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My moments.


21:59, 22/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Well, another blog again. This time its about my love life. Still single since a few months, liked a lot of boys but none of them were the one i wanted to stay with. Well thats i lie, there's one ex boyfriend who i still like a lot, and i guess i'm still in love with him. But it has been almost 2 years since i dated him, and  i kinda miss him but i dont know if i miss what we had, or if i miss hím. but everytime i let him in my life, well he has always been a part of my life, he acts like a little schoolboy, and i want a boy who is more acting like an adult. Then there's a boy who i met at work, a little bit older then me, but he's cute and i would love to know him a little bit better.

Update; Well i figured out what i want to do with the boys, next saturday i'm going to see if the boy i like will speek to me, if he won't well then my descision is made, i will go for my ex boyfriend. Terrible to make descisions like this, but i dont see a better way to do it! I'm going to watch another episode of  my serie, The OC, and then im going to bed. Goodnight!

Never make a promise you dont wanna keep.

21:10, 21/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

About today, whats there to say, didnt do much, woke up, showered, brushed my teeth, watched some movies, went to the supermarket and then returned back, watching movies again, i know, whát a life, normal people have to go to school, or have to go to work, well i wish i was one of those people, i'm done with school for now, want to go to the police academy, just havent confinced myself to do it yet, and i only work on saturday's and sunday's! Well to continue about what i did today, came home, watched movies again and then made dinner for my father and my little sister. my father went to work, (he has a Dojo, that's japanese for gym, and teaches ninjutsu there. ) and he left me behind with my little sister, and most of the 'little sisters' i know are sweet and cute, well, mine is totally the opposite of that, she's annoying!!!!!! So she's in love with a boy, (i mean c'mon, she's only 10 years old) and she wanted to go see him, well as a grown up sister my answer was of course: HELL NO! then she cried like a baby for almost 2 hours, then finally, when there weren't any tears left she decided to scream for 30 minutes and after that i asked her very friendly to shut her mouth, of course she didnt! Then she had to go to bed, and just like i did when i was her age, i took all the time i need to get ready, i only forget i had promised her to read with her, Alice in wonderland but then in English, because i think she has to learn that language too. So, i set on her bed with her, and she began to read it, after 20 minutes being busy with two pages i closed the book and told her we will read in the morning. WHY WAS I SO STUPID TO MAKE THAT PROMISE!!! I cant stand waiting for her to finally read the lines of the book, i know she's only 10, but its annoying for me, cause i cant wait that long with doing absolutely nothing!

Well guess this was it for tonight, gonna watch (yes here it comes) ánother movie and then jump into my bed to get some rest.

hi and hello

21:09, 21/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Well, hello. This is my first weblog, never wanted to do it because i thought it was for people who didnt have a life, and maybe it still is, i just think i'm now one of those people, Unfortunely. I see this weblog as a way to express myself, i have so many thoughts, i  just cant tell them to anyone, because nobody wants to listen, and talking to a friends who's acting like he's braindead, well that just isnt working for me.

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Never make a promise you dont wanna keep.
hi and hello


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