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You will and utilizes in the circular hole on the aluminum plate

Perforated Aluminium Sheet, round hole mesh, Perforated Aluminum Plate punching board, soundproof net, punching decorative aka hole network.
Lightweight, non-slip, great, excellent filtering performance.
By way of the hub plenty of highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities within the municipal environmental noise handle barriers, creating walls, generator space, factory buildings, along with other noise sound source of acoustic noise absorbing panels may be employed constructing ceiling, wall of sound-absorbing material may be utilised for building stairs, balconies, environmental tables and chairs, beautifully decorated plate, shield can be utilised for machinery and gear the ornate speaker cover, food, feed, mine with all the grinding a sieve, griddle, the saying screen, kitchen equipment, metal fruit basket, food cover, fruit and also other kitchen utensils, in addition to purchasing malls shelves network decorative exhibition, breathable mesh ventilation included in the granary, soccer area lawn seepage remedy network for example.
Chick here to choose Perforated Aluminium Sheet what you select! Perforated Aluminium Sheet,Perforated Aluminum Plate

Posted: 06:27, 20/12/2012
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These properties are generally Wood Aluminum Composite Panels

One more important good quality cleanliness heating elements. As a result of this kind of, as well for the reason that straightforward sanitation, they may be widely utilized in with regards to food stores, exactly where it is specifically critical in these components. Never restricted for the utilization of sub solar panels inside the build with personal houses. That biggest coloring gamma and handle that plastic panels beneath wood, granitic, shot and also other materials will allow you to build simply a very property that you will believed. Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel (Alucobond) Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) facade fabric, attaining rising recognition within the manufacturing and restoration involving complexes, rooms style, generation initial patterns just for outside marketing. This can be without doubt the very best choose while to provide this constructing a good modern day appear for ones least amount time feasible at the reasonable value, while noticing the most formidable designs. Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is actually a kind of "sandwich" composing of not one but two Perforated Aluminium Sheet not to mention laminated amongst cheap or organic compound covering. That thickness from the individual panels as much as 1600 millimeter, proportions Six thousand millimeters, wider out of 2 in order to 6 millimeter. End up getting all of the details to get a more straightforward standpoint with Xcel Power.
During Paris, truth be told there tight developing constraints, due to aggressive and often unsound climate conditions. Which means in front of fakeness substance must include the immediately after top quality components: long life, hearth prevention, potential to deal with hostile foreign atmosphere in addition to UV rays, rigidity in addition to light weight, higher sums of music imbibition and then rumbling control, beauty, capability of taking care of and additionally momentum involving assembly. These properties are generally Wood Aluminum Composite Panels. Saydingovye solar cells (exterior) Saydingovye panel to assist resolve numerous troubles involving developing and even ending: all the very cold on the wall structure as well as ugly appearance from the facade. Mixing plastic as well as employed solely a function saydingovye panels populated with reboundable foam that will protect this constructing in addition to helps often just to substantially adjust it is appearance. Inside the pol
Chick here to help decide on Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel whatever you select! Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel,Perforated Aluminium Sheet,Wood Aluminum Composite Table

Posted: 04:29, 19/12/2012
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Acquire Your Suitable and Great Panels

Every single person in the world wants to possess a gorgeous and warm property. Given that distinct men and women like distinct styles, they often choose to embellish their homes in line with their very own designs and taste. No matter what form of style you really like, you have to pay consideration towards the top quality of the decoration supplies. Right after all, the good quality of the materials decides the good quality of your residing condition.
Panels are among essentially the most beneficial decoration materials within our homes. Together with the help masters, we can decorate a floor making diverse and valuable furnishings. Apart from, we are able to make beautiful walls by using the panels. Within a word, they may be crucial individuals daily decoration. Nonetheless, do you realize how to acquire the high-quality and suitable panels?
1st, you'll want to know some expertise of Aluminum Wall Panels. For example, the inside wall panel is broadly utilized in the wall decoration. Whenever you have to decorate your walls, you can think about this kind of panel. As for the functions on the panels, you will find fireproof panels, insulation panels etc .. If you have the measurements and characteristics as well as the shortcomings of these panels, you are able to very easily locate your suitable panels.
Second, you'll want to spend interest to the high quality on the panels. Great panels can assist you decorate solid homes. And also you can take pleasure in the convenience and security brought by the panels. In the event you sadly get the low-quality panels, you could possibly talk to some unexpected accidents. In addition to, your wellness may be impacted by them. In this case, it truly is essential to suit your needs to purchase the good panels in order to get pleasure from the high-quality life.
Once you need to get excellent panels, you'd better check the qualification on the suppliers, the brands from the panels, the raw materials from the panels and several other critical information. Generally, excellent panels are made of very good wood along with other elements. As an alternative, the low-quality ones are created of wasted supplies including the pieces of wood. What exactly is a lot more, it is possible to touch the panels and feel the top quality. At my angle, in case you can locate a great supplier, you are able to constantly purchase the high-quality panels easily.
Third, you must decide on your needed panels in line with your requirements. Inside the market, distinct panels are designed to be employed in distinct places. As an example, the office buildings along with the warehouses often have to take advantage of the fireproof panels. The typical houses often need to develop insulation panels to be able to improve the living quality. The Wood Aluminum Composite Panel is widely employed in tall buildings since it really is functional and beneficial.
In a word, it's very important for you personally to get the suitable and very good panels once you choose to embellish your personal specific houses.
Chick here to choose Wood Aluminum Composite Panel what you choose! Wood Aluminum Composite Panel,Aluminum Wall Panels

Posted: 04:16, 19/12/2012
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The functions and utilizes of the circular hole in the aluminum plate

Perforated Aluminium Sheet, round hole mesh, Perforated Aluminum Plate punching board, soundproof net, punching decorative aka hole network.
Transportable, non-slip, good, very good filtering efficiency.
By way of the metropolis a great deal of highway, railway, subway as well as other transportation facilities inside the municipal environmental noise control barriers, constructing walls, generator space, factory buildings, and also other noise sound source of acoustic noise absorbing panels may be used creating ceiling, wall of sound-absorbing material could be utilised for developing stairs, balconies, environmental tables and chairs, beautifully decorated plate, shield may be employed for machinery and gear the ornate speaker cover, food, feed, mine with all the grinding a sieve, griddle, the expression screen, kitchen equipment, stainless steel fruit basket, food cover, fruit as well as other kitchen utensils, along with purchasing malls shelves network decorative exhibition, breathable mesh ventilation in the granary, soccer area lawn seepage remedy network etcetera.
Chick here to select Perforated Aluminium Sheet what you select! Perforated Aluminium Sheet,Perforated Aluminum Plate

Posted: 04:15, 19/12/2012
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How to make use of the mining marketplace continues to expand while in the perforated plate, from up to date architecture

Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel is of a of many clever employs.Maple sugar getaway present tips 60s.The deserves and faults fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum industrial initiatives. Its manufacturing, coupled with complex concurrently, fundamentally saying you punch holes while in the steel plate of uncooked, truly doesn't do it justice. Perforated or perforated metallic plate in Carbondale, inventors and business people in Pennsylvania title in 1870, once again .he conceived the principle of your steel plate in the raw product while doing so to make quite a few holes, and a suggests speeding generates individual drilling method, both time-consuming, high-priced, to not mention usually impractical. Punched or perforated plate idea has entirely modified the generation of perforated metal goods. A perforated plate, the perforated plate is distinguishes completely only the thickness with the materials, it's the thickness is most certainly than any variance view. It could possibly be sensible representations on the uncooked substance, when the versatility from the resist is considered more than the sheet plate. Home plate could be perforated making use of a typical stamping practice, i.e., the punch, Moreover, in the product to move away, to some thickness of one inch. Employed close to metal plate thickness or greater may also be perforated, working with a laser, a lessening agent of your torch, or even a plasma torch. The the conventional perforated plate among the list of most favored mode of aluminum composite panel brands don't want is usually a staggered the circular perforations holes.Why Valentine? God is aware!
This method is typical for various factors. Electric power deliver coupled with a significant open-up place, which takes place to get the very best screening additionally separate distinctive dimensions particles. Aesthetic eyes the spherical pore staggered samples far too, not surprisingly, this will likely be merely a big difference of software package, the plate will be noticeable. Other designs include things like the the straight format the exact site on the gap alignment, vertical and horizontal plates. Each at distinctive situations, as well as direct sample can enjoy a task inside a assortment of gap types, plus size. Including the public sq. plus the quadratic type in hexadecimal kind, oval style and design, additionally the slot, and like. Custom made hole style could also create many different suitable factors, by using a specially designed instrument. The output of the uncooked content is coupled with the usage of a adjustable in the porous plate. Even though the low-carbon metal is considered the most traditionally used selection perforating among stainless-steel together with aluminum can be employed. Offer with all the heat in the steel is usually a typical preference. Hot normal manager after the perforation process is full, to relieve the outlet with the stamping approach, but it truly is simply not an absolute query from the pre-hardened plate.five incorrect strategies, you must realize regarding the perforated aluminum matrix composites.
A further option could be a rubber coated sheet. These metallic plates attached to your plate on just one facet acquiring a the dense rubber coating. The rubber coating can be utilized for any particular application buffer. The facility, to not mention the sturdiness of your of these perforated plate products and solutions, so they have a fantastic use within rough industrial environments. A superb instance might be coal, stone, a big difference together with the mining marketplace, really should be dependant on dimensional separation or screening. These shaking desk, simply because they are from time to time known as severe, the abrasive ecosystem porous plate attainable very good illustration. Some shaker application ought to make use of the rubber coating in the perforated plate, to be able to alleviate the deterioration on the item. The board might also be regular functioning electricity and rugged aesthetic is of basic relevance. With the continuous advancement of the world, at even worse, protection may be the primary perform in modern overall performance, along with renovations.Seem PVDF aluminum composite panel gift feminine. With this area may be an instance of the perforated security display screen, meet up with the remedial actions to provide a safe, window or door to your United Countries Security eyes. In the event the board or perhaps the screen, and then is uncovered towards the exterior parts of aluminum or stainless-steel plate could be appealing. For a make any variation of fact, not to point out Perforated Aluminium Sheetwill start off to develop comprehension of the modifying world and build architecture. General, porous plate can provide a variety of elaborate options, to not point out the essential condition.
Chick here to choose an incredible bargain more Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel everything you are trying to find! Perforated Aluminum Composite Panel,Perforated Aluminium Sheet

Posted: 03:13, 12/12/2012
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Brief Summary of 3 New Building Boards

Nowadays, far more and much more new creating components are put into use. New constructing materials refer to the new kind of creating components which are various through the conventional tiles and bricks, grey sand, and so on. When it comes to function, new developing components include walling material, finishing materials, sash stuff, thermal insulation components, waterproof supplies, binding supplies, sealing materials, and also the matched hardwares, plastic components, accessory materials, and so on. When it comes to material high quality, you'll find natural materials, chemical materials, metal materials, nonmetal materials etc.
The performance and function of the latest creating supplies, as well as raw supplies and technologies to generate new constructing supplies are different. Some items focus within the design and colour, including decoration materials. Others supplies, like thermal insulation supplies, put far more increased the function of the supplies. You'll find several products even deriving many different species through further processing, for example new constructing boards. Take new building boards as an instance, now there are hundreds of types of new developing boards, among which aluminium-plastic composite panel, glass fiber reinforced layer of concrete, and asbestos-free calcium silicon board would be the three new creating boards with the biggest production capacity as well as the broadest feasible application.
The 3 creating boards are different inside their raw materials and productive technology, which cause their overall performance and performance to be distinct too. coloured aluminium sheet, for example fireproof aluminum composite panel and color coating aluminium composite Panel, requires the coating aluminum plate following chemical processing because the surface layer, and vinyl plastic as the core material. Therefore, it truly is far more suitable to be used as the interior wallboard as well as the ceiling panel. Distinct with aluminium-plastic composite panel, the primary raw supplies of glass fiber reinforced layer of concrete are the low-alkali cement and also the alkali-resistant glass fibre, that leave it far more proper for interior and exterior wallboard. Calcium silicon material would be the major raw material of calcium silicon board, for example asbestos-free calcium silicon board. In addtion to becoming employed as interior and exterior wallboard asbestos-free calcium silicon board may also be put on generate the fitments.
As the most frequently utilised new creating boards, aluminium-plastic composite panel, glass fiber reinforced concrete slab, and asbestos-free calcium silicon board are typically viewed as several superb properties, such as light top quality, higher strength, heat and power preservation, and decoration, and so on. Using them will greatly improve the creating function and produce the and ouside from the developing a lot more modern day, so that it will match the aesthetic requirements of clients. Some of them can notably decrease the dead load of the builiding, which produce the situations for marketing sunlight construction structure and driving the modernization of construction technology.
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Posted: 03:41, 10/12/2012
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Nano-coating composite panels use and set up and efficient

nano aluminium composite panelis a sort of aluminum composite panels, and it is good for the environment. Nano-coated composite board obtaining a non-toxic coating, to ensure that the top of the composite plate the exclusion of air-borne contaminants. Almaxco output of nano-composite coating plate to prevent penetration in to the the paintwork the surface of dust and also other pollutants. Additionally, this nano-coating composite board graffiti resistant.
Almaxco nano-composite coating plate
The composite plate almaxco nano coating protection and non-toxic aqueous options nanometers, which makes the top on the hydrophobic and oleophobic. On the surface of the paint to provide protection from pollution and environmental impurities (dirt, pollutants, bacteria, and carbon monoxide). The molecular structure of the paint has a permanent impact, this tends to make the composite board from the nano-coating lasts longer.
The nano coating composite board Almaxco the benefits
Easy to clean a nano-coated composite board VOC emissions paint systems, the finish is green. They self-cleaning, and also repel airborne pollutants.
the actual from the anti-scald anti-scald nano-coated composite board, that's why around the surface on the panel are no burns or fire.
economy other paint coating on the nano coating composite components in comparison to exclude dirt as well as other environmental impurities. It could also continued longer, the gloss and color retention.
sturdy nano coating composite panels lasting molecular structure, the nano elements give the panel.
natural non-toxicnano aluminium composite panel manufacture, producing them eco-friendly.
Cycle component of the nano coating composite panels might be separated on the aluminum and polyethylene, due to the fact bring in more business might be recycled.
You'll find so many user-friendly benefits of the nano coating composite board manufacturing, the applying in the newest technologies, these panels following lists a number of the further advantages.
Easy or self-cleaning indicates decrease maintenance expenses.
Reduced maintenance can decrease the added effort.
The enhance in marketplace worth and resale worth.
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Posted: 04:02, 5/12/2012
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Aluminum Composite Panel Motives of their Global recognition

color coating aluminium composite Panel, trusted for cladding functions, is obtaining monumental reputation between consumers and suppliers all the way through the marketplaces throughout the earth. Becoming by far the most popular cladding stuff, Aluminium Composite Panel has changed numerous building components such as marble, concrete, wooden, granite, etcetera.
Additionally, the desire of people to build their tasks additional eye-catching and elegant has resulted inside the improved reputation of Aluminium Composite Panels. coloured aluminium sheet featuring a high-quality luster is ideal for a number of interior and exterior applications. Apart from staying an ornamental content that adds to the recognition, the Aluminium Composite Panel is lightweight and can stand up to serious weather ailments. Even with of remaining a light-weight stuff, Aluminium Composite Panel is tough and powerful. Aluminium Composite Panels can be obtained in numerous metallic and non-metallic colors with unique designs, from time to time replicating the variety of timber and marble.
Next are some details which can be often called USP of Aluminium Composite Panel:
Effortless Usability- Aluminium Composite Panel can effortlessly be fabricated, It may possibly be cut, slotted, sheared, punched and sawed for unique apps. Hearth Proof ?¡ìC Aluminium Composite Panel is fire resistant.
Corrosion Resistant- Aluminium Composite Panel is corrosion resistant, therefore can final for several years.
Availability In numerous Colors- Aluminium Composite Panel might be availed in various eye-catching colors.
Weather Resistant- offers Aluminium Composite Panel is rather durable and might withstand adverse climate conditions. It doesn't shed its energy and good quality after becoming uncovered to sunlight, wind and rain.
Ecosystem welcoming and involves Minimal Routine maintenance.
Aluminium Composite Panels have got top-quality concluded area. Additionally, Aluminium Composite Panels in exciting color designs appearance remarkable and exclusive. Among the big industries wherever Aluminium Composite Panels are traditionally used may be the signage business. Signage created from Aluminium Composite Panels search leading-edge and last longer compared to the signage created from other products.
Aluminium Composite Panel has three layers of aluminium sheet. The topmost aluminium sheet is coated with Polyester, PVDF, FEVE and NANO coating. The next layer contains polyethylene (LDPE) core after which you can find third layer is usually an aluminum sheet. This about three layered composition of Aluminium Composite Panel has higher power and rigidity and flatness.
Offered the above mentioned stated info, it won't be an exaggeration to time period Aluminium Composite Panel since the ideal decorative materials. Indeed, it is actually significantly staying applied by designers and architects all over the world for various interior and outdoor applications.
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Posted: 03:13, 30/11/2012
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Aluminum composite panel

Super peel strength, outstanding floor smoothness and smoothness, excellent weather resistant, corrosion resistance and dirty, distinctive colour uniform coating, influence resistance, light excess weight, simple to approach, quick maintenance.
In contrast with polyester coating, PVDF coating chemical stability higher Aluminum surface plate thickness additional than 0.five x 0.five mm, and with PVDF coating, additional appropriate for outdoor wall decoration
Polyester coating includes solitary and double coating. With polyester coating ACP is a lot more suitable for that interior decoration
Building outdoor trim
Inside wall, ceiling, kitchen, lavatory and beautify the balcony The walls and ceiling pipeline
Industrial materials
Utilized for auto and ship
Ship inside and outside decoration
come to www.chinafireproofacp.com to buy more Aluminium Composite Panels ! Aluminium Composite Panels

Posted: 03:58, 26/11/2012
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Features and Uses of Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panel is a new-type decoration panel used to change conventional wood and steel panel. It contains two aluminium sheets with fire-resistant core material sandwiched in amongst. Most Aluminium Composite Panels are resistant to water and fire and possess a wide selection of color availability. For all these motives this type of developing material is applied for a a lot of purposes.
Aluminium composite panels may be utilized in both interior spaces and exterior spaces. When it is sent applications for outdoor goal, it truly is primarily utilised for the objective of wall-cladding. Aluminium composite panel is indeed versatile that it might be virtually requested for all kinds of buildings which includes car service outlets, workplace buildings, filling stations and also other public buildings. In comparison to standard wood wall panels with painted color, aluminium composite panel is protected from color altering and fading. It is because such sort of panel has a layer of PVDF color coating which resists the impact of ultraviolet rays and water. Apart from, aluminium composite panel can support the surface flatness even though traditional wood exterior wall panels typically bulge as time passes because of harsh outdoor situations.
In addition to its outdoor application, aluminium composite panels are also used in indoor spaces. Such panel happens to be favored by ordinary households simply because it delivers a lot of positive aspects. Aluminium composite panel can not only be utilized for the inner walls in bathrooms, kitchens and other closed spaces, but in addition can be employed to brighten the area of wardrobes and drawers. The bright color on the panel actually attaches an active sense to the overall indoor environment. Apart from, restaurants, cafes and bars are also amongst the locations exactly where aluminium composite panels are applied.
Moreover, still one more crucial implementation of aluminium composite panel is outdoor signboards and ad board. It is because aluminium composite sheets may be very easily processed. They can be readily reduce, bolted, sawed, bent and riveted to take into consideration different demands. Now, we are able to see different ad boards produced of aluminium composite boards posted on streets in diverse shapes and painted with bright-colored commercial slogans. Nonetheless, signboards created ofAluminium Composite Sheets are also observed outdoors of service stations or from the roadside. Currently, aluminium composite panel has turn into a major competitor against LED board in the ad board industry.
In summary, aluminium composite panels are getting to be an important construction material in our life. I think its demand will surely develop steadily in the future since it promises a lot of applications and rewards.
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Posted: 05:52, 19/11/2012
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Nano aluminum composite panels

Nano aluminum composite board is a new investigation and advancement organization released core high-end practical goods. In the foundation of curtain wall plate, through inside the aluminum clad plate area development nanoscale particles and nanoscale microporous construction with the semiconductor oxide (current is mainly TiO2) nanometer coating, within the sunshine, under the motion of photocatalyst developed electronic a hole to, with its peculiar robust oxidation capacity, aluminous design board area almost all of the natural pollutants totally oxidation and degradation to the corresponding harmless inorganic matter, hence about the environment won't result in secondary air pollution, aluminum-plastic plate area below the motion of catalyst in mild, make the aluminum-plastic plate floor movie is near and it's robust hydrophobicity, in order that the aluminum-plastic plate floor has extra excellent consecrated themselves, climate resistance, be able to bear or endure corrupt, mouldproof, stop algae homes.
nano aluminium composite panelare widely utilized in high-rise developing curtain wall or inside wall body adornment. This sort of nano floor in maintaining the consecrated by themselves function, but in addition can successfully decomposing hazardous gasoline, have purify air, reduced the quantity of cleansing, minimize maintenance price purpose.
one, self cleaning, when the rain to lu: su plate floor dust soon after from metope slide.
two, mouldproof function, can prevent the outside wall of aluminum-plastic plate floor mildew growth, and also the mould are decomposed.
three, the decomposition prganic subject, the air in the dust, generally carry secretly is worn smeary wait for organic make any difference, with scattered to dust of aluminum-plastic plate surface area, smeary wait around for natural make any difference also adhere for the aluminum-plastic plate floor, via the TiO2 nano coating of photocatalysis, decomposition smeary hold out for organic subject. This considerably safeguarded the Perforated Aluminum Plate, avert aluminum-plastic plate aging.
Uncomplicated test: use oily pen happens at random in anti fouling zhi jie lu: su panel board, to hold out soon after operating, with a delicate cloth or towel wipe carefully, is usually simple to wipe clean, without having any scart. Along with the common common aluminum-plastic plate will not have this kind of functionality.
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Posted: 06:51, 16/11/2012
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Caitu aluminium roll form

Caitu aluminum coil coating is divided into: polyester coating aluminum coil (PE), fluorocarbon coating aluminum coil (PVDF). Around the area in the aluminum plate numerous baking coating development of polyester coating can form tightly adhering steady sound state movie with all the protection on the adornment characteristic. Is actually a type of resistance to UV UV coating, polyester resin is utilized in the key chain containing ester bond polymer as monomer, add alkyd resin, ultraviolet absorption agent according to the glossiness and separable inferior clean and shiny sequence. May give color aluminum goods wealthy colour, and it's fantastic iuster and smoothness, and superior sense and sensation, also can boost the administrative ranges experience and stereo sensation. To safeguard objects publicity within the atmosphere, the ultraviolet irradiation, wind and rain, frost and snow frozen assault; Due to the difference in temperature, freezing and thawing cycle, corrosive fuel and microbial effect, coating can shield. Specially appropriate for inside decoration and advertising boards with.
Fluorine carbon coating painted aluminum coil (PVDF)
Fluorine carbon coating is PVDF resin is mainly refers to the partial fluorine ethylene homopolymer or partial fluorine ethylene and other compact made up of fluorine vinyl monomer copolymer coating. Fluorhydric acid base of chemical framework in fluorine/carbonation close essential mixture. The chemical structural security and robust make the physical qualities of fluorine carbon coating is diverse from common coating. Along with the mechanical home of abrasion resistance, effect resistance with exceptional efficiency outdoors, special die in hefty climate and environment demonstrates that long-term fade resistance, resistance to ultraviolet performance. High temperature barbecue film, coating of molecular framework is close, it's robust weathering. Fluorine carbon coating based on the surface film construction can be divided into common fluorine carbon and nanometer fluorocarbon coating two. In 1965 the Usa Pennwalt chemical business will initially fluorocarbon coating to satisfy the higher performance building indoor and outdoor aluminum coatings, the selection in the color of a broadly, the solemn appearance, and durability for around the globe many magnificent curtain wall development added luster. Paint manufacturers to ensure the service life of coating start off for 10 many years, 15 years to 20 many years can promise. The Usa analysis establishments have to fluorocarbon coatings and super coating, general coating produced check comparison, the coating samples respectively within the Usa Florida scorching sunlight exposure, in addition to in wet salt air poor environment publicity for twelve years, the real proof fluorocarbon coating balance and sturdiness than another two types of coating high thirty and 80%, fluorocarbon coating to make certain the all types of bad environment in use.
Especially appropriate for public indoor and outdoor decoration, company chain, exhibition marketing, decoration and display.
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Posted: 09:34, 15/11/2012
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Aluminum composite panel

Tremendous peel strength, superb surface area smoothness and smoothness, superb weather resistant, corrosion resistance and dirty, different colour uniform coating, impact resistance, gentle fat, simple to process, effortless maintenance.
In comparison with polyester coating, PVDF coating chemical security greater Aluminum surface plate thickness a lot more than 0.5 x 0.5 mm, and with PVDF coating, more appropriate for outdoor wall decoration
Polyester coating contains single and double coating. With polyester coating ACP is a lot more suitable for that interior decoration
Developing exterior trim
Interior wall, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom and enhance the balcony The partitions and ceiling pipeline
Industrial materials
Utilized for car and ship
Ship inside and outside decoration
Chick here to opt for extra Aluminium Composite Panels what you'd like! Aluminium Composite Panels

Posted: 09:31, 15/11/2012
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How to choose surface material

1, wood board

Wooden plate have type clamp, laminate, blockboard three basic form. Type clamp is a kind of basic materials, such as fiber, wood chips, sawdust and loose material with adhesive bonding sheet forming, such as fiberboard, fiberboard, particle board, etc.; Laminate is to use the same or different sheet material, layered with cement adhesive bonding and become, mainly is the plywood; Sandwich board is a kind of material as core material, two side s with other materials do coat, such as all kinds of joinery board, etc.
(1) plywood. Plywood is to use three layer above the odd layer wood veneer according to the fiber direction perpendicular agglutination and become, commonly known as plywood, five-layer plywood. Production plywood species many at present, the main use of northeast China ash, basswood, birch, pinus massoniana and some imported logs. Plywood with material uniform, hygroscopic deformation is small, format, not warp, panel pattern beauty, adornment sex is strong etc. Metope and ceiling general use 5 mm thick plywood, such as has sound-absorbing request, can also according to the pattern processing into different aperture, different hole spacing, different pattern of the perforated plywood.
(2) board. According to the density is divided into hardboard, half hardboard and soft board three. Hardboard is mainly used for ceiling, partition panel, board face the hole form all sorts of design, the surface coating of paint, adornment effect is much better. Hardboard sound absorption, waterproof properties is good, durable, construction is convenient. Varieties are coloring hard board, veneer laminated board, perforated plate, printing plate, pad, etc. Soft board after surface treatment, may do ceiling smallpox cover panel.
(3) fiberboard, particleboard, particle board. Will wood wool, wood chip, paring, etc., the dry and adhesive mixing pressing and become, divided into low density board, medium density board, high density board. The standard of particle board thickness 19 mm, there are 9 mm, such as 15 mm thickness, can do partition board, ceiling, etc.
(4) printing grain board. The printing grain board also called decoration man-made board, it is in plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc on the man-made board with gravure pattern rubber roller printed on decorative pattern design and become. Its advantage is no longer need to do any finish.
(5) the little wood veneers. In northeast China ash, willow eucalyptus wood, color wood, birch and rotary cut into 0.1 ~ 0.5 mm thick sheet to plywood for base material bonding and become, the beautiful decorative pattern, adornment sex is good.

2, plastic board

(1) the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic decorative board. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic decorating plate has smooth surface, bright colors, waterproof, corrosion resistant characteristics.
(2) calcium plastic decorative board. Calcium plastic decorative also called calcium plastic foam sound-absorbing board, points have general plate and fire board two kinds. This kind of decorative board is to use polyethylene resin added with inorganic filler is made, the surface has all kinds of concave and convex design and hole pattern, with light weight, heat preservation, sound absorption and insulation resistance, insect resistance, water, little deformation characteristics, appearance beautiful, construction is convenient, but the durability and the aging resistance is a bit poor.
(3) polyethylene foam sound-absorbing board. With heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, light etc.

3, plasterboard

It with gypsum as main material, join fiber, glue, modification agent, the mixing pressing, dry and become. Have it is fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, small shrinkage etc. And good stability, not aging, insect-resistant eat by moth, usable nail, saw, plane, sticks and so on construction method. Widely used in the suspended ceiling, partition, interior wall and veneers. Plasterboard is divided into common drywall, fiber plasterboard, gypsum decorative three.

4, inorganic fiber board

It points have mineral wool decorative acoustic board, glass wool sound-absorbing board, cement asbestos acoustic board, etc, has the sound absorption, fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.

5, metal decorated board

(1) color coated steel sheet. It is hot rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate coating of 0.4 ~ 0.5 mm soft or half rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic film is made heat resistance, corrosion resistance, may do wallboard.
(2) decorative aluminum alloy. It is also known as aluminum alloy plate or smallpox gusset plate, aluminium, aluminium alloy as raw material, the roller pressure cold processing into various section of sheet metal, with light weight, high strength, good stiffness, corrosion resistance, durable and excellent properties. Plate surface by anodic oxidation or spray paint, plastic processing, can form adornment demand a variety of color.
(3) mirror stainless steel veneer. It is stainless steel sheet with a special polishing processing is made. Its characteristic is panel bright as a mirror, reflectivity, deformation rate and senior mirror little difference, and refractory, resistant to moisture, deformation, not broken, convenient installation, but should prevent scratch objects.

Posted: 07:30, 5/11/2012
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