AANATT: Utopia was recorded for this album, so can be called a bonustrack to.


With the last album, we had a lot if you count all the sinead mixes…  12 of them! They found a lot of DJ’s who wanted to remix that song… And it has not turned out better on every one of them in my humble opinion.. Not gonna put them all here, but Spotify has a lot of them. Have fun!

The Unforgiving had no special bonustracks on the singles but on the special edition of the album, and even then we had 3 versions. The bonustracks were The Last Dance, Empty Eyes and I Don’t Wanna.

And now… we wait until the next album to get another bonustrack… What’s your favorite? I’ve got 2; Blue Eyes and I Don’t Wanna. I love both intro’s and lyrics.


That’s it for today. Next Tuesday, 2 polish fans come over to go to Appelpop with us. I’ll write a full report about their visit and everything we will do with them. Gonna write a blog about Sinead to, and still promised a fanclubday 2010/2011 report. Lots to write so stay tuned!

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21/8/2012 - The road to Elements, Part Four

Elements is coming closer and closer… Only 84 days left! That’s less than 3 months!
So, my road to elements is also getting shorter. After writing this blog, I’m calling the renting company to get a reservation on the bus. When that is set, it’s time to make timetables, arrange everyone to be picked up from the airport etc..

But first; we have Appelpop! Looking forward to that to.


That’s not where I’m going to write this blog about. This blog is about the strange hints WT is putting on facebook, which in my opinion are about Elements. NOTE: This is not confirmed!


The Power, The Unexpected, The Vision and The Symphony.

At first, I really did not know what to think of it, until they posted “The Vision”
Then suddenly it made me think it all sounds like elements. Elements of a concert.
What if these are all elements in the show?


The Power; A part of the show with only powerful songs, like they usually do in big concerts. Songs like The Other Half, Jane Doe.. Songs with lots of guitars, grunts and firework, A big part of their shows.. WT is power, the fans are power, the show will be full of power.


The Unexpected; Rare songs, songs they never played before? Maybe a Restless, Candles, Enter? Maybe even some bonustracks! Which in my opinion will not happen but one of the first three would be very cool to hear!
Or maybe it contains unexpected duets, or other show elements. Dresses? It’s a very wide range of things you could think of… I’m even more curious now if I’m right with this blog.


The Vision for me is what WT is good at; Create a show in which you need 10 pair of eyes to see everything that happens all at once. They had video’s with the songs since the TSF era, every song telling his own story with vision next to the music and lyrics. An element that perfectly fits WT.


The Symphony.. what to say about that? We have an orchestra, WT plays symphonic metal/rock, maybe a choir? This one fits WT even better then the vision.


That’s my humble opinion on the mystery of WT. Maybe we get more and maybe they will tell us all about it soon. I hope I’m right, but what else could it be? It’s too early to talk about the new album, the last comic is coming but does not fit all words (The Symphony?). Maybe it is about their other project that they announced, that is released around elements. We’ll see, for now, we have this blog.

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12/8/2012 - My first WT concert!

Ahoy went dark, the intro started playing.. on the stairs next to my chair, guys in black coats came down with flares. The flames shined in the dark and the intro enchanted you immediately. ..


That’s how my first WT concert started…!

Like you guys know, I got to know WT when they releases SMG in 2004. But I had to wait for my first concert until April 1th, 2005. That day, the TMF awards took place in Ahoy, Rotterdam.
I had to go to school that day, but I was so excited! My sister and her boyfriend (now ex :P) went along with me and we all were looking forward to it. Next to WT, there were a lot of other artist, some I liked, some I did not like. But you cannot have everything, right? We went for dinner at the Mc Donalds (tradition started that day already!)

Just before the doors opened, we took place in line. We had seated places, at the long side of the venue, next to the stairs. Easier to get to the bar!

The show started, and please don’t ask me what happened… I only remember WT.

They won the awards for best rock and for best live act if I remember right? Then, it was time for their performance. The host was standing behind me, saying the next performance was the best selling band outside the Netherlands and that we had to prepare for what was coming.


Ahoy went dark, the intro started playing.. on the stairs next to my chair, guys in black coats came down with flares. The flames shined in the dark and the intro enchanted you immediately. ..

Haha that was a copy + paste from my intro, Yes.

After the intro, when every guy with the flares was at his place, memories started and Sharon was on stage in a red and gold robe. I sang a long veeeeery hard!
After a while, Sharon got rid of the robe and the  white WT dress appeared. I fell in love!! I was not a big fan before the show started… But after that intro and memories, I was hooked. And Stand my Ground hasn’t started yet!! They played that as second song, with the big intro! It’s not on youtube :(  Only the intro and memories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ_n7ZdRLv0


Just watch how I got enchanted on my first WT performance…

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7/8/2012 - Ballads

I’m a ballad lover. Most of the songs I like the most, are ballads. All I Need, Fire & Ice, Lost.. some songs I love the most. The Cross, also a good one. Kingfisher Sky; One more Day, Like a Shadow.. Powerballads. I love them!

WT has made a lot of ballads. Restless was their first single and was a ballad. Our Farewell was their second one, also a ballad. Then we had RUTH and SMG, not so ballad. But Memories was and Angels is a little bit. And for THOE we had All I Need, Frozen.. Also Ballads! Last ballad they released as a single was Forgiven.  After that, we got the three songs for The Unforgiving. Ok, we can also talk about Utopia and Where is the Edge. Both ballads to!


But when does it say powerballad and when is it a normal ballad?

For me; its whenever there are guitars involved or not. No guitars are no power. Does that sound good to you?

But then we have one problem with restless.. it has 2 versions.  Piano version and with guitars..?


For Enter, we have Restless and Candles
For Mother Earth we have Our Farewell, Never-Ending Story and In Perfect Harmony (and world of make believe)

For The Silent Force we have Pale, Memories, Angels, Somewhere and The Swan Song

For THOE we have Frozen, The Cross, All I Need and Forgiven

For The Unforgiving we have Fire & Ice, Where is the Edge, Lost and Stairway to the Skies.


Some songs, I’m in doubt. like Angels. Its powerful, but is it a powerballad?

Not all songs are about lost love, but about all kinds of topics.


Maybe we can add another point to the list how to recognize a ballad:
LIVE! Are we grabbing our lighters and waving our arms trough the air? Then we can call it a ballad. Can we cry to it when we hear it? Well, I can also cry with other songs but ballads are tear dropping songs most of the time.

So, a WT ballad has to have some points:

-          Orchestra, lots of them

-          Lighters in the air

-          Waving arms

-          Tear dropping lyrics

-          Slow with a heavy metal ending?

-          Just slow

-          They have to be small.


It’s hard to say when a song is a ballad. So guys, what do you think? Comment below!

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6/8/2012 - The road to Elements, Part Three

Its only 99 days until elements! We left the 3 numbers – number! (well, that sounds weird in English.. but you know what I mean right?) So a small blog today about Elements.. Longer one next time!

I’m getting more and more excited! We took care of the bus, we know who will be staying with us, Jelle has took his days off for that week, I told my therapist I was not coming that day and we are making plans on what to do in the bus and while waiting. How to fight the cold, if it is there. Sometimes I love the Dutch/Belgium weather. It can be cold, but also like 15 degrees that day. The last one would be my favorite. We are bringing blankets to sit on.

On what time we will arrive? No idea. Still working on that, need to think of myself, will my body hold it that long and survive a concert after? I did it before with Black Symphony, but back then I was not that ill as I am right now. It got worse, yes. But still good enough! Just need to think harder when planning things, cannot take everything for granted..


So, what to do in line? Talking, talking, talking.. In English of course. Would be Dutch sometimes but English most of the time. And then we talk about? WT, the show, the road down there.. Maybe we could play some games, who’s bringing twister? And we have to eat.. Or else we all faint before the show even starts. If we are there, waiting in line, we know more about what is going to happen. Guest performances, supportact (if there is one..), maybe even some numbers they will play?

We shall keep facebook up to date for the fans that are not there, and pay a big bill afterwards.. :P Listen to music, maybe singing a long very false to warm up our voices for the show.

There is not that much to do in the area, so we just stay there.


It’s going to be a long, but amazing day!! 99, 98, 97 … 3, 2, 1….


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30/7/2012 - Gothic

I was just reading an old Dutch interview with the band in a Dutch magazine. They made a gothic special and the first thing they said was “We cannot skip you guys when it comes to gothic bands “

We’ll, I can hear you guys thinking. “WT is not gothic!” but hey, everybody besides the fans think they are! What is it like in your country? Here, in the Dutch media, they are always called gothic when they talk about them (if that happens..)


But why?

That was the question the band asked themselves to in that interview. What is gothic and are they? They talked about Evanescence and the video of Everybody’s Fool. The one with the pizza’s and motors.. Is that gothic? I guess not unless the pizza is black and burned..


Is WT gothic? Sharon does wear black dresses, dr martens and heavy make-up. But the first dresses she bought where wedding dresses! That’s not gothic :-P And we all know the clothing from the first leg of the unforgiving tour. Are they trying to get rid of that image? The audience is part gothic to. Always funny to see everyone all dresses up on concerts. I love to watch people then, those nice dresses and make-up.. Yes, I love the gothic scene. Been one myself, but could not wear the clothing to my work so stopped wearing it. But still love it and sometimes miss it. You move on, get a different taste. Just like Sharon, which is totally into the designer clothing on stage now. Which is not a bad thing after all, she still looks stunning.


But which dresses you can call gothic? Maybe a few from the TSF era.. Some say Dr Martens are for Goths to, but I see them with other styles to. Even in high fashion!


No, I can’t see the gothic part of WT, only the image everyone created for them. WT = WT!

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29/7/2012 - Angels

Sparkling angel, I believe..
You are my savior, in my time of need.
Blinded by faith, I could not hear
All the whispers, the warning so clear
I see the angels I’ll lead them to your door
There is not escape now, no mercy no more
No remorse cause I still remember..


Your turn to sing the rest of the song ;) This blog is about Angels.
Angels was the third of three singles from The Silent Force, which was released on 18-06-2005.

Here in the Netherlands, it reached the 8th place in the charts and stayed in the charts for 8 weeks.

With this single, they released a video I will be talking about later. They played it acoustic to, you can find a movie on youtube of the fanclubday 2007 in Eindhoven.
The single appeared in 8 different single versions, including promo’s and foreign countries. The B-track was Say my Name and some live songs. It also appeared with a DVD side, containing live footage and a report of WT in Dubai. It is still played live very often, when they do they play the original video in the background.


The video was recorded in Spain and I can remember there was a contest back then, where you could win to be present during the recordings. Who won and what they did, I don’t know anymore.

It was recorded in the desert. The band is playing superheroes that go after a killer of several women. Sharon is playing the bait, getting picked up by this evil man and staying at his house. There she finds out he’s saving all newspapers about the missing women he killed. She gets drugged with chloroform, which makes her unconscious. He takes her with his car to bury her in the dessert next to his other victims. Then the whole band appears with angel wings to save her and defeat the evil man. Next to the story, you could see the band play in the desert between some dead trees.

At the end of the video, you can see Sharon and Stephen take off on a bike, going after the next one.

Sharon is wearing a black long skirt with a black corset with laces. The corset is now called the Angels corset, she still wears it sometimes. It’s also for sale on the internet if you want a copy of your own. Make sure you save some money, it’s not that cheap.

Next to that, she is wearing a pink and black corset and a jeans skirt. She also has a cowboy hat. And of course, Dr. Martens. I really like that pink corset and it’s a pity she does not wear it live..

The cowboy hat, she did wear live. Take a look at youtube, “Within temptation top of the pops”, a Dutch show they performed several times.

The guys are so handsome in this video <3 Black suits and angel wings.. drool! Well, my opinion.

On youtube, the official video of angels on the official channel, has almost 15 million views. Amazing!


During the concert in Eindhoven (beursgebouw) and Black Symphony, huge actors where on stage during Angels. They spread their wings on the chorus which was quite impressive to see. Sharon looked like a tiny girl next to those things.  

Maybe, on Elements, they will play it to. I hope so!

... The Smile when you tore me apart..


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25/7/2012 - The road to Elements, Part Two

During this week, we got several news items regarding Elements. One was that Robert will be guest #1 and that Jan Boelo is working on the stage outfits.

One hell of a week! The show is not sold out yet, but will be I guess. BS was not sold out until a month before the show so there is still a chance it will.

So, let’s talk about the news. Robert as guest. Lots of fans reacted a little bit mad about this, but we could have seen this coming. Stefan is a full member of the band now and you cannot say to him “sorry, thanks for playing with us for more than a year but Robert is playing this show.”  He’s also a member of the band, this is also his birthday and surely he is an element of WT! So Stefan deserves this place like any other musician that has ever played with WT. For now, I’m curious about how they are going to do this. Is Stefan only playing the TU songs, or is Robert only playing on older songs? One half for Stefan, the other half for Robert? Aah can’t wait!

My guess on other guests? Anneke and George. The last one has been on every big show so can’t skip this one in my opinion.

And I’m hoping for Ivar. I’m an Ivar fan :P


The other news was about dresses :D And you guys know, I love them. Jan Boelo has made 2 dresses for Sharon already and now he’s helping with the outfits for Elements. I love the new dresses! And it means we get more new outfits on the concert to! Yay! <3 Jan has made better stuff then Ronald Kolk did, in my opinion. But I hope Sharon will bring back some old dresses to, like the black SMG dress or the purple-pink skirt. TSF era! ME era would be even greater but those dresses are really old, maybe fragile. Would it be worth it to wear them again..? I don’t think so…


For my own road to Elements; Our bus is full! 9 people who love WT in one bus, 3 foreign fans, 8 on the way to Antwerp,9 on the way back. This going to be fun!

As you know, I’m in therapy. My own road to Elements, because I want to survive Elements without too much pain, which is a great goal for me. We tried it last week on Zwarte Cross and that went well, only I fell asleep on Thomas in the car because of the medication. Which wasn’t that bad after all, I had a great sleep. But I don’t want it to happen again! So we have to find another way to do that, or bring a pillow.

The Saturday before Elements, we are going to pick up 2 fans from the airport. Liisa is arriving at 9.50, Pat is around 10.15. We are planning some surprises for them both ^^

On Sunday (depends on the jetlag.. Else it will be monday), we are going to visit some WT places here in Holland, like the chapel of The Dance, and on Monday we have a pre-party. Tuesday will be Elements and Liisa is leaving on Wednesday. Busy week! But looking forward to it all!!!!


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21/7/2012 - Zwarte Cross

Yesterday I went to “de zwarte cross” where WT played on Friday as a headliner.

The fun started last week when we heard Anique won 4 tickets. We bought another ticket for Thomas so the five of us went to Lichtenvoorde to see WT.

My day started as usual; Therapy. But after therapy I did not take the bus home but to the trainstation, on which the train brought me to Utrecht to meet Thomas. After some Starbucks, we took another bus to Anique’s house. We had tea and cookies while waiting for Jelle and Ricardo (Anique’s boyfriend) to come home from work.


We packed our stuff (I had safety bag with me with warm clothing) and left around 17.00 . It was a 75 minute drive and we could not wait to arrive.

When arriving at Lichtenvoorde, we searched for the festival and found it quite quickly. Next thing to find; A parking space. It was in the middle of the grasslands. Ow that was going to be fun with all the rain we had last week..

We parked our car and walked to the entrance. It was a 10 minute walk and when we arrived at the festival, it was huge!! Luckily we had a map, so we could see where we had to go.


But first; A toiletbreak. After that we walked to the mainstage where the first of 2 bands before WT just started. We got a nice spot at the left of the (also) huge stage where we could see everything.

At the sides of the stage, they made this big constructions, during the shows a stuntman jumped over the stage with a motorcycle three times. We could not see it because we were too close to the stage, But we heard it and saw the flames coming out of the roof!

The first band was Drive like Maria. Not my cup of tea. After that we had The Hives, quite funny but the singer was a jerk, it became boring after a few songs.

Then the big waiting for WT started again, the stage was  build and before WT started we had a beautiful show with fireworks behind us.


And then…. We heard the voice of Mother Maiden.


The band came on stage and Sharon was wearing her silver dress. Seeing it live, I like it much more!

They started like always; Shot in the Dark, In the Middle of the Night, Faster. The intro of Faster started when Sharon came on stage on the back of a motorcycle! Awesome!! There is a movie on Youtube now:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYQE9RF00Wk Enjoy!

After that, Fire and Ice and Ice Queen.

Then the part you could not predict started with Our Solemn Hour. The flames on stage were rising during the chorus and it was amazing to see this powerful song live again.

The rest of the setlist was (in a slight different order) Stand my Ground, Sinead, What have you Done, Iron! (oh how I love that song live), Angels.. And: The Heart of Everything! That was some time ago I heard that! Its not my favorite song but live it’s much better. They had a very powerful setlist this evening, maybe because of the powerful image the festival has. We jumped, screamed, clapped, danced..

The stage went dark and it took a while before they came back, but after a few minutes Sharon came back on stage and the guys had a acoustic guitar. Never-Ending story was played and the whole crowd sang along. That was beautiful to hear, must be amazing for the band to!

After NES, we continued with the same album; Mother Earth was played. Without the big bang unfortunately.. And then it was time for the last song. Stairway to the Skies.

And that’s a special one for me, well, one sentence. “Whenever you call for me, know that I’m only one step behind”. The sentence Me, Thomas and Anique always say to each other and now I was standing there with them singing the top of our lungs out on that song. How wonderful was that!


The show was over, the band took his bow, and the audience left. We had a cup of tea to warm up a little bit and after sitting down for a while we walked to the car.

Like I said in my first entry; that took me a while. 30 minutes to get back. Everything hurt (and still does, but hey we saw WT!) and my troth was killing me. It was all worth it. I took my sweater from my emergency bag and a blanket and took place in the car. I fell asleep on Thomas his shoulder (and he did on my head, there is a photo because that woke me up) and we said goodbye in Utrecht. We went home and arrived there on 4.30, 12 hours after leaving Utrecht. Jelle walked the dog and the big beep in my ears reminded me of another amazing concert from our band; Within Temptation.

See you on Appelpop!!

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19/7/2012 - Photo!

Today I’m going to talk about photo-shoots.

WT has done a lot in the 15 years they exist. Which one do you like the most?

When I look to my laptop, I have sorted them in 2 ways; Promo shoots and photo-shoots. Promo shoots are the photo’s they made to promote an album. The others are photos made for fun or during an interview, that kind of stuff.

My favorite album shoot is THOE, my favorite photo-shoot is Chantal Ariëns, which she made for a magazine. The photos are Sharon dressed in white with bare foots. One is with a mirror and one is Sharon sitting on the ground. You know which one I mean? Just Google it and you’ll know.

Can’t figure out which magazine it was though… I thought it was “vriendin”, a Dutch magazine


For me, a few locations for shooting are known. They did the shoot for THOE in a villa in Germany and most TSF photos are with a green screen. Then you have lots of studio photos, some are made in their own homes (like the last one with the kids) and some are outside a venue where they played. The new ones for TU, Sharon only are made in the building next to their management. Same building as where they shot some video’s for the tour, and I guess the faster/shot in the dark video to.

Most important one for me; the chapel for the shoot they did for the dance. We did our wedding pictures there. We took some photos with fans when they were in the neighborhood to. The chapel is next to the train station Driebergen-Zeist. It’s a beautiful park and you can see the chapel when you drive by. If you have the chance, Driebergen is only 5 minutes from Utrecht by train.

The chapel is still the same as 14 years ago when they did the shoot, only some more graffiti…


There is even a naked photo of Sharon. Lots of people think its fake, but it isn’t. Sharon is lying in a pool with flowers in a white dress. You can see it shine trough. She made the photo for a book; Dutch Beauty. It’s for sale here in the Netherlands and it contains lots of famous Dutch woman, some naked, some with a few clothes on. I’ve seen the book and it’s a beautiful book, only it’s strange to see Sharon semi-naked in it. There is also a naked photo of Ruud holding his guitar before his body, but that’s just a tour joke. Google Ruud and I’m sure you will find it.


Most photos are Sharon only, some are with the whole band, some are with other band members and some are one band member at the time.

There are a few sites were you can see them. On facebook you have “an angel called Sharon den adel” which contains a lot of unknown pictures. On the other hand, you have Towards the End which is a part of Don’t tear me down. Lots of exclusive pictures, live photos and photo-shoots.


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19/7/2012 - Sharon!

You guys wanted a blog about Sharon, so here you go.
But I don’t know what to write about her, that you guys don’t know!

It’s hard because the things they write in magazines are not always the truth. We found that out on the fanclubday were a Dutch magazine said she was afraid of clowns and she turned out not to.

It was hilarious but I was really ashamed when they asked where I got that..


Yes, I know where she lives, that’s very close to my home and we drove by a few times. I know she rides a Jeep or a Mercedes, Black and silver, she has 3 kids, 2 cats, a very sweet mother and the best guitar playing husband you can imagine. Yes, Husband. They are not married but if you have 3 kids and a successful business together, then you can call him your husband.

I’ve been around her during the FCD 2010 and she is the same as you guys know her; very kind. What I did think was very special, was to meet her when she was preparing for going on stage to sing at the end of the fanclubday. She was very nervous, singing tone ladders and funny songs to warm up her voice. She had some tea for her troth and there she goes; On stage performing like she was not nervous at all! She told me she always is, and that she never joins the boys in the minutes before they hit the stage until the intro starts.

Funny, a woman, that beautiful, always jumping around the stage like she never did anything else. She performed over a 1000 times by now maybe? And still she is nervous for every single performance…


Did you know she did not like to play “pearl of light” live because it’s to slow? Same with a Demon’s fate, because it’s too fast for her to sing live.


Sorry guys, I don’t know her cup size, dress size or shoe size. (who wants to know that anyway) but I do know she wears dresses, corsets and dr martens. And when you think a “Marilyn Monroe” would be nice, she always wears a tiny shorts underneath. (She said that in an interview, so if it’s true?.. with the new silver dress, I hope so!)

She loves the work of designers like Ronald Kolk, .. and ..

She always buys her own clothing and those for the guys. But only on stage ;-) Her favorite color is red and her favorite dress is the mother earth dress.

She spends her day taking care of the kids, writing music (without Robert, they can’t write music together in one room), cooking and painting. And a lot more of course, but this are some important things and hobby’s

For the guys who want to know, No I’m not telling you their address. No, I won’t take a picture. But it’s a white house with lots of windows and a big backyard. They have a gate in front of it and the cars are on the porch. The kitchen is on the side of the street and the livingroom is behind it.

The area they live is an area with lots of houses that are different than theirs, deep down in the forest but still near schools, stores and important; the highway to the rest of the world.

That’s all I know and all I tell you :P


Well, those where some facts. Some cliché material to fill up the blog:

-          She was born in Waddinxveen on July 12th, 1974.

-          She lived there almost her whole life.

-          She moved to Soest in 2008 together with Robert.

-          She has a grade in fashion

-          She played keys in a band, but found out she was not that good at it

-          Then she started singing, in Kashiro.

-          She was part of the band before WT.

-          She and Robert met at school

-          Outside of the stage, her wardrobe is full with dresses, leggings and jeans.

-          She does not always wear dr martens. She did that for a long time.

-          Her kids names are Luna, Aiden and Logan. They all have 2 names.

-          Sharon’s second name is Janny

-          Her hobby is painting and writing music. At this moment, they are building their own home studio to record songs at their own house.

-          She is a mezzo soprano.


Next time, I will write a blog about Sharon solo career.


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16/7/2012 - Fanclub

Time for me to write my blog again. But I really don’t know what to write about…

At this moment, I just finished my 4th study (artist manager ) in just 11 days and my dog is begging me to throw his ball. I really don’t want to.  All I want is to write this blog. And have another cup of southern fruit tea. Will do that first before writing more useless stuff.


Maybe it’s time to write about my experience with TSF.


In July 2009, Jelle and I were still living apart, I lived near Rotterdam and he lived here in Eemnes. A one hour drive by car apart from each other. Every weekend, we saw each other and this weekend I stayed with Jelle. We were on our way for about 10 minutes when Jelle’s phone rang. He could not answer it because he was driving so I did. It was the chairman of TSF.

Long story short; We talked about TSF a few months before and I told him if he needed help, we always wanted to help. I did a study (yes, another one) Event Management back then and I wanted to help to get the fanclubday straight. He remembered that and that’s why he called.
I was on the phone with him almost the whole ride. He asked us if we would  think about joining the crew. Of course we would! Me as a PR lady and for the fanclubday, Jelle for the website.

So, In August we went to the chairman’s house to get to know each other and we were hired.


At first, no one knew until we had to tell it because we started answering fanclub questions. Oh how proud I was to be part of the fanclub. The first big news we put online, was the 2009 fanclubday not taking place because of the break the band had that year. Could imagine more fun items! But I started to work very hard on the 2010 one and you guys know the results.. more about that later.

We had our first staff meeting, I made the facebook and twitter account and we started rolling.


Because we were young, fresh and fans, we were asked to bring some life into the fanclub. We did! We changed the way fans knew us; Questions were answered within 24 hours, we were on the forum to answer questions everyday and with the rest of the crew we made some other changes. Oh how I  loved to do that! It was very very hard to do all but I enjoyed every bit of it. When we went to concerts, we wore our TSF shirts and fans started to recognize us.

The best news we got was quite unexpected; AANATT was released. We where the first to know and I was dancing through our house when we heard it. And then it was busy; Making a newsletter, putting it on the site.. Fun fun fun!


The fanclubday came near and I organized almost everything of it. The fanclub celebrated his 5th birthday and we made some contests around that, so you could be a VIP. Should write another blog about that to keep this one readable.

The band started touring again, the unforgiving was released and we had lots of concerts and staff meetings during our work for TSF.


Unfortunately, we got in a fight with the rest of the crew after the FCD 2011. We were told that we were selfish in our presence to the fans, and that we acted like we were the only ones working for the fanclub. I was in therapy back then and my world collapsed after the last staff meeting we had. I already felt it was over, but that week I worked so hard to get everything straight again. I was told, nothing personal could connect me to the fanclub. How hard is that when its attached to your life?

And then.. on a Sunday.. the email came. We were fired.


I did not even cried my eyes out, until Anique came. I called her, said we were fired and she hang the phone to come over here. She is so sweet!

The hardest part about it all, was the way fans were informed. We did not agree with it. That hurted the most. Sometimes, it still hurts. I trew away almost all TSF shirts immediately, just not to see them anymore. I still haven’t seen them after that.

Fans are trying to get us back on board. We would, but only for you guys.

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11/7/2012 - The Cross

Ah ah ah ah ah ah aaaaahohoh

Does it sound something like that? I’m talking about The Cross.
A fan asked me to write about this song. And because I love this song and because it is special to me, here it is. A blog about The Cross!


The Cross is featured on the THOE album and one of Sharon’s favorite songs to sing live at that moment. At this moment, there is no room on the setlist because it’s all about TU now.


But what the lyrics mean, Sharon never explained as far as I know... The lyrics scream for desperation, wanting to be embraced by someone, maybe someone you love? Or is there a religious part in it? Maybe we should ask Sharon about it, although it’s an “old song”.

Let’s hope they will play it again with Elements, this song is also amazing with an orchestra.
When the CD was just released, The Cross was the favorite song of Ruud to. The whole band mentioned it in interviews about the album every time and it gets a lot of positive reviews from all over the world.

When an acoustic night at the theater was released, Sharon even said that this song was their all time favorite and that it would be the direction they were going with the new album..


The song is played acoustic very often, which makes it even more special than it already was. It also appeared on the 5 track single of Frozen. The intro of the song is very recognizable; the ohohoh sounds amazing when Sharon starts with it and you can hear the crowd going crazy immediately.

It also has its own Sharon dance; Sharon putting her arm around her waist and twisting her hips during “why have you waited to embrace me, my dear”


For me, the first time I heard it, I was hooked. It’s such an amazing song!

What it means to me is to private to tell on the internet and to you guys, but when I hear it I sing along very loud and proud to be fan of this amazing band.


The video that is played during this song is a beauty to; You can see a girl and a church, which makes the religious theory a little bit more likely. Maybe about the child abuse in the catholic church? The video looks like it. At the end of the song, you can see the girl cutting her arm with the word “why”

It’s an impressive video which I like very much.


To close this blog; My favorite part of the lyrics:


Release me from this cross after all these years
Oh call my name and help me with this weight
Even though it comes far too late

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10/7/2012 - The road to Elements, Part One

I thought it would be a great idea to make a kind of “the road to elements” chapter on this blog, Its only 126 days left! Once in a while, I will write about elements, the news around the concert or how me and my friends are preparing for this big event. Watch it; Everything I write about the concert itself is my own fantasy, nothing confirmed!


So, here we go!


The moment Elements was announced, we decided to get a van fitting 9 persons to drive to Antwerp. At this moment, we have one place left, leaving from Utrecht (NL). So it’s going to be a lot of fun! Anique is having a friend from the USA staying at her place and at this moment we are getting to know each other a little bit better. We have to spend a few days together in November!

A few days indeed, because we are also having a stay-at-home pre and afterparty of course.

At this moment, nobody is planning to stay at our house but maybe someone will, because she has to drive 2 more hours after arriving in Utrecht after the concert.


So that’s our plan.


Thinking of elements, there are a few things I’m really curious about.

First of them; Dresses! Is she going to wear old ones, new ones? My favorite dress she ever wore live? (my #1 favorite she only wore in a video) Or the Mother Earth dress? Oh that would be amazing! My guess is that she will change her dress 4 times, just like Black Symphony. The first one has to be a stunning one, but please not the red one from BS/Eindhoven again.. It’s nice, but not that nice. I hope she will have at least one new dress, but old dresses would be perfect to. I missed the most of them, almost every dress she wore during the TSF era or before. I saw 2 during TSF era. Almost all during THOE era and TU era.. well let’s not mention that. If she keeps her Sinead jacket in her closet, I’m happy. Or else, I have to bring a lighter.


Then the second one, Setlist!


The one thing I’m really curious at is, which song will they use to open the show? In the past they used Gatekeeper, Deceiver of fools, Intro + See Who I Am, Intro + Jillian, Our Solemn Hour and Shot in the Dark.  And the last song? Will it be Stairway to the Skies or Ice Queen? It has to be Ice Queen!

Would be fun if they would play some old songs from the Enter/The Dance era. But I don’t think they will do anything more than Restless or The Other Half (of me). Small change that Enter will be in between, we can always dream!

My ideal setlist would include Fire&Ice, All I Need, Say my Name, Where is the Edge, Shot in the Dark, Final Destination, Running up that Hill, Overcome and Sounds of Freedom. Just because I’m curious how they will sound with the orchestra…


And the third and last one.. the rest of the show.


Which guest appearances will be done during the show? You could almost say for certain George Oosterhoek will come to “sing” at some songs. Maybe Anneke? Old bandmembers like Ivar and Martijn? Robert will play for sure, Sharon already said that. But then, how about Stefan? They are not going to say “thanks for being a part of WT, but now its Roberts turn to play again?” So, How I would love to see Robert play, Stefan deserves his place to.

Bring me to the support act.. My biggest hope is Kingfisher Sky, reasons obvious. But what else? Please no Guild of Stags.. or some other I don’t know band. Something we know would be perfect!


For now.. I will stop thinking :P 126 days to go!



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8/7/2012 - Drummers.

Drummers. We all know that WT has something with them. Or not?
Since the start of the band in 1996, WT had 7 drummers. And I’m not counting the one drumming in the unforgiving video’s with that. Because I don’t know them all, I used Wikipedia for the dates.

In the beginning, we had Richard van Leeuwen (1998) and Richard Willemse (1996)

They are not that well known. In 1996, we also had Dennis Leeflang, a name some people do know. He stopped and moved to the USA not much later, he’s living there now.

Ciro Palma was drummer during 1998-1999.

The most famous drummer (IMHO) is Ivar de Graaf, drummer in 1996-1998, 1999-2001. He recorded music with the band until the Mother Earth album. His best part; The intro of Enter. (again, IMHO)

He quit when the big breakthrough was coming, to write his own music and start his own band.

Kingfisher Sky was formed by Ivar and his wife Judith in 2005 according to the wiki. They created songs that “didn’t bound themselves to a specified genre or style” which were released on their first album “Hallway of Dreams”

In 2007, their second album “Skin of the Earth” was released and during the fanclubday 2008 they performed twice; An acoustic set on the fanclubday and as support act on the concert the same evening. That’s how I met them.

I listened to them now and then and sometimes I visited a gig, but the last year they really grew on me and at this moment, I listen to them almost every day. I love them, unless Ivar is beating me on wordfeud. Again.


But I was talking about drummers. After Ivar, Stephen van Haestreght joined the band.

He recorded TSF and THOE with the band and toured all around the world. In 2010, he did his last tour with WT because he quit and started playing in My Favorite Scar.

His last tour was the theatertour 2010.

When we got the news, we were talking about our church wedding which would be 2 months later. We were working for TSF and it was the saddest news I had to put on the website ever.. I really was shocked that he quit but could understand his decision, although My Favorite Scar is not my kind of music.


At that time, Ruud started Maiden United and the drummer was Mike Coolen. We got to know him during their performances and I was very happy when the management said that he would play at the fanclubday 2010 and a few months later they announced he really was the new drummer.

Before that, we asked him if he would be the new drummer at a Maiden United gig, and he could not stop smiling but said no. We already knew back then.


But he was not drumming in the video’s made for The Unforgiving. That was a stand-in drummer, Bram van den Berg (according to the “thank you” in the CD booklet)


For now, I hope Mike would be the last drummer WT will ever have, because he’s a good guy and an amazing drummer. WT had a lot of band changes, but they all are part of our WT family. And now, hurry and go to My Favorite Scar or Kingfisher Sky… ;-)

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6/7/2012 - Sanctuary 2

Some of you would recognize my last blog entry immediately. It’s the intro of the last theatertour, Sanctuary. It’s about the little boy that you can see through the whole first part of the show before the break started, to get you into the story. While playing this intro, there was a cello player with Martijn and Mike. They made a intro that was breathtaking.


I had the privilege to see this show twice.
The first one was in Utrecht. I just had surgery 3 days before but I really really really had to go! And it was a seated concert, so why not? We arranged a wheelchair (I did not use because it did not fit into the car) and Jakub came to the Netherlands for this concert, so here we go!

In the weeks before the concert, the band had announced some songs that would be played and one of them was The Last Dance. And after the intro I mentioned, the curtains opened and there it was; The Last Dance. Sharon wore a white dress that looked like a Grecian queen and silver docs.

The second song was Bittersweet, a song that is not that well known but oh so beautiful. After that, the song I wanted to hear live so badly was played: Overcome. AMAZING! (actually, the whole concert was AMAZING!) they made video’s telling the story about the boy that played in the background. The images where beautiful and you could really see a story in it, just like the songs fitted well to make the story itself. Beautiful chosen, WT!


But the concert moved on with the most beautiful version of restless I ever heard. Although it was an acoustic part, the electric guitars where there and how they did that; drool! I had chicken skin all over my body when Ruud and Stefan appeared on stage during Restless. (and so was Thomas, sitting next to me. We both sad with our mouth wide open the whole song) The same for the next song; Sounds of Freedom.

Then we grabbed our wipes during Our Farewell. Too bad that a opera singer was used during this song. It’s so pure and beautiful to hear it Sharon singing solo.. I really did not like it. It was great to hear, but not for me! I’m not a fan of the lowlands version with Gea to ;-)

The Swan song followed by Say my Name came next. And during the last one, Sharon had a hard time singing it. She had that during several shows and one show she was even crying! Still don’t know why but I feel sad for her.. The last song played was Never-Ending Story and then the first part of the show was already over..


The second part started with The Promise and Sharon changed her dress into the well known black corset with ribbons and a long white skirt made of the same material as her Sinead dress.

Halfway the second part, she took of the skirt and a short black skirt appeared.

Setlist second part:

The Promise

Ice Queen
Stand my Ground
Mother Earth



Stairway to the skies.


Although I really miss Ice Queen as the closing song, Stairway really is amazing to! The time had gone way to fast, I was lucky to see it once more and could not wait, it took another month before that happened. We talked with some fans outside, but I really had done too much so we got home on time to enjoy the memories of this amazing show together..

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6/7/2012 - Sanctuary

Scotland, the highlands, 1895.

A Young boy, sick, is lying in his bed.

He has been there for days now

Infected by an unknown virus

Causing a dangerous fever.

As the fever gets stronger,

His consciousness fades away,

Further and further from reality.

He slips away into  a dream world.

He is a grown man now,

A warrior,

Or holy man,

Of some kind.



Traveling the landscape,

Which is enchantingly familiar,

Yet surreal and unknown

Now and then,

When the fever stabilizes for a short while,

The real world shines through.

Sometimes in words and shapes that fit his dream world,

His mother,

The doctor,

The local priest…

They all tried to help him.

But seemed powerless to do so.

Though tempting, he is not quite ready

To stay in this sanctuary

Not ready to say goodbye…

And so he travels on and on…

Just when he finds a way out and gets his life back,

A price has to be paid.




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5/7/2012 - OEHOE!


Guess you guys already know which song I’m talking about; Ice Queen!

If you don’t know the song, stop reading this blog and stop calling yourself a WT fan.

Ice Queen is the song which brought WT to the world of fame. Here in Holland, we had a music channel where you could ask for video’s by calling or texting the title and songnumber. Lots and lots of people did that with Ice Queen so that nobody could ignore this band.

The song is, like the rest of the Mother Earth album, inspired by nature.

Ice Queen was the second single of the mother earth album. To let the new fans know about the previcious album, the single “Restless” was re-released in 2002.

Here in Holland, Ice Queen reached #2 in the charts.

Ice Queen has become one of the band's signature songs and is played as ending song on the setlist on almost every concert. They changed this with the release of the unforgiving, now Stairway to the skies is the ending song.


The demo title of Ice Queen is believer, you can find the demo on the 6-track single.

There is also a known misprint of the single, which contains 39,58 minutes of country music instead of the single. This is on the 6 track. There are some copies left, but those are very rare.

They re-released Ice Queen on single CD in 2003, with World of make believe as one of the B tracks.


There are 2 video’s; The first one is called the german version and contains a girl watching live footage of the band. The second one is recorded on a green screen en contains the band playing in all kind of elements, with Sharon wearing the dress now known as the Ice Queen dress.


Played live, Ice Queen is the song getting the most energy from the audience. The “oohoo” on the beginning of the song is screamed loud by the fans while Sharon holds her microphone towards them. It’s also a very good song to jump on. Lots of fans say, that when they ended with Ice Queen, they used their last energy to jump along.


It is still known as the most successful song of the band in their career.


“Whenever she is raging, she takes all live away, haven’t you seen, haven’t you seen the ruins of our world?”

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