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Welcome To Youtube Blogs 

Be a Makeup Guru On YouTube

09:55, 30/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link


Hi girls! How’s life? It’s really nice to be a recognized person on YouTube. I love this video-sharing website since it helps me to share my make up knowledge to women all over the world. I do not have to go anywhere. I can make the videos and then upload them in my very own room. Isn’t that wonderful? Now, I want to share some of my tips of how to make great videos.

  • Lighting

I started with natural lighting when I was a beginner. Yes, I stood near the windows to get great lighting on my videos. So, do not worry that much about lighting. You do not need a set of professional lighting.

  • Voice and Attitude

I drink a lot of water before making a video. When the camera starts, I try to speak clearly. It is fine to repeat some parts if you speak too fast. In addition, you need to show the makeup instruction with great attitude. Do not forget to smile.





The Geeks and Youtube

09:50, 30/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

One of the biggest source of geeks www.viewsgeek.com noticed that Youtube has grown to the place where the geeks can express their inner geeks to the world. Some of the famous youtuber that get fame through their geeky channel. Let's mentioned Pewdiepie for example a 25 years old guy, a games commentator who play games and earns $4 million a year through his video, he doesnt even mastered the games but his funny comment could make people laugh and shakes the heads which makes him 26 million subscribers on youtube. Another  like Vlogbrothers who talk about general nerd stuff, Stampylonghead a channel of british gamer which popular with his minecraft videos that has gained more than 4  million subscribers.

The geeks love Youtube!

All geeks love the internet, from comic, book, video games, toys. From reviewing or just playing.  So it's not very surprising there are a lot of geeky channel that you will find on youtube and not to forget mention the toys collector who post a video of opening, assembling and playing with toys.

 Being a geek on games like Pewdiepie in the youtube world.

It looks so much fun watching these people making money by doing things that they all crazy about, and really enjoy doing it. Youtube is really having a good relationship with these geeks.

How YouTube Changed My Heart and Mind

09:49, 30/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

I used to think that people were crazy for being so ‘addicted’ to YouTube. I mean, it was only a site with videos of silly acts and actresses singing, or even the star wannabees….or so I thought. But I was about to deal with one of the biggest revelation I have dealt with.

 The Knowing Fact

I used to think very low of YouTube, but then I had a different heart when I had to find some of important things for my business. You see, I fix things during my spare time and I hit a wall when I had to learn about jailbreaking a friend’s iPhone. Another friend suggested me consulting the YouTube, and at first I thought he was crazy. But then I gave it a try, but I was amazed to see loads of stuffs there, including the easy step by step of jailbreaking the phone.

 Consulting the Site

Since then, I really had a change of heart when it comes to YouTube. If there are things that I don’t know, I consult the site immediately. I’m glad that I followed my friend’s suggestion. I had to admit that I’m ashamed to ever underestimate the site, but I guess I learn from my ego and stupidity.


This Youtube Clip Is Something You Have To See!

07:49, 27/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

You Guys Should Check This Youtube Images Out.

09:14, 26/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

an intro about me.

08:56, 21/1/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

hi, let me tell you something about myself and this tiny blog.as you know, i spend my first 10 years of carrer as computer and information scientists, research.i was born in hawaii and learned things about my passions in life.i am an active person and that explains to me as to why i like to talk about youtube not too long from now on.so perhaps that would be all for now.let me know that you were here.

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Be a Makeup Guru On YouTube
The Geeks and Youtube
How YouTube Changed My Heart and Mind
This Youtube Clip Is Something You Have To See!
You Guys Should Check This Youtube Images Out.


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