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21:56, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Have you ever met someone you liked instantly?
Have you ever met someone you trusted at first glance?
I have

Have you ever met someone who made you smile, all day long?

Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem to care about your flaws?
I have

Have you ever met someone who looked straight through you?
Have you ever met someone who made you feel completely safe?
I have

Some say we’re wrong
But they’ve never felt this
You’ve made and kept me strong
I hope to God that I’ll never have to miss…

Have you ever met someone you wanted to protect?
Have you ever met someone you wanted to be happy no matter what?
I have 

Have you ever met someone who saw your true face but still didn’t walk away?
Have you ever met someone who could make you laugh and cry at the same time?
I have 

Have you ever met someone who made you feel like you’re on top of the world?
Have you ever met someone who told you you’re special and made you believe it?
I have 

True friendship, so rare to come along
How can such a friendship possibly be wrong?
Grateful to have met you, I’ll be there ‘till the end
I’ll love you eternally, as one of my dearest friends!

21:49, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link


You’re a lyer and a cheat
Oh so comfy in your seat
Waiting for the world to change
Making choices to you is strange
There you are, mister insecure
Never moving, of that I’m sure
Be a man, stand your ground!
You know what you want, now make a sound

All those words, they seem so empty now
Thinking of you now makes me down
You told me that you missed me
You told me you need me
You said you couldn’t go on without me
You told me you love me...

A scared little boy, that’s what you are
A scared little boy, who’s gone too far
Scared of making changes in your life
Scared to make someone else your wife
Well I’m not afraid and I’m not scared
I’m thinking of everything we shared
I want to believe how love can conquer all
Now it’s up to you to take that fall..

I’ll be right here waiting!

21:18, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link


You’re the prettiest
You’re the best
You’re the sexiest
With you I’m blessed
You’re the sweetest
You’re my ultimate test
You’re the dearest
God I’m so depressed…

Thinking of losing you makes me panic
Thinking of hurting you makes me manic
Thinking of not seeing you makes me cry
Please tell me we’ll never say goodbye

You make me smile
You make me happy
You make me feel worthwhile
I can see it all so clearly
You make me dream
You make me cheer
You make me feel supreme
You are so dear

You and me, we can make this happen
You and me, a powerful weapon
You and me, we’re meant to be
You and me, just wish you could see……

…….. the truth about me

21:17, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

I know, I know, I’m oh so wrong
My head keeps telling but the heart’s too strong
Feeling guilty and sad, even dirty perhaps
Marching to hell with major steps
No redemption for me anywhere near
It’s a gigantic fight I really fear

Why do bad things feel so good?
Gotta stop this madness, if only I could
Addicted to you: my world, my love
Compared to whoever you’re up and above
Feeling so guilty, I’m not gonna lie
Feeling so lonely, I just wanna cry

Stop me if I’m out of line
But I really hope that you’ll be mine
My feelings for you are far too strong
I cherish them, although they’re wrong
You are the one that I desire
Inside of me there’s a raging fire
I’ll love you ‘till the end of times
Always and always, not just sometimes

21:17, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

I trust in you, do you trust in me?
It’s not equally devided, so it seems to be
A lack of trust, lack of faith
Continuously trapped in the same debate
Damn it, I love you… Why would I lie?
You don’t trust me, please tell me why…
All them questions, waiting on a shelf
Tell me something baby, can you even trust yourself?

Some might say you’re insecure
If that’s the case, tell me your cure
Really can’t handle all this shit
Getting annoyed, I must admit
How can I take your doubts away?
How can I convince you to stay?
How can I prove my love is for real?
You’re the only one, that’s the deal

Am I stupid to trust you so blind?
Is there maybe something for me to find?
By distrusting me, I start to distrust you
Are all those beautiful words even true?
How does it feel to be under suspicion
When clearing your name is your only mission
Please believe when I say you are the one
And stop this madness, because I’m done

21:16, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Happy but yet so confused
Being in love or being seduced?
Smiling with tears in my eyes
So many truths, yet so many lies
Not knowing what to think or how to feel
Is it a dream or is it for real?

How to act when you’re so much in love?
How do I switch these messy feelings off?
How to act happy while hurting?
How do I deal with this immense burden?

Lying and smiling and keeping up the show
This is really killing me, you know?
Sadness and joy, one next to another
Do we really love each other?
Feeling so lonely, no one really knows
Maybe you should look closer, it shows

How to act when you’re in so much pain?
Many things to lose, so few to gain?
How do I deal with my confused heart?
Can I find the strength to part?

Time to decide, no more lies
Time to accept that everything dies
Time to come clean and make up my mind
Time to get the lies unwind
Time to choose and follow my heart
Time to say goodbye…
… and make a new start…

21:16, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Abandoned, beaten and so depressed
In everyday life you seem obsessed
So many stories, so many words
All them funky tales about some birds
But would you please listen to me
There’s a whole world for you to see
Take a chance and jump up high
Your whole damn life is passing by
Take a chance and dare to be
If not for yourself, than do it for me

So tiny and small
Thinking there’s no one to call
So strong but scared
Always been thinking that nobody cared
So beautiful but insecure
You’ll find your way, of that I’m sure

And now it’s time to let you go
You yourself now need to grow
Remember the words I’ve been saying all along
By following your heart you can never go wrong
Trust your heart and you’ll be alright
Listen to your brain and keep your loved ones tight
Take a chance and jump up high
Wish all your doubts a definite goodbye
Just embrace yourself and never second guess
Your presence nearby is such a huge bless

And no matter what things you may endure
You’ll find your way, of that I’m sure!

21:15, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

What started as a normal day,
soon took a turn for the worse
Should’ve known when he wanted to stay
should’ve foreseen the burst
Afterwards it’s all so easy to see
The signs were there, just not for me

He got me shaking
He got me dared
He got me breaking
He got me scared

He found my weakness
He caught me off guard
He made me clueless
He got me scarred

All the violence, all the threat
All the shitty talk ‘bout one’s death
He was intoxicated they say
He wasn’t his normal self, okay?
It wasn’t intended, just happened to break
Don’t want no excuses, they all sound fake

Now he’s gone and I’m still here
Instead of me, he’s the one to disappear
Today a new day has begun
A brand new day, it’s me who’s won
No more for him, it’s all in me
Who’s the strong one now, baby?

21:15, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Never meant for this to pass,
But now the moment’s here
Always hoped for it to last
But now the end is near

Tried my hardest to make it work
Went over it, over and over again
Began to form my lifework
Almost reached year ten

I know you don’t feel the way I feel
I know you think we can pull through
Sweetheart, this was our last joined meal
The words ‘it‘s over’ were never so true

Please promise me you’ll won’t blame me
Please promise me you’ll be okay
Please promise me that one day you’ll see
That I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stay

So this is goodbye, at least for now
The last time we’re together as one
Maybe our paths will cross again somehow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

21:14, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Fight or flight, it’s an ancient thing
Fight or flight, are you a soldier or a king
Fight or flight, chances both ways
Fight or flight, who runs, who stays
Fight or flight, daredevil or very wise
Fight or flight, just roll the dice

Always been a fighter, never given up
But now there comes a time to stop
Adventure or safe, what to choose
So much to win, so much to lose
Choose for happiness or so secure
Both have their ups and downs, of that I’m sure

Fight or flight, it lingers in my head
Fight or flight, feeling alive or halfway dead
Fight or flight, need to think ‘bout me
Fight or flight, find the power to be
Fight or flight, who ends up getting hurt
Fight or flight, can I handle the dirt

Never been so sure and yet
So sure but also so upset
Fool me once, fool me twice
Sick and tired of all them lies
Made my choice and stand by it
Scared to the bone, I must admit

Fight or flight, I choose to fight
Fight or flight, I choose the light
Fight or flight, too much time has passed
Fight or flight, make a run and fast
Fight or flight, tried and failed
Fight or flight, this ship has sailed

21:13, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

What to do
How to feel
How ‘bout you
What’s your deal

I’m so doubtful
Never ever makes one day dull
Doubtful in every way
Doubtful I’ll probably forever stay

All the choices I can make
All the chances I can take
For me to take and make it mine
And then maybe, one day I’ll be fine
Right or left, left or right
I can think about it all night
So what happens if I have to choose
Between all to win and all to lose
Choosing isn’t my fare game
Luckily we’re both the same

So doubtful
Disappointing you makes me feel awful
Left or right, right or left
Choosing is a special craft

To go on and on or make the switch
This time I’ll be a total bitch
Choosing the thing that makes me feel best
No more worries about the rest
This is my choice, it’s my show
Guess what I picked, do you know?

21:12, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Is this the end
Are we through?
All those hours spend
I’m not letting go, are you?

Wasn’t gonna be easy
We knew that from the start
feeling bad and sleazy
being together yet still apart

Now we both feel like shit
Feel like we wanna die
I feel like I’ve been hit
Feel so lonely I just wanna cry

What are we doing?
Why don’t we put this to an end
All the lives we’re ruining
It’s getting harder to pretend

I love you with all my heart
But deep inside I know
You’ll never make a brand new start
You’ll never make the choice to go

So now I’m here
Waiting in vain
Staring at my precious dear
Causing me so much pain

You know I’ll be there for you
Right here waiting is what we said
I’d go to the end of the world, it’s true
But all my hope is dead

So is this the end?
Are we through?
All those hours spend
I don’t wanna let go, do you?

21:10, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Is this how love’s supposed to be?
Him making choices, never thinking ‘bout me
Aren’t my feelings important or real?
So damn selfish, always HIS deal
Do I really want this for me?
Daily wandering what today’s gonna be
Do I really want someone that makes me insecure?
How much more of this am I willing to endure?

My  love’s too strong, I always let him get away...
Always some promise that makes me stay
Falling apart, with no one to blame
Tired of forgiving, putting my foot down

I know he’s not moving, he’s not gonna change
Let’s face it: he’s far out of range

So it’s time to make a choice
Let him hear my voice
It’s him who has to make a move
It’s him who’s got so much to prove
And when he backs away
There’s nothing left for me to say

21:07, 6/3/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link


I agree, the signs are not that good
I agree, it’s a lot more than I first understood
I agree, I under estimated the situation
I agree, there’s no sight at clarification
I know, the world seems to disagree
But hey baby, this is ‘bout you and me

Can you see beyond this?
Can you see beyond the pain?
Can you imagine us kiss?
Or is this hurting all in vain?

I’ve got hope baby dear,
I’ve got hope that our future is near
I’ve got hope that you’ll be mine
I’ve got hope and I’ve got the time
I’ve got hope this situation will pass
I want it to be you I will caress

Can you join me in my dream
Can you feel the hope I feel
You and me we’d be supreme
Do we have a deal?

There’s something you should know
First of all: I love you so!
Life without you sounds impossible
My feelings for you are unstoppable
Can you tell me where we stand
Please come over here en take my hand

Tell me we’ll be together soon
Tell me we’ll live happily for years to come
Tell me you’ll love me ‘till the moon
Tell me we’ll have a great outcome
Tell me we’ll make it.......

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