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afraid that will leave the root

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Lagerstroemia indica semi-sitting on the bed, desperately endured pain, the imperial doctor is currently using the bandage a dressing with layers of her swollen fingers.

Emperor Qianlong, Ling Fei, Er-Kang, Yong-Qi, Flying Swallow are anxious to see standing by.

Jin Suo, the moon, Choi Ha are to help the imperial doctor, held out drug plate, delivery bandages, scissors.

"Oh ... ... Oh ... ..." Lagerstroemia could not resist, and pain tears DC, and his face as white as paper.

Erkang struggling for air, as if the pain of his own mouth, not stop shouting:

"Put it mildly, the imperial doctor! Baituo softer ... ... ... ..."

"No way, princess, you have to endure a forbearance!" Wary of the dressing with the imperial doctor, said: "Hill knows pain, but they must be packed fixed, otherwise I am afraid that will leave the root cause, not cure, the finger can not be used in! " ugg 1777 boots

Lagerstroemia off set teeth, shortness of breath, cold sweat from his forehead, where the big stars big stars of the drop down, we see tremble with fear. Qianlong heard the imperial doctor did say that, shocked, asked:

"Hu imperial doctor, your fingers can not use what does this mean? Is it that serious?"

"Long live the Lord back! Although there are no broken bones, but the periosteum has been injured joints are also Cuo bit. Morrison I'm afraid they nursed back to health is not good, will leave a long-term illness!"

Qianlong excited shouting:

"How will be nursed back to good? Hu imperial doctor, with the best medicine, be sure to cure her, hear not?"