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Acting Schools Los Angeles Children Acting Classes for Kids Los Angeles Teen Acting Classes Children Acting School with Young Actors Studio Los Angeles. At The Young Actor's Studio we offer acting lessons to children, teens and young people. The acting classes at our studio are centered around encouraging and praising each student for who they are and teaching them to use their own behavior, personality, and charm in their roles.

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Acting Technique And Production: An Inside Look In A Day Of Acting School

acting classes in Los Angeles acting schoolA leading Los Angeles acting school instructor describes a recent class session he held with students teaching acting technique and production. According to the instructor, working with students in these acting classes in Los Angeles is very rewarding– he says it’s a joy to watch his students grow and steadily develop their craft.

The class’s exercises were oriented around emphasizing actors staying "in the moment"/not anticipating results. One of the first exercises they did at the acting school was called "The Box". Each student had to imagine some kind of animal in the box that looked really hungry- the goal was to go really slowly so as to explore all the details (what else was inside the box? what were the sounds? the look on the animal's face, etc.). At some point the student was supposed to put their hand in the box and feed the animal a cracker- at which point the animal would bite the student's hand (or lick it).

The point of the exercise was to get the students not to anticipate the result (animal biting your hand), but to focus on the moment-to-moment details of observing other animals, hearing the sound emanating from box, and then seeing the animal. The more the actor explored each of these details, the stronger the final moment became.

The next exercise we did was called "The Lost Script" (a variation on an Uta Hagen exercise).The exercise consisted of a student being in their room and trying to find a lost script for a very big Los Angeles acting school audition. The first time around the student has no idea of where the script actually is- however, the second time around the students do know where the script is but have to recreate what they did the first time. This exercise also centered around an actor not "playing the result" and also about stakes. Stakes are basically the amount of importance we attribute to a given moment/scene/situation. The more the actor raised the stakes of this lost script, the more dramatic/intense it became. If the script was a really big deal to them then we as an audience would care a lot more.

Memorization is also strongly emphasized. Blocking is similarly stressed for all of the scenes- this allows students to really explore each of these scenes/monologues beat by beat. The instructors try to emphasize place work with the scenes so that students have a level of comfort in their material. Additionally, the instructors want their students to be able to find substitutions for particularly important objects/people in their scene. For more information about professional acting classes in the Los Angeles area, please contact http://www.youngactorsstudio.com/ to learn more.

Posted: 06:47, 17/8/2010
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Straight-Talk Questions And Answers About Acting School For Kids

acting classes in Los Angeles acting school Artistic Director Jeff Alan-Lee, whose students have included Scarlett Johansson and Shia LaBeouf, has taught and developed many of today's top talent. Jeff talks about his perspective and teaching philosophy in response to questions from parents interested in enrolling their children in acting classes in Los Angeles:

Question 1: When a student enrolls in acting school Los Angeles parents often ask, how does it affect his or her self-confidence? One mother asks: My daughter is painfully shy – would acting classes help her come out of her shell?

Jeff: If a child is shy I will have them play a shy character. This immediately teaches them that it's OKAY to be shy and that these emotions are normal, and even interesting, and people will pay money -- and I will pay money -- to see it on stage, or on screen. Because it's interesting to me, not as a Los Angeles acting school instructor per se, but just as a person. And then when the student realizes that being herself is acceptable on stage -- well not just acceptable, but remarkable -- then she'll gain a confidence, which is the first step: FEARLESSNESS. Then in the following semester, if they're feeling light and happy because they conquered that fear, then we'll give her a light and happy character and gradually they start wanting to try different roles and that is what puts them on the road to becoming an actor, a wonderful actor, a good actor with many dimensions, a broad range.

Question 2. My child doesn’t want to be an actor necessarily, but I thought he might benefit in his everyday life if he built up his self-confidence and creativity through Los Angeles acting classes. But is the Young Actor’s Studio the right place for him?

Jeff: Definitely! You never know how these kids are going to be affected by your class. The first example that comes to mind is a child who was just wonderful, his name was Scott. I taught him in a school in Brooklyn and he was this real spunky Brooklyn kid who had a ton of energy was hyper active, a pain at times, but very talented, and just loaded with energy - and he had done some really wonderful acting and he had studied with me for about a year and a half at this Catholic School in Brooklyn. And I had to take a leave of absence one semester when I was doing a show out of town, so I let the principal -- Sister Dolores -- know that I would be out the following semester, and she said, "I’m sorry, but you can’t go, if you go I will break both your legs!” (she was a tough Brooklyn nun!) -- I said "Why?" And she said, “Because, Scott is doing fantastic.” I said, "What do you mean, Scott's always been fantastic!" And she said, “No, I’m telling you he was always in detention before you came, his grades were at C’s and D’s, I mean he was just wild – and I’m telling you, he has pulled himself around – he is getting B’s, a couple of A’s – he’s rarely in detention anymore, and it’s because of you.” and I said, "Well that has nothing to do with me." And she said, “I’m telling you, it’s because of you – and you don’t argue with a nun!” So I said, "Ok, thank you."

But seriously -- I thought about it and I thought perhaps because in acting class he was allowed to be his own spunky, rambunctious self and it was in a constructive channel -- acting -- and be accepted, even applauded there, for being himself -- that he felt better - and so he could go out in his regular life and he felt motivated because he was praised for who he was. You're not praised for who you are in life, but on stage you are! So… if I had to say what we're all about -- it's giving the child a place to explore, and express themselves creatively in a constructive, nurturing environment... and because of that, they will benefit in their everyday life.

Because it's not about walking the "right" way, being proper, getting good grades, going to bed, getting into a good college -- it's about how they feel about the world, how they see the world!!!! That's what makes them special and acting nurtures what's special and unique about them. And life very rarely does that -- more than often it does not. And so it's by having this creative outlet, it allows them to grow in all aspects of their life.

Posted: 12:00, 20/7/2010
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Acting School for Kids: Is it worth it?

Acting classes, Acting school
Acting classes for kids provide a safe space for kids to transform their emotions into an impressive expression of creativity. Although acting school Los Angeles for kids are typically used as a prerequesite for an acting career, the benefits gained from artistic practice reach far beyond landing a dream role. Below are characteristics that a child can build with acting classes.


According acting school Los Angeles director, acting classes involve a large amount of public speaking. Students are required to participate in dramatic scenes or monologues in front of their classmates and teachers, presenting their work for praise and critique. Public performance enhances a student's confidence and comfort in front of an audience. These traits can benefit individuals in business, educational and social environments.


Participating in acting class requires great reserves of imagination; students have to visualize different periods in history, settings and lifestyles in order to successfully immerse themselves in their roles. The consistent practice of using their imagination can translate into success at other art forms as well as creative problem solving skills.


Students in acting classes Los Angeles often collaborate with each other in character sketches and scripted scenes; they also give one another tips and suggestions on how to perfect their craft. Cultivating the spirit of collaboration can have numerous benefits personally, socially and professionally.


Students in acting classes Los Angeles are required to communicate the emotions and intellect of various characters; for most people, communicating the feelings of another during class will help them to communicate their own feelings outside of class. The freedom of self-expression that accompanies open communication can have therapeutic effects.

Emotional Release

Acting classes provides students with a beneficial emotional release. Students are able to channel their negative emotions: rage, jealousy, anger, abandonment, confusion; into a positive and creative outlet.


It isn't easy to get up in front of a room full of people and attempt emotional creative expression. Drama students must have the courage to risk embarrassment and failure. Through consistently challenging and surprising themselves, student's develop a new positive outlook on their own strength and abilities.

Posted: 12:43, 21/6/2010
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acting school Los Angeles _ What Acting Classes Can Teach Your Child

Los Angeles Acting Schools, Los Angeles acting classes
Parents are often under the impression that participation in acting classes Los Angeles will change their child’s academic progress. According to a study conducted by UCLA, students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores. In addition to academic gains, improvement is also shown in self-confidence, better public speaking skills and the ability to work with well with others. Studying theater can also be a great starting point for careers such as teaching, law, politics and of course, performing says acting school Los Angeles instructor.

Most Los Angeles Acting Schools rely on teaching specific skills, but placing them in an interactive environment, where they will have to act together with many people helps brush up on reacting skills. Here's a list of important skills child actors need to succeed, and things good kids acting classes should provide:

Acting technique. Children need basic acting techniques and how much technique depends on their age. While a younger child will do great with simple role playing and theatre games, an older child (9 and up) can be introduced to basic acting techniques like short term objectives or asking the questions "Who What Where and When" when reading a scene. A good kid acting class also helps children explore what makes them unique rather than teach them line readings.

Memorizing and Improvising. Children who are at the reading-age stage of their life who want to act are expected to learn lines so they should be involved in a class that included scene study and monologues where they can practice memorization. Casting directors don’t expect kids to be perfect so being able to use improvisation is very helpful for children. Having the skill to improvise makes them unique and gives them the ability to be creative when they make up or forget a line.

Los Angeles acting classes for children can be a lot of fun while at the same time helping them to develop their speaking and listening skills. If you are interested in acting classes for your child, take advantage of the upcoming Summer Acting classes for kids before spaces are full!

Posted: 07:35, 17/5/2010
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Los Angeles acting classes - How Can Acting Classes Help Your Child?

Los Angeles acting classes, acting school Los Angeles
Acting school for kids not only prepares your child to become a rising star on the big screen but also helps with development of speaking skills, confidence and acting skills in children between ages of 3 – 18. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is often the person who is best able to express his or her ideas and present a confident self-image that is most successful. These are the types of skills that kids acting classes can provide and build in a child. Acting classes for kids and techniques have been proved to be effective in building these skills in children.

Los Angeles acting classes for children, kids and teens are centered around encouraging and praising each student for who they are and teaching them to use their own behavior, personality, and charm in their roles. They learn to create a unique, original character that is truly their own. In most acting school Los Angeles programs, students are taught to trust themselves to live naturally and effortlessly on camera, on stage or during their day to day activities.

Los Angeles acting schools are not your average school program. Acting schools provide highly qualified teachers who will develop your child’s ability to its fullest potential. Acting school for children programs are focused on putting on high-budget productions where children get most of the speaking parts.

Also in acting schools, students learn to work together as a team without the awkward competition for roles that sometimes develops in other drama programs. Acting school for children are also focused on building the skills that a child will need to be a happy, successful, outgoing participant in life.

Acting classes are also beneficial for kids that are naturally outspoken. Many outgoing kids enjoy acting classes because it gives them the outlet for natural creative ability. They in turn also develop the skill, focus and ability to take direction that is sometimes lacking in a child.

If you are looking to provide your child with the opportunity to discover, nurture and explore their own uniqueness and merge that into the script to stand out on the set or on stage, visit an acting studio for kids. In addition to working as an actor, your child may also have the chance to receive acting scholarships to major colleges and conservatories. Acting is an art form just like any other -- like playing the piano or learning ballet, a specific technique is needed.

Posted: 07:19, 26/4/2010
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For the young actors, auditioning is fun!

acting school Los Angeles, acting classes Los Angeles, Los Angeles acting classes
OK, the key to survival as a young actor is summed up in one little three letter word: FUN. According to Los Angeles acting school instructor, students have to enjoy going to acting classes, going to auditions and driving around town meeting people. The process of getting work is sometimes so difficult that we do not want to even try. But try you must. And the key is trying to ENJOY.

Ways to have fun getting acting work in the industry:
1. Find Los Angeles acting classes. Having a place where you can grow, feel supported and unique and where you can take risks and fall on your face and start over. Acting classes Los Angeles are about discovering yourself and what parts of you that are so special and learning to include that in the acting work. This is monumental to success and happiness. There is only one you and that's what they cast.

2. Enjoy auditioning. It's like a performance with very little rehearsal time. Make strong powerful choices and go with your impulses and make the audition for yourself and not them. Take their direction but make it a performance and a job that you are booked on during the time you are in that room.

3. Get something from each audition. Emotionally or otherwise. Steal the pass from Paramount Studios that says "visitor" and cross out and write visitor "actor" and post it above your desk to remind you.

4. Create, act and act again. Write your own work, do a play, visit friends, go hiking in the mountains or the desert, go to the beach. Live a full life fun. It comes into the room.

I'll write more later. I had a TV audition that went great yesterday, they loved it and I had fun. Then I had a movie audition today. The director laughed and said great job that was that. What happened? I do not know. Nothing probably. I made someone laugh today, I acted a scene on tape and had a good time doing it. I'm on my way to acting class for teens this evening. I love acting, even if it's just an audition. I do not go for the job, I do the job at the audition room.

Let's all get work!

Posted: 12:13, 22/3/2010
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