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Gong also looking forward to - 07:18, 12/9/2009

Queen thoughtfully, and some excited:

"If there is evidence, saying it was a few freed by their Xiang Fei ... ... then they have this gang of people on them altogether dead man!"

Rong Momo eyes light up, they said animatedly:

"Wife! Last time you let slaves to trace their every Chugong doing? Slaves had been found, the results come! They all go to a place called the Council Bin Lou! That restaurant owner is a brother and sister, brother told Liu Green, my sister called Liu H! "

"Is only one restaurant only?" Queen's wrinkled brow: "that's nothing, since the Chu Gong, of course, a life of debauchery! To a familiar restaurant, it seems not constitute a big sin!"

"But ... ..." Rong Momo low voice, said: "I have heard that restaurant where there have been people out of access into the back!"

Queen's earthquake suddenly raised voice:

"What?" UGG Boots Classic Mini 5854

Kunning Gong in the study with Xiang Fei, Xiang Fei Cining Gong also looking forward to.

Queen Mother walked up and down the room, thinking the fidget said:

"Turn into a butterfly flew off? A concubine, actually turn into a butterfly flew off! Such a fantastic story, if spread out, let the palace, there is dignity? People some vivid, this matter was rendered even more bizarre! Originally, there would be 'incense' and concubine, it had already strange enough, and now, the concubine will become a butterfly! "She stopped, and shouted:" Seiji, you are clever children, you help me analyze, in the end The Xiang Fei how the matter? He Dinghong poison her, and she did not die, but also turn into a butterfly fly away! "

Seiji looked at the Queen Mother, thoughtful answer:

"This is extremely odd thing indeed! Xiangfei eating He Dinghong that day, a butterfly flew into the palace, it was a lot of people have witnessed things! Xiangfei back from the dead, is a fact! I think that is probably true Xiang Ji Some sources of bar and butterflies! tell the truth, I do a lot of unsolvable, such as the soul of these spirits, all with awe. dare say that it does not exist, because many people have experienced! Xiang Fei, also true! "

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