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Hair Straightener for Short Hair

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Last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty, imperial court corruption, the world big chaos. In troubled times, changjiang Delta gave a hero that is called Sun Jian. Sun Jian as a child quick-witted and brave. He is that seventeen years old years, take a passenger ship to head for Qian Tang with father once. Unexpectedly, the boat arrives money pond estuarine, met a group of pirate suddenly. Passenger ship of pop-up of ground of their get up on one's hind legs, not by defend oneself, grabbed the passenger's property. Loot after one sky, be in ground of bank make a noise about sth again divide the spoils. The passenger on the boat is a businessman mostly, each is frightened gingerlily, hide in cabin to dare not appear. At this moment, sun Jian couldn't help, ground of his fury have one's bosom filled with says to father: &ldquo

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come to tiffany's world

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US tries to tamp down tension_31

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China vows more efforts to raise awareness of IPR protection _65

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Taiwan ex-leader's wife gets shorter jail term for perjury_3

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Taiwan ex-leader's wife gets shorter jail term for perjuryTAIPEI, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan ex-leader Chen Shui-bian's wife Wu Shu-chen was sentenced to nine months in jail by a Taiwan court Wednesday after a trial on the Chen family's perjury case.Investigations showed that Wu Shu-chen had collected personal invoices from Chen's two children and other people to get reimbursement from public money, Taiwan's high court said in the verdict.Wu was sentenced to one year in jail in September last year by the Taipei District Court in the first trial of her perjury case. When the high court started the second trial in November, Wu and others involved confessed their crimes at court but pleaded for shorter jail terms.Wu was accused of having told her son, Chen Chih-chung, and daughter, Chen Hsing-yu to give false testimony.The high court on Wednesday cut off three months from the previous six-month jail term imposed by the Taipei District Court respectively to her son, her daughter and son-in-law.Diana Chen, former chairwoman of Taipei 101 Mall, received an eight-month jail term, down from the previous 18 months, as her statement at court "evidently" did not match investigation records, the court said.Wu and his husband were also both sentenced to life in prison by the Taipei District Court in September last year for graft, embezzlement, money laundering and other abuses when Chen was in power from 2000 to 2008.They were still appealing their sentences at the Taiwan's high court. cheap gucci jewelleryTiffany Chains For Sale

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'American Idol' returns Jan

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'American Idol' returns Jan. 12 for 9th seasonFILE-This Aug. 30, 2006 file photo shows Ellen DeGeneres, host of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' posing in her studio dressing room in Burbank, Calif. Fox says DeGeneres will join 'American Idol' in February, after the tryout rounds.(AP Photo)"American Idol" will return next month with a two-night, four-hour premiere featuring auditions in Boston and Atlanta, the Fox network says.The Boston auditions will air Jan. 12 and the Atlanta auditions will air Jan. 13. Fox says auditions will also be held in Chicago

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Philippines to send more rescuers to Haiti_98

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Philippines to send more rescuers to HaitiPhilippines to send more rescuers to Haiti 2010-01-16 02:12:21 GMT2010-01-16 10:12:21 (Beijing Time) xinhuanetMANILA, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is ready to dispatch another batch of peacekeepers to Haiti to join the rescue operations in quake-devastated Haiti. AFP spokesman Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner said 155 members of the 11th Peacekeeping Contingent are now assembled at their headquarters in Tarlac Province, north of Manila, awaiting a government order to leave. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has already ordered AFP chief Gen. Victor Ibrado to prepare the 11th contingent for deployment to Haiti. They would link up with the 10th contingent there, Brawner said. The AFP expressed hope that the three unaccounted Filipino soldiers trapped underneath the rubble of the collapsed Christopher Hotel in the capital Port Au Prince are still alive. Brawner quoted a commander of the 10th Peacekeeping Contingent in Haiti as saying that rescuers have been hearing voices and other signals coming from inside the collapsed United Nations Stabilization Mission, a five-story hotel that served as the UN main peacekeeping headquarters. He said the Filipino soldiers, along with their foreign counterparts, have yet to get through the rubble of the collapsed building due to lack of disaster and rescue equipment in the area. Aside from search and rescue operations, the Philippine peacekeepers in Haiti have been deployed to secure vital areas to prevent looting due to temporary lack of food supplies and other commodities. President Arroyo also ordered the Department of Health (DOH) to deploy medical teams to Haiti. DOH director for Health Emergency Management Staff Carmencita Banatin, on the other hand, said they are preparing to dispatch the medical team of 20 health professionals before Monday. tiffany earrings heart

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Hamas hints to carry out measures to halt rockets attacks on Israel_145

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Japan to get shot at England

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Japan to get shot at England At least one world-class team is willing to play Japan--England. England manager Fabio Capello said during an interview with Sky Sports on Friday that his team will set up a warmup match against Japan in the days leading up the World Cup finals. Japan coach Takeshi Okada, who is craving big games ahead of what will be Japan's fourth World Cup in South Africa, had said earlier this year that he met Capello at the Confederations Cup in June, when he personally asked the Italian for a chance to play England. The Japan Football Association, which is struggling to find decent opponents for Okada's side in 2010, had not commented on the England game, but it now appears to be on given Capello's remarks. Capello said England will face Japan after playing Mexico in a friendly on March 3, the only international match day before the June 11-July 11 World Cup. With Japan scheduled to hold altitude training in Switzerland in late May before traveling to South Africa, the England game will likely be organized in Europe. Japan and England last met in June 2004 in Manchester. The game ended 1-1, with Shinji Ono equalizing in the second half for Zico's side after Michael Owen opened for the hosts then under Sven-Goran Eriksson. (Dec. 27, 2009) Metallic uggs

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Laws for seizing land may change_7

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Chinese official dismissed from Party, office for corruption _8

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Order to close China's government liaison offices under review- newspaper _15

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Order to close China's government liaison offices under review: newspaper A Chinese official has confirmed that an order to close thousands of local government liaison offices in Beijing is being considered, the Beijing Daily reported Tuesday.Outlook Weekly, a Chinese current affairs magazine, reported Monday that "relevant authorities" had ordered counties, industrial zones, and local government departments to close liaison offices in the capital within six months.The number of such offices, set up to lobby and make representations to central government and its ministries, are thought to exceed 5,000.The unnamed official from the department in charge of liaison offices affairs under the Government Offices Administration of the State Council, told Beijing Daily that "most of what had being carried by media was contained in the draft" and "the draft is still under review."He said the implementation of the order would be "soon", but declined to disclose a timetable.A liaison office official from central Hunan Province, who only identified himself as Li, told Xinhua Tuesday that he had only read the news in the media and was yet to receive any official notice of the order.Li was the director of a government agency-affiliated liaison office that would be closed down if the report was correct.Local government liaison officials have reportedly been implicated in corruption cases. Wang Fuyou, former director of the office of Hebei provincial government in Beijing, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 after being convicted of bribery and misappropriation of public funds.Wang was entrusted by the provincial government to be in charge of construction projects in Beijing, in which he helped senior officials to get kickbacks in order to win political favors.Liaison office heads are also empowered to be in charge of the operations of the office and purchasing of goods, in which the annual spending could amount to millions of yuan.In another case, in last April, heads of two offices were reprimanded by the municipal governments of Luohe and Xuchang in central China's Henan Province over claims that they spent almost 100,000 U.S. dollars to buy huge amounts of a luxury liquor that turned out to be fakeBeijing has an estimated 52 liaison offices representing the provinces, 520 representing major cities, and roughly 5,000 representing counties. The number of agencies based in Beijing would top 10,000 if those set up by various associations, universities and enterprises were included.The Outlook Weekly report said that liaison offices of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and special economic regions could retain their offices in Beijing, while established city-level liaison offices could be kept only after being approved by provincial governments.Zhu Lijia, professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said many county-level liaison offices served as reception centers for officials from their localities and deviated from their original functions."County affairs are usually coordinated by cities and provinces, and have little direct contact with ministries. That leaves them enough time to remove their liaison offices from Beijing," he said.The first local government office in Beijing was set up in 1949 by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The offices boomed in the 1980s as China began to move from a planned to a market economy. Such offices acted as representatives of local governments when the inter-city transport system was far less developed.Liaison offices usually have assets that include apartments, guest houses and hotels, and restaurants. Outlook Weekly reported that the total assets of liaison offices at all levels exceeded 10 billion yuan (1.46 billion U.S. dollars) in 2001.Neither report stated how the assets would be dealt with once the order became effective.There were 186 offices representing cities in 1991, but the figure had swelled to 426 in 2002, the China Daily reported in September 2006.Liaison offices have faced increasing public criticism as some liaison offices have reportedly being entrusted by local governments to cozy up to senior officials in Beijing-based government ministries for financial benefits. gucci bracelet silver

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China sets up special office to ensure social security _10

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China sets up special office to ensure social security China has set up a special office to guide public security checks -- especially in areas found with major security problems.The information was revealed Thursday at a meeting held by the Central Committee for Comprehensive Management of Public Security, the organizer of the office.While the office consists of personnel from about 14 central Party and governmental organizations, its daily work will be conducted by the committee and the Ministry of Public Security.The office's main functions include researching on patterns of criminal activities, directing crackdown campaigns in key areas and punishing violators.Other functions include coordinating various organizations and supervise security check work among others.According to the committee, detailed measures are being mapped out on the assessment of the security check work.On Tuesday, the country's minister of public security Meng Jianzhu reaffirmed the need to continue cracking down on robberies, burglaries, swindling, prostitution, underground forces, and human and drug trafficking.Meng voiced security concerns for certain areas, such as urban-rural intersection areas and "villages in the city," a term for poor residential areas within cities. Tiffany Jewelry

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-freshers jobs in cisco training classes_560

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-five easy steps to becoming a nurse_163

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-how to transform an old man s screaming into a lifetime achievement_194

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-how to minimise the effect of redundancy_98

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