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wow gold

Man 1 minutes to make three eggs made to impact the tip guinness world record

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We have in the spring division of the egg folk. But there is a judge, not only can at any time and place the eggs erected, still can make in the eggs on eggs, and can even in just 20 WoW Gold seconds let a eggs stands in the tip.


In the yuhua district in our village, the reporter sees, chui talented man took a piece ordinary bench, a 6 cm in diameter, high 1 cm iron cylinder (the central cylinder was a stand root syringe tip). Later, Mr Cui squat sit stool, the hands the point in a play eggs, 20 seconds, eggs and secure the Buy WoW Gold point stands in, this let reporters watching the street.


Mr Cui originally is a truck driver, often drive every time a car, he will feel heart panic to suppress. A car, Mr Cui think, have no matter to play the game set up for eggs. From then on, a run into a car, Mr Cui is in the car practice make eggs. Finally one day, egg stand, Mr Cui's confidence.   wow gold


"First in a flat, later on in the chopsticks, pencil, pointed, the last in the on the point, it is hard to find more fine things......." Mr Cui satisfiedly say, his best record is one minute let four eggs stands in the tip.


In April 2010, Mr Cui in hunan city channel saw a program: a wizard "practice" let the Cheap wow gold eggs in a bamboo pole on the set. Mr Cui think wizard "worthless", hence, he to the urban channel called challenge wizard. May, in the public channel "I am legend" show, Mr Cui performance stands in the eggs, eggs stand at chopsticks eggs classy programs, from now on reputation strong earthquakes. August 19, 2011, in CCTV holds "guinness China night" program, in a short span of a minute, Mr Cui let 3 eggs stands in the point and won the gold medal, and create a new guinness world record.


"Eggs are themselves up, the key is to find the center of gravity." From the beginning of the Buying WOW Gold interest to the later development for an occupation, Mr Cui made eggs for six years. In order to create a guinness record, Mr Cui 15 hours to practice every day. He said one day does not begin, the second day will be rusty.


The night before last 7 PM, ChangShaXian chrysanthemum  Cheap WOW Gold GeXinCun town chaoyang mountain in the enterprise, a crushing pool suddenly collapse under construction, 7 tons of hammer pressure to the bottom, and two under construction workers are also suddenly lost him.


Rescue the phone call to huanghua fire squadron. Firefighters rushed to the scene, the diablo 3 gold shattering of the collapse of the lake was hammer on wall, the fence and baffle is mostly collapsed. A search, still don't at that time of the construction of the two workers. cheap diablo 3 gold


After grate, fire officers decided to use QiDiaoJi will hang up collapsed hammer.Golf Trolley At this point, it is a worker from the bottom of his to climb out. Through more than ten minutes after the effort, QiDiaoJi will lift the hammer, in the pool or was in darkness, see signs of the trapped men. Golf Accessories


"May be buried in the concrete." Three fire officers and soldiers jumped into the pool, carefully by hoe, shovel, tools, concrete dug. A few minutes later, found the feet. Originally the other missing workers were buried in the bottom of the concrete. Then, fire fighters arrived a little concrete with both hands will pick out. More than 10 minutes later, the workers was carried up and let out a painful moans.


Then, the trapped workers immediately sent to hospital care in changsha city eight rescue Golf News. By yesterday, the worker is in a coma. His first climb out of the workers just with minor injuries, also in the hospital observation.

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Man 1 minutes to make three eggs made to impact the tip guinness world record


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