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Reader Review: "wonder"

17:46, 21/11/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Jeeves and The Wedding Bells   Wonder reader reviews Wonder reader reviews: Read reviews of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and write your own review. Wonder There are currently 5 reader reviews for Wonder of 5 by jschultz Wonder By: R.J. Palacio "You really are a wonder, Auggie. You are a wonder." These are the last ten words of the novel Wonder(ironic). Wonder is a unique novel in many ways, excluding the main character August or Auggie who has a deformed face. Wonder shifts POV throughout the book as it starts with his then moves to his sisters (Via's) POV. Wonder is truly an amazing life changing novel. It feels like every single sentence has a unique meaning to it. The novel at times is very emotional, but it is also filled with great joy and happiness. The struggles that August endures through his Middle School career as he gets made fun of b/c of his face, makes him a strong person. This book is truly a Wonder. I strongly recommend everyone reads this! Rated of 5 by getitgirl amazing?more like amuzing ! When I started reading Wonder, I was like "whoa it is the best book ever!" Read it! It's amazing! Rated This is a significant read and it touched my heart! Definite Buy! Rated of 5 by M Markham All my students loved it! Today I just finished reading the last few pages of Wonder to my 2 classes of sixth graders. I read it aloud over the last several weeks and honestly, every single one of my students loved it and begged me to keep reading each day when time was up. They applauded, in both classes, at a highlight in the last chapters, and then wrote thoughtful reviews about how this book should be read for the life lessons it teaches. August and his friends and family are very "real" and the kids just "get it" They liked the varying perspectives that each part of the book took and felt as though August experience is one that all of us could relate to in one way or another. I read it first on my own and completely enjoyed it, but then sharing it with my class I over the last weeks was even better than I hoped. Thank you Ms. Palacio! Fabulous story! I hope you write more! Rated of 5 by Beth Amazing Book! I loved this book. It is simple yet profound. It is about a wise and funny 5th grader who looks very different from anyone else he knows, and how others react to him, and how he feels about.... everything. It is just beautiful. It would be a wonderful book for parents and kids to read together and discuss. If it's an audio book, it would be perfect for a family to listen to together. It's a beautiful story about being human, about learning to accept differences, and hurts, and forgiveness, and realizing that what's on the inside really is more important than what's on the outside. Do not miss reading this book! It's that good.   1
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.bookbrowse.com/reader_reviews/index.cfm/book_number/2710/wonder
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