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Dant¨¨s to say 20/5/2010
Dantès to say something, but that was pushed behind him, and he neither the power nor the intention to resist, he mounted the steps, immediately caught in between two gendarmes,tiffany jewelry tiffany jewelry freshwater pearl jewelry vivienne westwood links of london Pandora?Bracelets and the remaining two in the opposite position sat down, then began to stone on the road carriage wheels rolled heavily. The prisoner glanced at the windows were grated. He had changed his prison, but now he is being sent to an unknown place. Through the windows and railings, Dantès saw they were established through the Kaiser Street. Lauren Tara density along the pier and the Division Street and headed to the port, and soon, he thought on beacon of light through the window on the railing, his body shine. Carriage stopped, the officers got out went to the guard room, and soon, which came out a dozen guards, lined up, through the port lights, Dantès saw thcheap cell phone cartier sunglasses cartier sunglasses mini hair straighteners hair straightener ghd e flash of their muskets. "Are they to me?" He thought. The officer opened the door, although he said nothing, but doubt has been Dantès answer - because he saw two rows of soldiers lined a corridor lined, from the carriage directly into a terminal. The two gendarmes who were opposite to him first, and then ordered him off the train, the gendarmes on each side of his back. They walked to the boat, that boat is a Customs officer, and by a chain, near the quay. The soldiers looked at with an amazing lookghd mini hair straighteners coach outlet discount wedding gowns cheap prom dress Dantès. Suddenly, he had been gripping the soldiers sitting in the stern, police officers just sitting bow, Artemisia was a support ship from the shore, and four sturdy oarsmen paddled it quickly fled in the direction to Pilon. Shouted the ship, to blockade the port of chains hanging down on. Turning around, they have to port out. Prisoners into the sea on the first one is very happy, he inhaled deeply the fresh air - the air is free, he felt a kind of relaxed, but he soon sighed, for he is from Rui Sefu restaurant after, that morning he was still there, or as to happiness, but now, since the open in the window, came the others in dancing, in laughter, in the hubbub of voices. Dantès, clasping her hands, his back up prayers heavenward. Boat went, they have passed Mulder Gorge, to the lighthouse is now in front, about to bypass the fort. Dantès this route was incompreheProm Dresses prom dress flower girls dresses ultrasonic plastic welding shearing machine shearing machine nsible. "Whither are you taking me?" He asked. "You will soon know." "But -" "We are forbidden to give you any explanation."
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Outside the living room 20/5/2010
Outside the living room when the sergeant through the two military police made a sign, they Jiugen up, and a standing Dantès right, his left one standing.replica breitling watches replica watches rolex watches replica watches breitling watches Wholesale Watches One leading to the courtyard door has been opened, they went through a long, gloomy corridor, this corridor appearance, even the most ambitious people will read the chilling, courts and prisons is shared, prison is a sombre edifice, from its iron lattice window looked out to see the church bell tower spire Akour. Shui numerous bends, Dantès finally saw an iron gate, the sergeant knocked on the door three times, by a cleft that each one in his heart like a knock, the door opened, two military police to He gently pushed forward one, he hesitated to step into it, then suddenly the door behind him closed. He inhaled an air, that is a slight smell of stale air, he was taken to a room, although the windows are filled with iron railings, but it is pretty neat, so it does not make him look down how frightened, chanel watch louis vuitton bags coach bags coach bags replica gucci to say Villefort, who seemed full of concern for him, his words were still in his ear, as was promised to him free like Dantès locked into this jail time is four o'clock, We have said, that day is March 1st, we had to stay on into the night long. Dark and hearing him sharpen up, each has the slightest sound into the room, he rose and hastened to the door, that is to release him, but the sound died away, and Dantès slumped sat on his wooden stool, and finally, about ten o'clock to Dantès began to despair, when a key into the lock, and rotate a bit, the door latch rattle, ring a few times, then a large heavy door flew open, light two torches light up thlouisvuitton wholesale designer handbags wholesale coach handbags COACH HANDBAGS handbag purse e room, by torch light, Dantès saw four military police Shen Pei's saber and carbine flash, he went forward, but a look to these additional steps to stop the soldiers right again. "You come to fetch me?" He asked. "Yes." Said one man. "Is the orders of the deputy prosecutor's commands?" "I think so." "That's good." The conviction that they are agents sent by the Prosecutor, unfortunately, have dispelled all doubts Dantès opened the door. He walked calmly to move forward, automatically walk in the center of the escort. A carriage driver sitting in front of the seat, behind one of his subordhandbag purse replica gucci chanel?handbags cheap?handbags coach handbags inate prosecutors. "Is this carriage for me to sit do?" Sir. "It is for you to." Replied a gendarme.
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said the sailor20/5/2010
"Oh, sir," said the sailor, "you have treated me like a brother, a friend, not as a judge." "Well, I must detain you for a time,christian louboutin air jordan jordan shoes Shox r4 Shox nz cheap jordan shoes but I will try to shorten the time, your main crime was that this letter, you see -" Villefort approached the fireplace, the letter thrown into the fire , until it completely burned Jing "You see, I destroyed it." "Oh, you are too fair, and simply wonderful." Dantès. "Listen, you just see things I did it, believe me right now, trust me now!" Villefort, he said. "Yes, you told me, I have obeyed." "Tonight, I have to take your detention in court, if there is who is going to interrogate you, for you must not mention this letter." "I promise." Now jimmy shoes manolo shoes jimmy choo jimmychoo manolo blahniks it seems as if down Villefort In mitigation, the prisoners in comfort him. You see, he said, "is believed to be destroyed, only you and I know there are so letter. So, if someone asked you, you will not deny that there is such a thing." "Do not worry, I will deny." "You have only this letter?" "Yes." "You swear," "I swear!" Villefort sounded the bell, and the officer came in, Villefort whispered in his ear a few words, and the officer nodded knowingly. "Go with him." Villefort to Dantès. manolo blahnik online platform sandals christian high heels heel sandals mbt shoes discount Dantès to Villefort bowed gratefully, and went out. Behind him the door has not completely closed, Villefort had been exhausted, and he never refused to support him, lying spaced a chair. After a while he muttered: "ah, my God, if the prosecutor at this time in Marseilles, if not just call me, but found the pre-trial judge, it may all over, the e written notice, almost my hell. Oh, my father, do not you past behavior, will always hinder my success? "suddenly passed over his face a smile, his eyes become strengthened hesitation up, he seemed preoccupied with an idea in the plan. "This is nice," he said, "This letter has always been that I finished, it might make my fortune up." He looked around, sure that prisoners have left, polo shirts ed hardy shirts NFL jerseys cheap football shirt Soccer Jerseys football shirts the deputy procureur hastened to him the bride's home went up.
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