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Old Nintendo Selling for $13000 on Website


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Old Nintendo Selling for $13000 on Website

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Do out-of-date electronic products not worth a penny? A deal on the auction website eBay recently will raise your eyebrows. A mother from North Carolina State of America auctioned a Nintendo family computer and 5 game cassettes with the price of 9.99 dollars, and these old products were auctioned off with the whopping price of 13 thousand dollars in total. Just an old section of the Nintendo console may not be worth so much money, but the five boxes of cassettes sold together are valuable collections for game players. These five games were Big Leagues, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Stadium Ev, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros./ Duck Hunt. All those games had been well kept with full package. The "stadium event" more deserve collection. The game was only fewer than 2,000 copies, so far remaining 10 were remain intact, while remaining an unopened box of tapes.3 New You Should Know

The game was developed by Bandai (Bandai) company, and Nintendo was introduced to North America in the 87 years, and later in the name of "World Championships in Athletics," of re-sale. This also makes the "stadium event" a Nintendo game become the most difficult to find. The mother wrote in the auction, for several years I have retained these games for my kids so that they can play when they grow up. But the electronic products change too frequently and children hope to play their own new games. He said: [I feet pity that the power line and video cable of the computer have lost. If I can find them, I will send you for free. Any video recorder connection line can be used for this computer."You See, acekard 2i Run the Fashion Trend of London

"Nintendo" is sourced from the saying "Man proposes, God disposes".

According to reports, Nintendo announced releasing plan for hand-held 3D game console without needing special glasses. The company wished to get on 3D money-making bus by this. Nintendo declares that the new machine of Nintendo`s 3DS will be on the market before March of next year. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are now actively fighting for digital PSP market which is worth multi-billion dollars.

According to news, 3DS will be realized by adopting [parallax barrier" technique and equipped with all-new vibration 3D controller. There is also a kind of argument that 3DS will use Zebra Imaging ™ holographic display technology.

The company said this game will take over Nintendo's DS series, and compatible with DS game. The DS series are the electronic game machines which are most salable in the history. Since they were released in 2004, the selling number had already surpassed 0.125 billion. Nintendo didn`t mention the price of the 3DS game machine but they guaranteed that they would release more details in the E3 Exhibition of Electronic Game Machines held in Los Angeles in June of next year. And the most popular Wii game machine is also a product of Nintendo.

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Posted: 02:28, 22/5/2010
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