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6/6/2017 - 2017 Finals second war

2017 Finals second war, the fourth quarter left 3 minutes, the Warriors lead 21 points overall has been set. Curry sat on the sidelines, chatting with Cole, "Meng God" face filled with a bright smile, he got 32 points in this game 10 rebounds and 11 assists Sonny Milano Jersey, large three double plus a victory Is the player's happiness. At the other end of the field, James also sat on the bench, he stared at the field, as if there was a fog in front of him, trying to see this fog. 29 points and 11 rebounds and 14 assists, James also played three pairs, but he got a loss. I have been convinced that I can get back to the offensive state, "Thompson said after the game," when we have been winning Jared Boll Jersey, you can easily ignore their bad feel, I did not complain, just keep insisting. I have been in the league for a long time, but also played a high standard of performance, so I never doubt myself. Today, I played enough aggressive, very early to get some vacancies shot the opportunity, and finally dropped into the. In the game, Durant and Curry co-ruled the game, the former scored 33 points and 13 rebounds and 6 assists and 3 steals and 5 blocks William Karlsson Jersey, the latter was sent for the first time in the playoffs triple play, remove 32 points 10 Rebounds and 11 assists. Warriors two MVP also played super performance Brandon Saad Jersey, even if strong as James, can only accept the reality of defeat. For Durant and Curry's performance, Green is also full of praise, he said he had never seen the two men played so into.

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6/6/2017 - The fourth quarter before the end of the game

The fourth quarter before the end of the game 4 minutes and 48 seconds David Clarkson Jersey, Owen layup, Curley jumped high off the rebound, dribbling forward to the front. Knight two defensive players contain Curry, Livingston at this time empty cut basket Scott Hartnell Jersey, the library does not see people pass David Savard Jersey, Livingston ball no one defensive dunk score. 32 points and 10 rebounds and 11 assists, which is the first time in the playoffs play three times in the playoffs, he became the first time in the playoffs to win the 30 + three pairs of players in the playoffs. This is the Warriors season playoffs eighth triple doubles, is the Warriors history second finals three pairs. One of the three finalists in the finals of the Warriors player is Curry's teammate Raymond - Green, Green in the 2015 finals sixth game with 16 points and 11 rebounds and 10 assists, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in that game champion. Durant and Curry played the game with the kind of focus I had never seen before. "Green said," they are two very good performance, they have a mood to go to the game. If Durant is more focused than this, maybe only a few years ago he had 52 points on my head that time Markus Nutivaara Jersey.

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6/6/2017 - This three pairs for the library is a salvation

This three pairs for the library is a salvation, is the last summer around him that question, given the best fight back. Last season, the finals of the Curry body wounded poor state, grab seven war in particular, missed the standard, he also became a warrior was reversed back pot of people. Whether the library can play tough battle, whether he can only shy in the regular season, a variety of questions such as overwhelming hit, the library to remain silent until the return to the finals, until again meet James, he used a 30+ three pairs, giving a loud answer. I will not have as much chance as before, "Thompson said," from the beginning of the season I began to adjust this point to the playoffs is the case, I have to learn how to only shot a 12,13 times The case still remain efficient. Now we have two MVP players in the team, Curry and Durant, they can stand up at any time Kevin Connauton Jersey. But I think I can continue to progress, such as the defensive end becomes more tough, with different ways to influence the game. Finals of the first war Although the "Tang God" 16 vote 3 only 6 points William Karlsson Jersey, but the Cavaliers face his defense only 12 of 12 vote. Thompson today to find the offensive feel Fedor Tyutin Jersey, while the Cavaliers will Kerry - Owen limited to 23 shots in 8 Sean Collins Jersey, he has grown into the Warriors outside the number one defensive gate.

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6/6/2017 - What is James own mood

What is James's own mood? James finally exposed some of the smile, he said: "I am fine, I am very good Rene Bourque Jersey, maybe I should have a glass of wine to relax. Finally James talked about their reasons not to participate in the post-match conference, James admitted that there is a reason that he did not Willing to go to the post-match conference, but now he is not willing to share with you this reason.James finally explained the sentence: "But this has nothing to do with losing Cam Atkinson Jersey." The playoffs this season, the Warriors all the way triumphant, as of the finals of the first war has been ho to take 13 straight. But the team's only hidden danger is Thompson has not been able to play should be level, the playoffs, "Tang God" averaged only 13.8 points, hit rate of 36.6%, compared to last season dropped as much as 10.5 points. But today's game, Thompson finally broke out, he was in 37 minutes 12 of 8 shots, of which three-pointers 7 vote 4, scored 22 points and seven rebounds and 1 assists. NBA Finals No. 2, the Warriors to 132-113 victory over the Cavaliers, the total score 2-0 lead Kevin Connauton Jersey. In the press conference after the game Sean Collins Jersey, Green praised the Warriors two MVP Durant and Curry's performance. While Durant said that this series is far from the end of the series.

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