Love - seven symptoms

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★ Love is always inadvertently come about seven symptoms,Tiffanys Jewelry sale, as long as you hold one, then congratulations! You're in love.

1. When you are busy, yet the phone open,Tiffany Rings sale, waiting for her / his message - you already love her / him

have a friend, each with meet her, she always uneasy fiddling with mobile phones. Out of a bag, back, back, then out. I asked her, she is in love. She did not speak, but his face was flush float.

2. If you like her / him two people walking alone - you have been in love with her / him

walk at night under the lights, is really very romantic thing. Next to a loved one, as it all like a dream. 3. When you and her / him together, you will pretend to pay no attention to him,Tiffany, but when she left / he open your eyes, you will be anxious to find her / He - you have fallen in love with her.

do not deny that person's feelings, and listen to the voice of love,Tiffany Accessories sale, to tell that person you love it!

4. When she / he was injured or sick, you will be very concerned about her, for her / him worry - you're in love with him

sick time in the most vulnerable If this time by the others to redouble their care and love, hearts will be warm.

5. When she / he and others better, you will feel fresh I do not know its taste - you have been in love with her

the man to turn into someone else's loved ones not to hesitate Go and tell each other how you feel it! Because love is not, and others, passed on and not come back.

6. When you see her / his sweet smile,Tiffany Co Jewelry, your lips will be proud of Raising a trace of smile - you're in love with her / him

7. When When you see the article and think that someone - then you sure have loved her / him when you read this

7, recall that there are these feelings? Have you thought of who? Whatever you think of who to tell her / him! Also shocked the doing? Do not go quickly. [Img]

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Love - seven symptoms