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NHL regular season for a Western team7/5/2017

NHL regular season for a Western team between the competition, designed to keep the western first position of the Edmonton oilers guest Vancouver, the results of the game was Ottawa finished the team continued to break the game Zachary Sanford Jersey, home 0: 2 lost to the performance since the opening of the brave oil team. Task team, the Kings season so far this performance as bad as usual, their strong success rate of only 14.3%, less playing more than the success rate of only 76.5%, while the performance of this small duck team is much better Alex Ovechkin Jersey, strong Hit the success rate of 19.4%, less success rate of 83.3%, this season, the arrival of Ante Vermeer and Ryan Kessler a group formed a very scary of the less anti-multi-center group Zach Sill Jersey, they often can Through the fierce scraping and efficient competition will be able to attack the opponent killed in the cradle. Duck team so far this season, the success rate of 59.3% of the ball, disdain, Walmart can be described as credit, if they can maintain such a performance, at least the group of small team do not have to worry about the group. After the start of the first section of the game, wearing a black jersey of the Los Angeles Kings sit at home, the first to the Columbus blue team launched a storm. Just a few minutes, the king finished six shots, and the blue shiver under the king's rule, a total of only use the counterattack threatened to the king's goal Brooks Orpik Jersey, the first section of the game to 10 minutes and 50 seconds, the king 21 No. center Nick - Shore in the backcourt scraping, a record pass the ball hit the blue line, No. 13 Andy - Andreiov ball after the ball on the right side of the raid.

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At the beginning of the game7/5/2017

No. 22 of the Teflon - Lewis directly facing the blue goalkeeper Sage - Bob Loewsky, two consecutive shot are brave block, no effect. The king continued efforts to keep the suppression of the blue, but no achievements, and the blue team can only be in the first section of the passive defensive organization to counterattack to maintain the situation on the field Zach Sanford Jersey. The first section of the game king in the number of shots to 11: 6 lead Zachary Sanford Jersey, but the score is still 0: 0. Edmonton Oilers have created the team since the 1985-86 season since the best record, 6 wins and 1 negative performance so that they are ranked second in the league, after losing to Buffalo knife, they again Made a wave of three straight, defeated the fall will include the St. Louis Blues and Washington, the capital of such teams. And in contrast Vancouver to join in the 4-game winning streak to win the best start record team history, they ushered in a wave of 3-game losing streak, the game is at home by Ottawa senator to 3-0 score , This time facing the old opponents, they can reverse the recent decline? Tencent sports will be October 29 at 10 am video live this game, so stay tuned. The game Vancouver sent the main goalkeeper Ryan Miller, the oil is sent the NHL second week of one of the best Samsung players Kan Talbot. At the beginning of the game, the two sides put the rhythm to mention very fast Brooks Orpik Jersey, offensive and defensive conversion between the dizzying. The game went to the 10th minute, the oilman's Cassian and joined the summer of the new Gunde Branson staged a pair of 1 singled out Zach Sill Jersey, the latter straight straight fist hit and by force to force Casio won singled out The victory. Perhaps by the singled out of the boost, the team in the first quarter of the performance to overwhelm the oil people, especially in the second half to the oil team caused a great threat to the door, 6 lead, but both sides did not rewrite the score, the first section to 0-0 draw.

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With outstanding performance and superior potential7/5/2017

With outstanding performance and superior potential, the height of 1 meter 91 of Simo Novi by West Broman coach Tony - Plice's favor. Currently West Brom is only Macaulay and Evans two genuine defender available, Pulisi eager to introduce at least one new aid in the summer window. The preferred goal for the lapel trousers is Terry Seth Jones Jerseys, but the captaincy of Cecilius is also old, and the late twilight of Simpson is undoubtedly more future. Dense schedule to Manchester United injuries continue, in the Serta a war, Ashley - Young, Rushford both injured by the left, the former is likely to be long due to hamstring injury absent, and Rushford also Will miss the weekend of the league Markus Hannikainen Jerseys, Mourinho publicly said it would be the main force in the Arsenal. Saw this morning Rushford on the Celta free kick break it? Believe that many senior Manchester United fans must be filled with emotion, because this goal with David Beckham then penalty into Everton's free kick is exactly the same! According to foreign statistics, these two free kicks away from the goal of only a difference of 1 yards, from the players touch the ball into the ball into the door only 0 Oliver Bjorkstrand Jerseys.09 seconds difference Lukas Sedlak Jerseys.

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According to British media reports7/5/2017

According to British media reports, in addition to West Brom, there are six teams from the European four league hopes to get Simuokovic Jack Skille Jerseys, the Premier League has a crystal palace and newly promoted Newcastle, La Liga has Sevilla and Spaniards, Serie A Turin, the Bundesliga have Leipzig RB. Which Turin had bought Simeonovic last summer, but 3.5 million pounds offer was rejected by the Celtics, his current price has risen to 900 million pounds. Manchester City this season has been in the Premiership into the 65 ball, a full more than the Crystal Palace into the 19 goals, however, Crystal Palace goal score than the second half of the ranks of any team are more Luke Adam Jerseys, which is sufficient to prove their attack ability. Crystal Palace's main threat from the sidewalk, Zaha and Townsend this season contributed 825 cross, second only to Southampton Cam Atkinson Jerseys. These cross-pass is usually passed to the header expert Benk, Crystal Palace striker this season has scored six goals in the Premier League ranked first Nick Foligno Jerseys. May 11, 2003, Manchester United guest Goodison Park Stadium, that is the season of the Premier League final round of the game. Manchester United was in advance in the league to win, they eventually by virtue of Beckham's goal to 2-1 win for the entire season draw a complete full stop. And this goal is also 28-year-old Beckham in Manchester United's last goal, then he moved to Real Madrid in the summer, so this goal is undoubtedly entrusted with a lot of Manchester United fans for Beckham, and "shellfish Type "arc of feelings.

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In the season into the sprint stage7/5/2017

In the season into the sprint stage, Manchester United's injury situation has eased, before the war of Celta, Smolling, Jones, Mata, Berger injury back, however, the campaign into the free-kick world wave Of Rushford and Ashley - Yang is due to injury exit, which makes Manchester United victory cast a shadow. Ashley - Young 78 minutes before the bench Sergei Bobrovsky Jerseys, however, just over 11 minutes, Ashley - Young fell to the ground when the rescue was injured, had to be replaced by Smolling. "It's definitely a very serious injury, and I think his muscle is hurt, at least two and a half weeks," said the legendary striker Owen, "and former Manchester United defender Ferdinand said, Seriously injured, otherwise Ashley - Young will not leave. As a substitute, it is so embarrassing, and your self-confidence will be hit Markus Hannikainen Jerseys. Almost 14 years later, the 19-year-old teenager Rushford replied to this scene Sam Gagner Jerseys. From a technical point of view, this area is actually more suitable for the left footers to show their ability Alexander Wennberg Jerseys, so with the 14 years ago, Howard, Celta goalkeeper Alvarez also chose to move to his left hand ahead of time. Unfortunately, two Manchester United new and old players in the face of the game, they are smart and smart was wrong, Beckham and Rushford are successfully with the right foot arc ball goalkeeper a "chase", and Straight channeling goal left corner dead net.

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