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Use These Fantastic Content Strategies to Make Your Squidoo More Popular23/11/2012

Thinking up new content ideas for your blog regularly can be really hard, especially if you are in a very narrow niche. Keep reading to learn a few of the different methods you can use when you have a hard time coming up with ideas for blog content that your blog readers actually want to read. Talk About Strategies: If the blog you've made is about professional industries in which people are always trying to solve problems or do their jobs more efficiently, talking about strategies that will help them do this is a good idea. Not only will this help prove your usefulness to your readers it will give them incentive to keep coming back. To use one example: let's pretend that you've started a blog about "Forex Trading"; you can very easily share a bunch of different strategies and research that you've gained through your own personal experience with your readers. If you share results oriented and quality strategies with your readers they will be more likely to share your blog with their friends. Problems or Issues: Let's be honest; everyone has problems and everyone would like to find a solution to those problems. You can use your blog to bring those problems to light as well as offering solutions to those who need them. Now, of course these need to be related to your blog's niche, but the point is, by helping your readers find answers, you're actually building a strong brand of yours and creating an authority out of yourself. Being an expert is extremely beneficial for increasing the level of traffic and number of visit our website subscribers to your blog. So, in essence, it is a win-win situation for everyone; the needs of your readers get met while you get the satisfaction of helping people. What you need to remember is to focus only on the issues that are the most important and widely felt--don't get sucked into small issues that nobody cares about. Give Your Opinion: Your readers will love to hear your opinion about anything that is related to the niche of your blog. The iPad 2 is a great topic for blogs about Apple and its products. If your blog is about self-help, you will be well served by talking about the most recent procrastination hack that makes the news. You have lots of ways to come up with and share your opinions with your readers. Even if you do look biased, it doesn't really matter because after all, it's your opinion and some may agree with it, and some may not. All in all, giving real value to your readers and making them feel a part of your blog depends on how effectively you take care of the content by leveraging different ideas. The ideas we've talked about here are just the start; wait until you see just how many avenues are open to you for your blog!

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