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U. S. to stage military exercise with African, European countries in May

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A military exercise will be staged in the sub-Shaharan region on May 2-23, bringing together six armies from Africa and military personnel from Europe and the United States, according to the U. S. Embassy in Burkina Faso.

The U. S. Embassy said in a statement released to local press on Friday that the operation code named "Flintlock 10" will involve armies from Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Nigeria and Chad in Africa.

A total of 1,200 military personnel will join the military exercise, including 600 Americans, 400 Africans and 150 Europeans. The planned exercise will be based in the capital city Ouagadougou, while the ground military training will take place in Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria and Senegal.

A multinational coordination center will be set up in the Burkinabe capital to serve as a "focal point" for dissemination of information as well as for the planning of synchronized operations.

The representatives of the participating countries will undergo an academic training which will culminate in a practical exercise for the position of a commander. The exercise will be placed under the U. S. Africa command and the command for special operations in Africa.

The military exercise is to improve the capacity of participants to work together to end the illegal activities threatening stability and security in the sub-region, especially terrorism.

The statement also said medical and veterinary action programs will be involved to benefit rural communities during the exercise.

Usual steps to acquire Cisco CCNP

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Everyone needs a lot of time and hard work to obtain the certificate of Cisco.Although every authentication is verified, they share some same procedures. Take CCNP for example.In the event that you are interested in the CCNP or Cisco certificate and in the process to get one then you should be alert.

Select and make a decision about which certifacate to obtain. Some people are wrong to believe that it's indifferent. In fact, only with a target can we move on.

Secondly, measure your ability and experience. Find out the disparity between your current abilities and the requests of Cisco 642-825.

  • Study and preparation. 1) Book is your best teacher. The initial step is to study the book thoroughly. The text books are generally cheap and practical.
  • 2. Often go the CCNP discuss zone in the IT forum where you have the chance to share the experience and lessons during about the exams with other examinees.
  • 3) Attending a training course is a good choice if you have enough time and money.
  • (4) Besides, you can try to do some tests online, because it’s quite easy for you to find some exercises which are similar to the 642-825 test questions. The more excercises you do, the more famaliar you are with the process of the test.
  • 5) Visiting Cisco official web site frequently, you will find the latest news about the certification there.

Register for the examinations. Now Registering for the examinations is very easy and convenient, and usually the way is online registration.

Continue to fight for the identification. Do not finish you fight for identification as long as you get CCNP. You can find other upgrading test to promote you identification.

At last, please realize the reason for you competing identification is to lesson more. So unless you fully prepare, do not take test rashly.

Other Popular Exam

Pass4sure 642-801 : CCNP's Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI)
Pass4sure 642-892 : 642-892 HardCopy
Pass4sure 642-892 : 642-892 Value Pack Pass4sure 642-825 : 642-825 Value Pack

Disarmament deal better positions U.S., Russia in nuclear security summit: experts

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The new disarmament treaty announced Friday by U.S. President Barack Obama and the Russian government will not only slash the two countries' deployed nuclear weapons by a third, but also better position them in the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit in April and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in May, experts said Friday.

Steven Pifer, a disarmament expert with the Brookings Institution, said in an interview with Xinhua that "having this kind of treaty signed in Prague on April 8 is going to be a great scene-setter for the Nuclear Security Summit which takes place in Washington on April 12-13."

After a year of intense negotiations, the United States and Russia earlier on Friday finalized a new nuclear disarmament deal to replace the expired Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), agreeing to reduce their deployed nuclear warheads by 30 percent to 1,550. Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev are to sign the treaty on April 8 in the Czech capital of Prague.

Leonor Tomero, director of Nuclear Non-Proliferation at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, a non-partisan research organization, told Xinhua the Washington summit in April, which seeks to secure fissile material around the world, is only "one part of the equation."

"The other side of the coin is reducing nuclear weapons that already exist," said Tomero.

The Nuclear Security Summit will see over 40 countries participating, many sending their heads of state. Pifer said the purpose of the summit is to "make sure that highly enriched uranium and plutonium, things that can be used in nuclear weapons, are controlled in a very secure way," preventing terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons or materials.

But what is far more important is the new START treaty's impact on the NPT Review Conference in May, which will be held in the United Nations' New York headquarters.

The new START treaty's timing will enable Obama and Medvedev to "go into the NPT Review Conference and say Russia and the United States that have 95 percent of the nuclear weapons in the world are making progress," sending a strong message to the global non-proliferation movement, said Tomero.

The NPT, signed in 1968, limited the spread of nuclear weapons, encouraged disarmament and ensured the right of the peaceful use of nuclear technology. It has 189 signatories, and has to undergo evaluation every five years.

The NPT's last review conference in 2005 was widely seen as a failure. There were stark differences between the United States, which wanted to focus on non-proliferation, especially on allegations against Iran, and most other countries, which were dissatisfied with the absence of serious disarmament efforts by nuclear powers.

Tomero said the May conference is important to the treaty's "health and continued viability," which she described as the "first line of defense against the spread of nuclear weapons."

Pifer, who used to be U.S. ambassador to Russia, also noted the impact on the NPT Review Conference. He explained the NPT's basic bargain is that the states that have nuclear weapons agree to disarm, while states that don't have them agree to not acquire nuclear weapons.

"Whenever you are talking about a conference in which there's going to be so many countries participating, it's never easy," Pifer said."The U.S. position now is going to be much stronger now than it would have been without a treaty.

"The advantage of this treaty is the American delegation is going to have a lot of credibility to ask other countries to find some ways to get past political differences, and come up with measures to strengthen the non-proliferation regime," he said.

Cisco CCSP 642-524

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As the high technology develops unremittingly the market has a increasing demand for the talents of the IT industry year by year.Despite economic ups and downs, the trend of informationization will only expand but not go backward.

When it comes to personnel appointments, individual strength is much valued by companies.Cisco CCNP is the best testimony to the capacity of a professional as it also requires ceaseless efforts to maintain and improve the holders\' professional capacity.For an individual, CCNP certification is a sharp weapon which could help you win high position and salaries in the job and it is a periapt which could protect your duties.Furthermore, CCSP 642-524 Certificate is acknowledged universally and the technical competence of someone with the certificate is highly affirmed by the IT community.According to the survey, when doing businesses, people who holds IT certification such as the MIS staff, has a higher ability to solve problems, and be more productive.In the future market of IT practitioner, certificate will be the most important factor in consideration when companies hire people

Before you prepare the Cisco 642-524, you should have seceral notes:

  • 1. Make clear about your purpose of getting a certificate. Specify the suitable certificates for yourself in accordance with your specialties and the work you are doing.
  • Value the certificate from the right perspective. With CCSP Certificate and related experience, you will be more competitive.
  • 3, The correct selection of training institutions, good 642-524 training institution should have adequate teaching staff, as well as a greater influence.
  • ( 4 ) be prepared for continuous learning.

Mexican govt condemns murder of three people linked to U.S. consulate

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The Mexican government condemned the murder of three people related with the U.S. consulate in Mexico's northern city Ciudad Juarez, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued Sunday.

The government would assure the safety of all people in Mexico, including diplomatic personnel, the statement said.

"The Mexican authorities will work with determination to clarify the conditions where the violence took place and bring those responsible to justice," the ministry said, adding that it would maintain coordination with the U.S. diplomatic authorities.

An employee of the U.S. consulate in Mexico, along with her husband, and the husband of another consular employee, were shot to death by unidentified gunmen.

U.S. President Barack Obama said he was "deeply saddened and outraged" over the murder, White House spokesman Mike Hammer said in a statement.

On the same day, U.S. State Department issued a travel warning to American citizens traveling to and living in Mexico, informing them of the security situation in the country.

The State Department has also authorized the departure of dependents of U.S. government personnel from U.S. consulates in six northern Mexican border cities of Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey and Matamoros until April 12.

During the last three years, organized crime has caused more than 17,000 deaths in Mexico, local media reported.

Even without Pass4sure 642-515 I'm able to get CCSP

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Nowadays there is a great upsurge in pursuing the CCSP certificate. Many examinees pass the exam and get the certificate smoothly with the help of Pass4sure.However, many people will have such a question: If there is not Pass4sure, can i pass the Cisco 642-515 exam?

It is known to all that Pass4sure indeed gives candidates a lot of help, for its databank offers questions which are close to the real exam questions and it has a 100% coverage of knowledge points to help candidates save a lot of time and effort. With the help of pass4sure, obtaining a certificate is just a piece of cake.Without Pass4sure, it will be more difficult to prepare for the exam and it might take you more time and energy to prepare for the exam.But, if you find a correct review method and working hard for preparing the examination, passing 642-515 examination and getting CCSP certification is not impossible.

With the flooding of the question bank on the Internet, most of the examinees rely on the question bank too much, actually it is an unoptimistic situation.The motivation and efficiency of study would weakened if one depends overly on item bank and the knowledge gained would be discounted as a result. Especially for those poor quality item bank, they are time and efforts consuming rather than helpful.>Materials from Pass4sure are really the best and most reliable for people to prepare for the exam in the market.We still regard it as a supplementary mean which should be utilized reasonablely rather than over-reliance on.

Each candidates should keep in mind that the purpose is not for the paper, the more important is whether you learned knowledge and skills, whether your capacity improved or not.All in all, we need only hard work, but nothing else. Let us cry out with full confidence that we can get p4s 642-515certificates, even without Pass4sure. We will succeed in the end. Let’s wait and see!

Seven Steps Route Chart of an IT Certification

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All things are difficult before they are easy, the first step is the key point to achieve goals. So does IT examination. One of the main obstacles of achieving IT certificate is the beginning activities of the process of gaining IT certificate. At this time, you must bravely step out of the big door and never turn back.

The seven steps to obtain an IT certificate bring up the whole process into some detailedsteps to help exam candidates to achieve sustained momentum, and so as to achieve their goals finally. The following seven steps are as the follows, we take the VMware as the example.

  • Fist, you should choose your test item. You have to make sure the type of certificates you want to achieve at first and if you decide to take the VMware Certification examination, then you have to prepare for the examination of VMware VCP-410.
  • 2. Develop a schedule for the examination. Once you've set yourself a deadline, it is very easy for you to motivate yourself.
  • 3. Get the corresponding learning guidance and simulation test software. You can buy it or seach for it on the internet. Those things can help you understand the situation of your intellectual mastery.
  • 4. Clear and arrange the corresponding training courses. This step can be chose, but one of the advantages of listening to classes is that you can pay special time to prepare for the test.
  • 5. Attend training courses. If you sign up for listening to the classes, then you must arrange the time of your attending the course; Otherwise, your authenticating examination may absolutely be effected because of the delay of time.
  • 6. To do the practise exams. I advise you to do some practice VCP-410  exams after reading the study instructions and participating in the formal training.
  • 7. The final review examinations. Review your study notes, repeated the questions that you always made the mistakes, if you have finished the practice tests, then you can take the exam.

One of the biggest obstacles of passing the p4s VCP-410 certification exam is how to start. Generally, detailed plan should be made before you begin to prepare for authenticating examination. The seven steps to obtain an IT certificate may help you to solve this problem very easily by providing you a definite starting point.

Canadian FM holds teleconference with Hillary Clinton on Haiti

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Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon held a teleconference with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday, discussing key issues of mutual interest, particularly the coordination of the two countries�responses to the disaster in Haiti.

Cannon said in a statement that the conversation was important, given the critical need to coordinate the two countries�efforts to ensure that the people of Haiti receive aid in a timely and efficient manner.

"Canada is making all efforts to get aid and assistance to the Haitian people during their time of need, and to support Canadians affected by this disaster, " said Cannon.

In addition to Haiti, the two ministers also discussed many issues, including the need for continued Canada-U.S. collaboration in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, priorities for the Group of Eight foreign ministers' meeting in Gatineau, Quebec in March, and arctic cooperation.

Cannon held the teleconference with Clinton due to the cancellation of his scheduled visit to Washington.

My method to obtain IP Communications

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Due to the financial crisis, it’s possible for everyone to be unemployed. In order to keep the job that I have now, I began the way to get IP Communications.

However, I found it is absolutely not an easy job when I decided to take the VCP-410  test.A lot of knowledge is not in daily use, once I learned and then forget, it happened over and over again, I can hardly remembered any. Many review materials are greatly differ from the test key-points, I got nothing to improve after finished a set of work, and it was waste of time.

pass4sure VCP-410 is the highest quality and cheapest price item bank on the market. It includes all the knowledge point involved in the examination. With Pass4sure, there is no need for other reference, you can pass the exam.Pass4sure provides the 24*7service, any question can be solved in the first time. If you have question, you can click CONTACT US on the page or use the Live Chat service to contact with client-serving staffThe Pass4sure includes various types of information required for the exam, which ensure that users can pass the IP Communications exam even they take the exam for the first time. If you have failed before or fail the exam for the first time, Pass4sure committes for a 100% refund without any reason, avoiding any loss for the customers.In order to eliminate p4s VCP-410 users' doubts about the quality of products, Pass4sure offers free trial demo. Before you buy, you can first download a free trial demo to verify product's quality.

Through my own efforts and the help of Pass4sure, I finally passed 642-415 exam and obtained IP Communications Certificate. And I felt stressed no more.

Obama vows to thwart future terrorist attacks, insists on closure of Guantanamo prison

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U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed to thwart future terrorist attacks, but insisted that his administration's plan to close the Guantanamo prison would not be stopped as a result of the failed Christmas Day terror plot.

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the media after a meeting with senior security and intelligence officials at the White House discussing reviews of a failed terrorist bombing attempt on Christmas, in Washington D.C., the United States, Jan. 5, 2009. (Xinhua/Zhang Yan)

"We are determined not only to thwart those plans (to attack the United States) but also ... defeat their (terrorism groups') networks once and for all," Obama said after attending a meeting with senior security and intelligence officials at the White House.

The meeting was summoned to discuss the reviews of security screening at airports and the U.S. terror watch list system, following a failed bomb attack plot in which a Nigerian young man brought an explosive device onto a U.S. international flight and attempted to blow it up on Dec. 25, 2009.

Al Qaeda's branch in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the incident, and its leader was reportedly released from the Guantanamo prison.

Although the U.S. government has halted the transfer of Yemeni Guantanamo detainees to their home country, Obama noted that the decision was made giving "the unsettle situation at this time," but the plan to close the controversial facility is still on.

According to White House officials, at the closed-door security summit on Tuesday, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller updated the president on the ongoing investigation in the Christmas bombing plot, and Attorney General Eric Holder shared his perspectives in prosecution.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Nathere, on the other hand, released the review of terrorist detection techniques, and White House top advisor on counterterrorism affairs John Brennan made his recommendations on the watch list system.

State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu were also among the attendees.

The U.S. government has taken several measures in response to the Christmas incident, including the Transportation Security Administration's new directive on strengthening security check at domestic and international airports for travelers to the United States, especially those from 14 countries on the State Department's lists of "State Sponsors of Terrorism" and other "countries of interest."

The government has also added dozens of names to its lists of suspected terrorists and those barred from flights bound for the United States, said a spokesman on Monday.

U.S. police hunts suspect of Thanksgiving shooting in Florida

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Police across the U.S. state of Florida are on a massive manhunt Friday a man suspected of shooting dead four relatives at a Thanksgiving party Thursday night.

Paul Michael Merhige, 35, is suspected of walking into the family party in Jupiter, Fla., and killing his two twin sisters, a6-year-old cousin and an elderly aunt, said Scott Pascarella, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

He then fled in a blue four-door Toyota car and the motivation is not clear.

Merhige has no serious crime history but his civil court record is more telling.

Twice, first in 1998 and then again in April 2006, Carla Merhige, one of the killed sisters, filed civil domestic violence suits against Merhige.

Jupiter is a small town some 150 km north of Miami, Fla., best known as a vacation place of many celebrities including Michael Jordan.

Familiar misapprehensions of 646-046

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For the reasong that more jobs could be provided and higher salaries could be promited in the information technology industry, a large number of those who have participated in a large number of job-hopping training courses to become certified computer professionals.Because of misleading of the public opinion, many people have walked into some mistaking areas about pass4sure 646-046 certification. The following are some of them.

Mistaken Idea 1: certificates are the ticket to the IT industry.Nonetheless, the market of the training class has not been well supervised and managed by some relevant government deparments, with the result that the certification exams like pass4sure 642-504 certificate has increased. Owing to the increased number of the exam-takers, these certificates have lost their original objective measurement and value.

Misunderstanding 2: First to obtain a certificate, accumulate experience later.No matter how high that your payment in the previous positon, you must recognize that you might have to start from the beginning and access to a computer area by the cost of salary decrease.

Mistaken Idea 3: the more certificates, the better.Too many certification can not reflect the expertise of job-seeker, but make employer feel confuse, and do not know what the job-seeker is good at.

Misunderstanding 4: burying your head in the preparing for the pass4sure 640-460 certificate but ignoring the market trend.The needs of certification are constantly changing in the society, if you do not grasp the market trend exactly, you may lose.

Fifth, emphasizing the input while ignoring the output.Certificate acquirement is education investment, especially the pass4sure 646-204 exams. The examinee should attach importance to investment benefits in both economy and time.A realistic question with which the pursuers of certificates are faced is how to select a proper ratification in line with your time and money.

Regular approach to get Cisco CCNA

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To obtain a Cisco certificate, you must spend a lot of time and require tons of hard work.Although each certification is different a few following steps for introducing is basically the same. Take p4s 642-655  as an example.Pay attention if you are intersted in CCNA or Cisco certification or want to get one.

Choose and decide on a certification. Some people may feel that this step is not necessary. But they are wrong. Only when you choose the correct goal and persiste to it can you move ahead.

Measuring our own ability and experience, we can find the difference of ability between us and the  642-655  required.

  • Study and preparation. 1) Book is your best teacher. The initial step is to study the book thoroughly. The text books are generally cheap and practical.
  • 2. Often go the CCNA discuss zone in the IT forum where you have the chance to share the experience and lessons during about the exams with other examinees.
  • 3, If you have enough time and money, participating a traing couse is a good choice.
  • 4) Try to take some online tests, and in Internet you can easily find many examination questions similar as  Cisco 642-655 ; take more practice so as to be more familiar with the examination process.
  • e) Visits to Cisco official web site on a regular basis, for it is the media which usually published the latest news on certificate.

Then, register and take examination. Now registration is very convenient, and online registration has bocome the general way.

Go on with your study. Don’t hold the idea that after getting a CCNA certificate, your study is finished. You can go to find what the upgrade exam is and upgrade your certificate.

The last to emphasis is that obtaining a certification is to learn more. So, don’t take part in an examination unless you are fully prepared.

U.S. House passes historic overhaul health care reform bill

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U.S. House of Representatives passed a historic overhaul health care reform bill on Saturday night,

which was considered a big boost to President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

By voting 220 to 215, the House approved the bill H.R. 3962, titled Affordable Health Care for

America Act, after hours of debates and discussion at the whole floor.

"The Affordable Health Care for America Act is a piece of legislation that will provide stability and

security for Americans who have insurance; quality affordable options for those who don't; and bring

down the cost of health care for families, businesses, and the government while strengthening the

financial health of Medicare," said Obama in a statement to congratulate the passage.

He acclaimed the legislation also because "it is fully paid for and will reduce our long-term federal


The reform bill would lead to the biggest policy changes to the U.S. healthcare system since the

government established the Medicare, a social health insurance program for the elderly, in 1965.

The 2,000-page bill, combining three different versions drafted by different House committees, would

cost 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars over next 10 years, but would extend insurance coverage to96 percent

of Americans, including 36 million uninsured currently, and eventually cut the federal deficit by

roughly 30 billion dollars.

Among other things, the bill would subsidize insurance for poorer Americans and create health

insurance exchanges to make it easier for small groups and individuals to purchase coverage.

Grasping The Meaning by acquiring CompTIA Server+

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Objectively, there is no certificate that can substitute for experience, but it does not mean that you don’t need one.

If you are a student on campus or a person anticipating to enter the IT trade, passing the CompTIA sk0-002 examination and getting the CompTIA Server+ Certification at least demonstrate your efforts , your knowledge and skills aquired on this field.The certificate will lend you a hand to take a leading place among your competitors, winning an oppportunity for you.In such a fiercely competitive society, you should first have the chance to enter this field then you can enhance you ability and make good use of your advantages.We know that, In fact, most people of this world have much the same intelligence and ability. No person is superior to others.But why is everyone's life chance so different?Because of the envrioment and the opportunity truly determine your development.

If you have been working in the IT industry and have passed the SK0-002 exam and obtained the acquisition of IT certificate authority, it is an indication of you who kowns self-driving and self-encouraging.What’s more, you are the kind whom the IT companies favor because you know the importance to set a goal and unremittingly enhance your technique skills.Therefore, with the success of p4s SK0-002 exam and the obtainment of IT certificate, IT engineers will get more chances to be promoted and better paid.

In fact, sitting the exam create a chance for you to work hard and struggle on the forefront of IT times.

Wasserstein death to result in $186.5 mln payment

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Former Lazard Ltd Chief Executive Bruce Wasserstein's death will result in a payment of more than

186 million U.S dollars in restricted stock, according to the company's proxy statement.

Wasserstein, 61, who passed away on Wednesday October 14, was set to receive roughly 4.4 million

shares of restricted stock as part of his compensation through 2012, according to the filing. The

shares will vest 30 days after his death and, based upon Thursday's closing price of 42.79 dollars,

are worth about 186.5 million dollars.

The investment banker helped broker more than a thousand transactions worth 250 billion dollars

since the 1980s. Starting his career as a Cravath, Swaine & Moore attorney he later rose to co-head

of First Boston Corp.'s dominant merger and acquisition practice. He later formed investment bank

boutique Wasserstein Perella & Co. which he sold in 2000.

He left the unit Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein - formed by merging Dresdner's UK unit Kleinwort

Benson with Wasserstein Perella - to take the job at Lazard Frres. Bruce Wasserstein controlled

Wasserstein & Co., a private equity firm with investments in a number of industries, particularly

media. In 2004, he added New York Magazine to his growing media empire. In July 2007, he sold

American Lawyer Media to Incisive Media for about 630 million dollars in cash.

Obama proclaims Americas new era of engagement with the world at UN

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U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that the United States has re-engaged the United Nations by paying the dues and joining the Human Rights Council.

"This body was founded on the belief that the nations of the world could solve their problems together," Obama said in addressing the general debate of the General Assembly, which opened here on Wednesday.

"But make no mistake: this cannot be solely America's endeavor. Those who used to chastise America for acting alone in the world cannot now stand by and wait for America to solve the world's problems alone," he warned.

Proclaiming a "new era of engagement with the world," Obama urged for a "share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges."

Obama, making a policy shift from the unilateralism practised by the previous administration of George W. Bush since the first black president took office early this year, embraced the multilateralism and warmed up relations with the 192-member world body.

Comprehensive Strategy of CCNP

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In recent years, people give more and more attention to IT authenticating examination. Many friends in the same business circle with me all have the intention to sign for it. But many examinees don't have a deep understanding of the basic questions, like application, examination and training and so on. Based on previous consultation, the most typical questions a large number of people most frequently asked, I write the article, in which the problems of those candidates are most concerned about are answered in detail, so that everyone has a very clear understanding throughout the IT certification structure. For the reason that currently more than half of authenticating examinations come from Cisco authenticating examination, and other IT authenticating examinations are similar to each other, so the following article took 646-985 examination as an example.

1. Registration of exams. Many friends write to us on IT exams, for instance, registration place, frequency and timetable of exams each year. About CCNP certification exam, we can tell everyone that you could decide the time of the exam. Why? It begins with the structure of IT certification exams. Cisco certification as we always say is no doubt a qualification eaxm for technicians from Cisco company, but this certification exam is not ordered by the company itself, the company consign its certification exam to exam companies, such as Sylvan, VUE and so on. Those companies have examination centers in more than one hundred countries, which connect with each other through the internet and transfer everyday results of the exams quickly to the data base of the entrusting companies. The cost of entrusting exams is very low to IT corporations so nearly all the IT certificate exams have been entrusted to Sylvan and VUE, both of which, at the same time, have been also entrusted with GRE, TOEFL, etc familiar to us.

The examination time can be decided arbitrary, because in theory, the examination centers can offer conditions for people to test every day. The flow of Cisco 646-985 examination is that firstly you apply for examination in an examination center and determine the time for examination. At the exam day, the exam center will download all the exams for the examinees include you, you just need to choose yours to exam. But there are a small number of candidates in some places, therefore, the exam center will choose two examination days in a week to gather the candidates, in this way, you need ask the examination center for specific exam time.

2. Training. Many friends are wondering if they are eligible for the exam only after they have to attend the training. Here we can clearly give you an answer, training and between the p4s 646-985 exam have no relationship. Even a person without any technical background can enroll in certification exams, of course, but definitely fail the test. As what we mentioned above, t Sylvan Test Center is a company specializing examination agency within the international framework, while the training center is the training institution authorized and granted by the related IT certification companies.

Since the two institutions both take the form of joining in by application, many training centers also applied to be the examination center at the same time for convenience. Maybe you think that you have a poor foundation and need attend training class. However, you should remember that the current IT certification training are all strengthened teaching, the short training of several days can not make a rookie become a master.

Know-hows about Cisco

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In recent years, IT certification attracts more and more public attention, and many friends in this industry have a plan to take this certification test. But many candidates do not understand the most basic problems, such as registration, examinations, training, etc. According to the most frequently asked and typical questions consulted before, we have composed the article in which we have clearly answered the questions examinees are concerned about most. This would show a clear picture of something about IT certificates for everybody. As more than half of the certificates are Cisco certificates and meanwhile the other certificates are similar only except for some slight differences, we will take Cisco 642-524 exam for example below.

First, registration. Many friends ask where to register, how many times will be held in a year and when to take the exam in their letters. As for the CCNP Exam, you can attend it at any time, which is depended by your choice. Why? Now, let's begin with the frame of the IT Certification Exam. It's no doubt that Cisco we often mention is the company's technical staff qualifications. But the certification exam is not under the auspice of the company itself, the company entrust their certification exams to companies specializing in examinations, such as Sylvan, VUE, etc. Those companies have examination centers in more than one hundred countries, which connect with each other through the internet and transfer everyday results of the exams quickly to the data base of the entrusting companies. Because of the low cost, almost all the IT certification exams are entrusted to Sylvan and VUE. Meanwhile, the two companies are also the agents of GRE,TOEFL,etc.

The exam time is free to decide, because examination centers could test every day in theory. 642-436 exam process are just like this, first of all you should go to the exam certer to registrate and deal your exam time. On the examination day, the exam center will load the exam questions for all the candidates including taking the exam, and it is enough to choose your exam questions. However, in some places due to fewer candidates, the examination center will choose two days in a week as the examination time to concentrate the candidates, so you need to consult the specific examination time from test center.

2.Training. Whether one should take training to have the qualification to take certificate exams, is a question cared by many friends. We can tell you clearly that there’s no relationship between the training and the 642-845 examination. As we mentioned above, the same as, Sylvan Test Center is a specialized agency within the framework of an international examination company, while the training center is related to IT companies granted authorized training institution. However, because all the two institutions take the form of applications to join, so for convenience, general training centers also apply for becoming exam centers.

If you might be weak in it, you think you should attend the training. Please remember that the current IT certificate trainings are all intensive and you cannot change from a rookie to an expert within a few days' training. Because the thick hundreds of CCNP textbook should be taught in few days, the average should finish 200 pages per day. So the training result is very obvious if you don't have solid foundation and review book one time at least. Training Center is also a commercial organization; its operation is market-oriented, which is both good and bad. Therefore, we can not just look at the adoption rate when choosing the training center, having real improvement is the most important.

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Many people who hold unrealistic expectations to participate in Cisco certification exams are often end up frustrated. Many people owned below expectations before participating in certification exams:

  • CCNA 640-553  is the only way to bring me a job in IT industry;
  • to be a CCNA is to be successfulŁ»
  • Once getting the CCNA certification, I will get my dream job;
  • CCNA certification is the game rules of IT industry;
  • CCNA certification is a big golden mine....

Does CCNA certification have so great function? We have such impractical expectations perhaps for mistakenly understanding what the certification is.

In fact, certification exams such as Cisco 640-553 is to test the candidates’ knowledge about some software, logic and the ability to solve the problem, however, virtually all the clients and employees expect rich experience and skills from you. It should be noticed that certification exams will not add to your practical experience.

Furthermore, the 640-553 tests technical skills mainly, but you can’t succeed in IT industry by skills only. Therefore, if you wanted to achieve success in the IT industry, you should master not only certain skills but much other knowledge – interpersonal relationships, negotiation skills, teamwork and so on.

All in all, you should consider clearly and then to register for the certification and you must make ensure that you have enough time and resources to finish the test. You may get more practical experience from the media, the Internet or even your boss.

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