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my own blog ^^

23/10/2007 - spectacular weekend (part 1)

First blog, starting to write these thing an recomending of a good friend ;)

Let's start then ^^

Friday 19/10/07

My parents just left on a weekend trip, and i got to stay home alone (for the first time ^^). Me and my boyfriend (M.) were planing to do a lot of stuff toghether. So after a long time waiting, he finaly arrived at my place. I had never been so happy to see his face. He was kinda quit, but i didn't care i just wanted to have fun. We waited till his best friend C. arrived then we could sit inside and drink something, to pass the time. He arrived toghether with S. she drove him to my place. He gave me a kiss on the cheek to say hello. It was really that could that night, i was even shaking ( I would for less, i was wearing shorts :p). C. gave me his coat so that i wouldn't be freezing that much. Then C. en my boyfriend M. left to get ready for the party they we're going to. When they left i got ready to, i was going out as well, with my ex. Well I arrived in the city, we were not really sure where to go first so we just picked a bar. We drank a few beers and left to an other bar. I can tell you wodka red bull never tasted that good. We danced and laughed, had serious talks and laughed some more. Then i suddenly look at my cell phone. 19 missed calls for C. and a textmessage. The guys were already home and wonderd where i was. I went back home as fast as i could. When i got home, they were both sleeping already, TV was still playing, I turned it off and tried to be quit not to wake them up. My boyfriend woke up ... his best friend still sleeping and snoring as hell :p I take my boyfriend upstairs and we talk a bit in bed ... then we kiss and fool around a bit, then at the end we had sex. When it was over he turned his back and went to sleep, without even saying a word ... After all the alcohol and stuff i couldn't sleep anymore. I went donwstairs sat in the sofa and watched C. sleeping ... i must say he was cute just laying there. When i finaly woke up i went to have a shower and got me some breakfast in the kitchen ...

to be continued ...

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spectacular weekend (part 1)


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