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U.S. financial

Park Tae-hwan of 200 gold medals since the reelection missed the medals Sun Ya-Jun Yang Zhang Lin

{ 07:42, 15/11/2010 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Beijing November 14, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games swimming competition into the next day, in the eye of the men's 200 meters freestyle final, the Chinese star Zhang Lin to a mere 10 minutes and 48 seconds in fourth, missed the medals. Defending champion South Korea's Park Tae-hwan of 80 with 1 minute 44 seconds to win, and broke her own Asian record. Chinese player Sun Yang 25 with 1 minute 46 seconds runner-up, Japan's Matsuda husband rule 73 with 1 minute 47 seconds, won the bronze medal.
Video: Park Tae-hwan won the men's 200 meters freestyle and the record (full) Video: Park Tae-hwan won the men's 200 meters freestyle and the record (full)

Men's 200 meters freestyle world record is maintained by the German hatchetman Bidleman 1 minute 42 seconds 00, Park Tae-hwan of South Korea in Asia to create records of 1 minute 44 seconds 85.

China's Asian Games team by the Sun Yang Zhang Lin and played side by side, while South Korea's Park Tae-hwan, Japan's Matsuda husband governance also eyeing the gold medal. 200 from the Asian Games four years ago, Park Tae-hwan in 1 minutes and 47 seconds 12 titles and captured moon, Zhang Lin 85 minutes and 47 seconds to a runner-up; this year, Park Tae-hwan in 1 minutes and 46 seconds of the 27 world number six, Zhang Lin to 1 minute 47 seconds out of 54 ranked only No. 19; both the historical record from the Asian Games or the competitive state this season, Park Tae-hwan of view seems to occupy a certain upper hand.

The preliminaries in the morning, the good performance of Zhang Lin and Sun Yang Sun Yang 1 ranked first 85 minutes and 47 seconds, 1 minute 48 seconds Zhang Lin 86 came in second, South Korea's Park Tae-hwan Olympic runner-up in 1 minute 49 15 seconds, the third largest. Yong Ji Kobori of Japan, Matsuda governance breakdown husband four or five.

Zhang Lin in the final in the fifth lane, Sun Yang was placed in the fourth lane, Park Tae-hwan in the third lane, Matsuda husband governance in the second lane. Zhang Lin into the water, the reaction time is 0.74 seconds, 50 meters before the 25 seconds with 36 only in the fourth, 52 seconds 100 meters before 33 rose to third, 150 meters before a 79 minutes 19 seconds remained on the third, the last 50 meters sprint Zhang Lin seems insufficient capacity for the final 48 seconds to 1 minute 10 finished fourth.

Tall "little giant" Sun Yang into the water reaction time is 0.79 seconds, 25 seconds before the 50-meter 17, 65 and 51 seconds before the 100 meters, 150 meters before the 1 minute 18 seconds 67, the final 46 seconds to 1 minute 25 second place.

South Korean Park Tae-hwan Titans into the water reaction time is 0.67 seconds, his lead from beginning to end, the first 50 meters and 24 seconds with a 78, the former 100-meter 39 with 51 seconds, the first 150 meters with a 1 minute 18 seconds 03, the final 1 minute 44 retained the title of 80 seconds and refresh their own Asian record keeping.

Japan's Matsuda husband governance in 1 minutes and 47 seconds 73 bronze.Mens Suits laser marking machine SEO Services Interactive Whiteboard Replica Cartier Watches Juniors Dresses | Party Dresses| Juniors Clothing| Cheap Clothes Juniors Clothing Electronic Cigarette Aluminium Powder jewelry wholesale LED Light

Overseas observation: the U.S. economy not as bad as we thought!

{ 07:16, 29/10/2009 } { 0 comments } { Link }
The World Economic Forum recently released the latest global competitiveness rankings, the United States for the first time lost the throne of the world competitiveness rankings, Switzerland jumped to first place. In contrast, China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies, increased rankings.

     U.S. ranking fell naturally thanks to thanks to the financial crisis. With the crisis dominating the layout, any negative news about the U.S. economy have been larger, so that there are some Chinese people might think that the U.S. economy is a mess.

     The United States really collapse it?
Far! Many domestic to the United States who recently chatted, some of whom share a common feeling: the United States before he came here to hear the news that the U.S. economy a mess, but here, a look, the restaurant is still customer his door, shopping around is a human tide move, the U.S. economy is still orderly operation, after the idea is completely wrong.

     Yes, the economic crisis has really created a great impact on the U.S. economy, a sharp decline in housing prices, consumer spending weak, unemployment remained high. To see is that the current U.S. unemployment rate reached 9.8% of the 26-year high, but compared to many other countries, this unemployment rate is still low. Taking into account the United States more comprehensive social safety net, unemployment, the shock waves of course, but still affordable range.

     As the world's largest developed economies, the U.S. economy's resilience as well as potential for development, should be significantly higher than other developed countries. This is evident from the recent International Monetary Fund released economic data, can be seen.

     From an economic growth point of view, according to the latest IMF report, the U.S. economy will shrink 2.7% this year, next year, compared with growth of 1.5%; much better than the euro zone this year -4.2% and 0.3% performance.

     Moreover, the sustainable development of the U.S. economy is still higher than in other advanced economies. According to IMF data, the current U.S. GDP grew by more than eight years ago, nearly 20% over the same period in France, Japan, Italy and Germany have increased by 10% to 15%, the United States the advantages are obvious.

     GDP per capita terms, the United States is also thriving. According to World Bank data, if purchasing power parity, in 2008 the U.S. per capita GDP at 4.2 million, higher than in the United Kingdom about 33%, 37% higher than in Germany, about 38% higher than Japan's.

     Flexibility in the performance of the U.S. economy, inextricably linked with the U.S. economic structure.

     The U.S. labor market mobility and flexibility than the European Union and Japan, investment, other developed countries are more items can only watch the United States back. World Bank data to show that U.S. per capita investment in 2005 reached 8018 U.S. dollars, much higher than 4963 U.S. dollars in Germany and the United Kingdom 4937 U.S. dollars. Can be said that although the financial crisis eroded the U.S. fundamentals, but did not constitute a comprehensive basis for the U.S. economy devastating impact.

     Moreover, the benefits of the status of the United States dollar. Economic crisis, other countries, even if would like to borrow, often accompanied by a lack of buyers; but the United States can be switched on printing presses, so that other countries pay the United States. World Bank President Robert Zoellick on the frankly: when he was helping other countries in their efforts to fill the fiscal and trade deficits, always feeling that the benefits of the United States --- are free to issue bonds and to print money.

     It is noteworthy that the U.S. government long-term perspective, is taking a range of possible far-reaching policy, with Obama saying the United States is to create "rocks the house," in a bid to "post-crisis era" to ensure that the U.S. leader in the world economy role.

     "Rock the House," the word from Barack Obama in Washington in April this year, in a speech at Georgetown University. In this well-prepared speech, Obama quoted "the Bible" in the metaphor, said that a house built on sand will be drained, built on the rock house is still standing. In accordance with Obama's explanation, the U.S. economy is like a house on fire, to revive the U.S. economy, we must fight flames as soon as possible, while replacing the basis of the U.S. economy, thereby creating a "rocks the house." In other words, the United States must be comprehensive reform of the financial, medical and other fields to enhance the overall competitiveness of the United States.

     Admittedly, compared to before the crisis, the U.S. national strength has declined, the rise of emerging economies, is relatively, but the so-called "thin dead camel than Ma," at least in the future for a long period of time, the strength of the United States still in the minority in other countries be able to match the U.S. dollar remains the world's dominant reserve currency. This is an undeniable fact.

     If you believe that the current crisis has made the United States brought to its knees, it is purely imaginary the outside world. Even in the financial sector, Wall Street is still the world's financial center. While Citigroup, Bank of America suffered heavy losses, while China's ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China has now swept the top three largest banks in the world market, but who can say that they are the world's strongest banks? Economic crisis increased the influence of many emerging economies, and self-confidence, which is a good thing, but also the inevitable trend of historical development; However, if the self-inflated to the point of ignoring reality, it is a dangerous signal to the!

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Park Tae-hwan of 200 gold medals since the reelection missed the medals Sun Ya-Jun Yang Zhang Lin
Overseas observation: the U.S. economy not as bad as we thought!


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